Since I got married, I have to manage the wood-stove when I am home…

when I grew up, this was my brother’s job at home. I was not excited about taking on a new chore,


as I did it, I learned more about God. Below, I will share what I learned as well as scriptures I find along the way. Oldest comments will be at the bottom…


2 Timothy 1:8

Living Bible (TLB)

“If you will stir up

this inner power,

you will never be afraid

to tell others about our Lord


to let them know

that I am your friend

even though

I am here in jail for Christ’s sake.

You will be ready to suffer with me

for the Lord,

for He

will give you strength

in suffering.”


Live & learn…



This winter almost ALL aspects of the woodstove have become my responsibility. The husband finally installed a woodstove in the garage work area,


I ‘get’ it.

Plus I needed the exercise,


#3 wheel barrels of wood actually don’t last that long. Looks like I’ll be getting a LOT of exercise. Oh well, it’ll help me get ready for gardening in the spring.

I may change my tactics with the stove… we have a thermostat on the pipe,


I usually don’t add wood until I see it falling,


that has led to many long sits

in front of the stove

using the blower


add oxygen to the fire.


many more minutes

waiting for the fire to heat up (rising thermostat).

I’ve been reading Kindle on my phone as I made my 1st Amazon $ after Christmas,


thru a Facebook group,

I learned

there were free books to be had!

It’s been a GREAT winter,


I think I better go find a Bible to leave back here…

it would be better for me,


I’m at the outer limits of our wifi. Livin’ & learnin.’



Romans 12 in The Message (MSG) – 11-13 Don’t burn out; keep yourselves fueled and aflame. Be alert servants of the Master, cheerfully expectant. Don’t quit in hard times; pray all the harder. Help needy Christians; be inventive in hospitality.


Help me Jesus.



Even my husband is now bringing in wood BEFORE it rains, snows, sleets or hails.

Wet wood does not make for a good fire.


Water in the Bible is symbolic of God. Ponder that.

When we add God to our FIRE, it may seem like He puts out our flame… but heat is released… it’s steam now. As we live and grow in God and apply His truths in our lives, sometimes things look different, seem different, but His Power, His Life is still there.

Not every season is the same.

Not every relationship stays the same.

Let yourself GROW and CHANGE in God.



If I keep adding to it, even just a little… it’s much easier to stay WARM. Help me Jesus to read Your Word

as much as I pray if not more, so I may KNOW Your Will to do it.



My husband finally agrees, putting a door into one of our bedrooms that’s attached to the sun-porch, and bringing fire-wood in to the stove area is more efficient than carrying it down the hall.

He too is scraping his knuckles.


Patience pays off.


If I let the fire almost burn out, I have to re-start with kindling… and it takes MUCH longer to get the fire up and roaring again.


Ponder that and your spiritual life… do you need to rekindle?


My brother-in-law gave me a wood-carrier after seeing me transfer wood from a wheel-barrel to a small cardboard box to carry it inside the house to the stove area.

He knew there had to be an easier way. He’s creative and likes to ponder the best way. He researches it too. Everyone has a gift.

My husband carries it in with a plastic crate, but I can’t carry that much… and if I tried, I’d scrape my knuckles as I went down the hall. Live and learn.

Let others help you.

They have access to things, people and solutions that you may not.



I have to be the ONE to stir UP the FIRE within…

It’s my JOB. No one is going to do it for me.


Fall thru spring of the 1st year of marriage, 2014-15:

I will add more as I find my notes:


Pastor Jeff Perry at St. Louis Family Church often reminded us to stir up the FIRE of God within us.

Thank You God for putting Your Fire within each of us. Help me to keep mine burning bright for You!