I was going to call this chickens, but let’s be real… I can only get attached to the hens… we eat the chickens… well, we did. My husband stopped ‘harvesting’ or culling as it is called in chicken-world about 2 years ago. Can’t say I’m upset considering we lost 1/2 the flock starting early spring’18 to predators.

I refused to raise turkeys for meat this spring (2018) … picking them up every night and putting them into their coop was just too much the last time (spring’15).


I’ll be updating this page like I do the Garden Page, Baby page, Et Al Page and the scripture pages with all NEW updates happenin’ at the TOP of the page…


please check back as God shows me more about Him,


more about life… thru the hens.


For MORE about my life with the chickens, see my blog on ’em:


Thanks to a class at library, I started some new blogs.


Cricket, the baby chick, has survived… I wasn’t too sure starting Wednesday afternoon,


the cause of her distress was determined yesterday, and removed. Last night we had our first hard freeze, and I was not sure she’d make it due to lack of feathers. She’s acting more like a baby chick now than she has all week. Thank you Jesus. If we ask Him, He will help us. KNOWING the cause is always HELPFUL.


Cricket let me hold her today, so did Cleo (Cleopatra)… it filled my soul. Even our cat doesn’t like to be held…

Even baby chickens will let you help them when they need it. Something to remember when I want to be a loner.


See blog started on my life with the chickens:



Finally all the girls are roosting and not sleeping in the next boxes. So proud.


Long-Legs comes when I walk in the pen now… all but Sassy and Texas come flying.

Queen’s been off her next for months now, but not included in any ‘clicks.’ She doesn’t seem to care, and roosts solo.  Della nearby.


I’ve been meaning to post for weeks as the baby-hens have started laying eggs!  A month early by my husband’s calculations. YEAH! It’s been nice having enough to share with my Mom and her twin on Christmas.

I was surprised when my husband shared he doesn’t want to sell ’em anymore…

he wants to give them. Praise God!

On a sad note, my smartest baby-hen, Della has well lost her ‘click’ and seems to be a bit of a loner-bird.

So sad to me.

She even pecks at her red-sisters when they try to roost at night in the nesting boxes next to her… what happened? I wish it was warmer so I could sit out there and watch ’em … and learn,


winter has finally arrived with rain turning to snow and sleet yesterday,


oh my so cold today, but I was still able to pick fresh lettuce from the garden. God is good!

The other cool thing that’s happened is the older birds, especially the Greys (stripped really) come when I arrive … not just the babies. I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time before the black and the green-layer do the same.

Speaking of green-layer, aka “Long-Legs” – she’s fluffy with her new feathers and laid her first egg in months yesterday. It was HUGE,

just like always. It’s nice to have her ‘back.’

Now the black-bird, “Sassy” is molting. Poor dear. Freezing weather too.

My husband isn’t allowing me to buy organic feed for ’em anymore… they have to forage, and he found some new feed at the new farm store nearby…

I was buying Feather-Fixer for the molters, but I guess Sassy will be OK. I pondered adding her to the pot a few weeks ago when I read an article about hens slowing down on egg production after 2 years…

she’s at least that old,


I do like stew, but my husband wasn’t interested. He said, it takes 6 months to get eggs from baby-hens, and that’s after investing all that feed in ’em for almost 3 years. He’d rather keep feeding ’em instead of eating them. I can’t complain as our freezer is full from the chickens this spring… we may have eaten all the turkey, but I’m not sure.


God sent ANOTHER free deer this fall to fill our freezer. 3 years running. God is so awesome! I don’t know what the critters eat out here, but they don’t taste “gamey” for which I am forever grateful.



This weekend, I finally got a chair out in the chicken pen,


I can be entertained by their behaviors.

My husband

totally doesn’t understand my behavior. I asked for this chair early this last summer…


This morning it’s obvious that Dove is winning babies ‘battle’ for dominance,


she’s not necessarily the smartest.

I think that’s something we all need to remember in life.

And in the Bible… it tells us to pray for our leaders… this may be why.


Surround yourself with wise-counselors people. Advice. Suggestions. Help. All good thing. Live to learn.