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on pop-tarts

Not the yummy name-brand ones,


the organic ones you find at Walmart & Target (.40 cent price difference, but guess who has more varieties, and always has stock… probably not the one you are imagining).

The things one is willing to do after marriage (the cool pumpkin carving was from our wedding, the caterer threw it in, no charge. Amazing.)…


I read nutritional labels before marriage,


now, it’s my life.

I don’t enjoy getting groceries.

Even less now.

Grateful the hubster seems to like stopping on his way home from work. He even on occasion brings home a treat for me, but he would never bring home a pop-tart, not even organic.

I’m sooo GLAD to have found them. I haven’t been fond of wheat since I learned they spray Round-up on it before harvest to increase yield. I don’t even use weed-spray or fertilizer on my yard/gardens. I don’t enjoy chemicals.


the WHOLE reason this popped in my head today was to share my sweet find: organic pop-tarts are edible, perhaps not as good as toast with jelly, but when you live an hour from everything, organic pop-tarts will do … especially when you have ran out of organic bread/crackers/chips, etc.

Some weeks, I eat them everyday (just one meal/day). Not this week, but I am glad to report, I’m getting better at staying home. It’s peaceful. Like BEYOND anything you have experienced. I LOVE it.



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