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on the #9 day allergy-test

I would have gone longer,


my nose was swollen and tender from all the Kleenx.

It started because I forgot my daily allergy pill… and I slept better,

a lot better.

I haven’t slept well for more than 2 nights in a row since I got married 2 years ago,


needless to say, I was willing to give it a longer try.

I decided to stop taking my allergy pills for over a week…
I was able to breath the whole time (Miracle!),
but my nose did run on occas.,
& I sneezed some.
By the 8th night, I had a headache & ear ache… or was that due to an ‘issue’ with my husband… I don’t think God minds us questioning Him. I ask Him questions all the time.
I wasn’t sure that night, if the symptoms were a ‘sign’ I needed to re-start my allergy/sinus regimen – or – a side-effect of my drinking too much coffee that day?
I had cut back quite a bit lately, going for days without caffeine.
I was resting & sleeping better.
It was glorious!   Then after our marriage class on Sunday (9th day w/o Rx), we stayed at the church where they are teaching it, and the pastor after worship asked for anyone with ear issues to come forward to be prayed for… my husband elbowed me… I don’t enjoy going forward, but I’ll TAKE PRAYER!   As soon as I was anointed with oil, my ear started to crackle… which I realized I had not heard in a few days. Praise God = sinus-fluid is moving AGAIN! I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do about my Rx(s), so I waited even though my nose was swollen & tender …
I woke EARLY in the morning the next day, and decided if I wasn’t going to sleep a full night, then I could end the ‘experiment’ of no allergy meds…
at least for this month.
Whoaknowsa, maybe in a month or two… oh, let’s be real, after the holidays, coffee won’t be as tempting. I’ll try to go off my allergy meds again in a month or so… maybe for a few days… then eventually build up to a few months, and hopefully one day, not need them anymore.
I can remember a time I only needed ’em in the fall of the year (almost 20 years ago), so the fact I was even able to do this at this time, while gardening, is a miracle all in itself.  Dust is my #1 allergen (We even have several hens who are currently molting, so LOTs of dust-mites!).
God is so good to help me – even in this! :)
Since writing this – my other ear has started to crackle… which is actually a good sign.  
December update:
Last holiday is tonight.
I start another sleep study next week – they are paying me this time! God is so cool!
There is NO coffee to be perked in the house…
just a wee-bit of instant left…
chocolate does NOT have the same effect as coffee… I tried yesterday.
I got #5 new hens this week too… so more time with the birds = more sneezing…
maybe I’ll try no allergy pill as soon as I remember to buy the good decongestant at the store and finally have clear, crackle-free ears.
Best to start with a ‘clean’ slate.
I also learned, it’s one of my allergy pills that causes problems with my sleep… so I’m alternating,
as one of the other…  more effective allergy pills puts me into a semi-coma state.
I do remember life without allergies… I’m going to focus on that in the New Year.



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on hugs

Hugs are free… So are smiles.

Hugs are therapeutic… So are smiles.

Step out and give someone a hug… be safe, and don’t be weird about it.

Ever have a ‘yucky’ day…?

Lately, I’ve been having one or two a week,


I know it’s related to change. I HATE change,


I KNOW, God is fine with change… look at the weather in Missouri.

Last week,

I needed a hug,


for some reason I asked someone I had met the week before for one…

I don’t think I’ve ever done this.

Then yesterday,

she needed a hug… and went after one… didn’t ask, just moved in.

Her life has a change in it…

change can be hard.

Last week, when I needed a hug… I was dealing with change.

Change is HARD.


Need I say more…?

Love – hate relationship.

I’m on my SECOND brand new iPhone6s PLUS…


2 and 1/2 weeks…

Why does it always seem like I’m the ONE to find glitches…?

Last week,

it stressed me out.

This week,


Lost data… whatever.

Just 2 and 1/2 years of my life… whatever.

Can’t take it with me.

To Heaven,

ya know.

Hormones, I think it all has to do with hormones… they make us so weird.



Last week I missed a meal dealing with drama on my new phone at the Store


even L-O-N-G-E-R on the phone with AppleCare (in the mall – which I cannot recommend)…

Having to call AppleCare

was equally unpleasant the week before

in the other mall

when I was at that Store for classes too…


had an issue… with my lovely new device.

Before the 17th


this month,

I LOVED all things Apple…




Love – hate.

I still think they make a superior device,


if this new one doesn’t start acting ‘properly.’ It’ll be going back to it’s maker too.

Back to hugs:

They are better than technology. So is paper. I’m touch. I don’t enjoy digital books


digital calendars.

I’m trying



I am.

So glad

I live in the country,


the big event of the day is time with the chickens.

Funny enough,

my Mom

was right there with me – through it all at the mall… as she’s a quicker technology adaptor than me,


she wants to do Twitter and Facebook. I’ve never experienced the former,


I will learn.


too much coffee = trains of thought.

I’m in my 40s now…


I’ve lived apart from my Mom for MANY a year.

I don’t turn to her first

to fill my “Love-Tank” (read the book: “5 Love Languages”).

I’m touch.


it’s one of my NEEDs.

I also like kind words… that’s another Love-language.

Everyone has a different dialect…


when my new friend hugged me, it was OBVIOUS that touch is HIGHER in her Love-Language scale than mine.

It was l-o-n-g


it was tight. That’s clearly her dialect… or the depth of her need.

I’m glad God made me comfy with touch – her hug was NOT awkward…


if it did make the young man in the store who was helping me




before the end of our visit… I personally think he wanted a hug too,


he settled for a handshake.

To each their own.

My husband would not have been jealous either way,

he was a ‘puppy.’

A tall ‘puppy,’


still a ‘puppy’ (A VERY y-o-u-n-g man.).

Funny enough,

I’ve written about hugs before… for a very cool verse,


a much shorter blog from 2008:

Step out – LOVE on people… they need u as much as u need them.

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on traffic

What a morning,


it turned out good.


Trying to get to an early meeting at the hospital…

rain had happened…

need I say more.


I never made it to the meeting.

Thankfully my presence wasn’t required… I’m allowed to join doctors for their seminars. God loves me. Did I mention they serve food and drink at these meetings. God really loves me.


Opportunities really…

life is full of opportunities. Most just do not take advantage of what is provided to them.


I love opportunities. Sometimes… often really, I get overwhelmed at the opportunities I am provided.


Today, I got out…


I left the traffic…

not at first.

First I turned around


went another way when the 1st highway was backed-up,


when the next highway was even worse,

I started cleaning out my car… this is what I do whenever I hit traffic or a long-light. Clean. It works for me.




Then I tried out a new shop I’ve been wanting to stop at for several years,


never took the time.


Met a sweet lady.


Got some stuff done.

Documents read.



Now off to the next meeting,


I won’t be late to this one!


Life is full of opportunities…

what will you do with your’s?




Love you!

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on blessings


This has been an amazing stretch…

God keeps working things out for good = Romans 8:28




iPhone3 (times 2) stolen,

iPhone4 given to me.


Meet Christina.

Yes, she’s a christian.

She’s a blessings.


This could be your life too.

Jesus died for you.


May he work your life into blessings.





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on free-will… CHOICE.

Pondering today why some people try to control… people, situations, etc.  …

It leads to those closest to them, choosing to lie to them… in order to have a life OUTSIDE of their control.  Methinks this is why God WANTS us to have free-will or the freedom-of-choice…

ever since He created us… from the beginning!




He craves honesty.

He doesn’t want us to lie to Him.

Help us LORD… not to try to control others… help me to be a good Mom when the time comes… so they will understand YOU more!


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on mice and ants…

Is the heat scaring them inside?


I watched ants and a wasp go after water droplets from the hose … is that what they have been looking for everyday? Water.


It’s really bad out there. God. Please send more rain. Thank You for the rain you sent today.


Caught a mouse today…

this week I discovered my chocolate stash had been found… he went after the expensive stuff the first day.

Smart mouse.

When he didn’t leave the next bar alone, well, war was on.

Baited every trap with chocolate. Caught him within a day. Amazing.


Anyone know why the belly of the mouse, and the belly of the geese are gray this year instead of white? Is this something to do with the heat/the drought? Curious.




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on the rooroo, Lars… gone.


Came home to a message from Mom today that he had died. Rough night. Cried myself to bed, but then couldn’t sleep.

I’m glad I had a day off work the day before… got snowed in last weekend … he kept me company while I shoveled the driveway.

Thankfully my brother spent that last evening loving on him.

He was old… more white hair all the time… couldn’t see… couldn’t hear… was confused those last days… looking for Mom or Lance in the yard, wanding all over the place … his tracks in the snow will make me sad until it melts.


My brother shared that he was like a small dog trapped in a big dog’s body… yep… that makes sense, but he never did like my brother picking him up.




He was a follower… followed each of us wherever we went… once I tried to bike with him… nope that didn’t work, he had to be touching me… imagine when I tried rollerblading with him.


Agh…that sweet, tender look he got in his eye… he loved us and we loved him, and I cry everytime I think about it.


For years, I have known that I would not get another pet for awhile after he was gone. He was suppose to be my Mom’s dog, but ended up living with my brother and I all these years.


My sweet rooroo, Lars:

Summer 2010, look at those white eyebrows!

I'll miss his sweetness. What a GREAT dog!

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