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On the girl inside

Yes, sometimes I still feel like I’m 12… maybe 10.

I’m OK with that.

I’ve always felt like I have an “old-soul”


if I feel young at times,

I am grateful.

I recently got Kindle on my phone


have been enjoying free books from Amazon (who-a-knew-a-such-a-thing-existed).

This week

download a sample of Chrystal Evans Hurst’s,

“She’s Still There:

Rescuing the Girl in You.”

I didn’t really feel I needed rescuing,


she’s a fun writer.

I enjoyed her work.

It does have me pondering my past,

my little girl dreams…

I remember laying in the front yard watching the clouds,

seeing shapes…

When I drove by my childhood home earlier this week,

they have ripped out the bushes

that surrounded that front yard…


that made it feel private


wonderfully safe.

After having the house

in our family

for 46 years,

I’m still a little bitter.

I miss it.

Especially the gardens


VAST backyard – full of trees, a creek – woods to explore,


I digress.

I do that a lot.

I like to explore


that includes

my thoughts,

my emotions…

In Chrystal’s book,

she made a comment about wanting a house on the beach

when she was a kid…

I use to want to live in another country.

I still have dreams of living somewhere else…

I dream of mission trips too (which reminds me, I need to check with my good friend about exploring via mission trips… you know who you are, and I know you don’t like bugs,


I bet there’s something we could do/go with JMM…).


Needless to say,

I’ll be spending time pondering my childhood dreams in the days to come. If I have more to add… I will. Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!





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on fire & a cow

Yesterday on a drive to see a friend who moved several hours away,

I was feeling adventurous,


wanting to try a new way.

My sassy smartphone is use to me changing routes,

in route…


I wasn’t too concerned, and I was still staying ‘inside’ civilization…

it’s only near where I live that the gadget goes off-line.

Then about 10 miles from my 1st turn,

I had an urge to use a different highway…

wondering if it would get me in the right direction…

I knew it headed west,


I needed to go north,


it leaned to the south…


the urge didn’t go away…


I figured, I’d give it a try – REGARDLESS, my desire for adventure would be satisfied,


I’d be experiencing some country roads with wildflowers and vast yards and fields.

As soon as I turned,

my mapping program seemed happy… like I was going the way it had suggested… um, no I wasn’t – I have looked at the various routes SEVERAL times


this has never been one of the highways it suggested…


I should have known then that the ‘urge’ was a God-thing, and not me.

Livin’ & learnin.’

I didn’t even make it to the next exit before it was OBVIOUS

why God

had me go this way

that I NEVER go = fire.

LARGE flames were burning bright and tall in the dry grass along the highway in the median…


spreadin’ in the summer heat.

Smoke taller than a semi-truck.


Fire can be evil, destroying everything in it’s path.

God is kind…


He sent me this way…

knowing I’d get it reported to the peeps that could actually do something about it.

God is so smart.


In case, I wasn’t alert…

as in already pre-occupied…

for me, that can mean:

-being lost in a good song


-completely lost in my own mind, pondering the things of life…

there was a old, rough-lookin’ car sitting in the median a few hundred feet before the fire…

God sometimes has to get your attention.


there was a cop and a HUGE moving truck off on the slow-side in the shoulder…

God KNEW I wouldn’t miss all #3 things together in one view.


God is smart.


Do I pull over and tell the cop about the fire?

I slowed down,

but well,

it just didn’t seem right…

and HELLO,

the sassy smart phone is voice-activated:

“Hey Siri,

call 911…

Police re-directed me to the fire (which reminded me of the night I called about the cow),


well… they knew right where I was on the highway…

aaah technology. It is good, most of the time.

The other time God sent me a different way,

than the way I had planned (or usually go… habit)

was the night of the cow.

I NEVER go this way home… it’s further, and less fun… no curves to the road either.


the urge just wouldn’t go away. JUST LIKE YESTERDAY.

Maybe I should have called this blog: on urges…

God was in the urge, both times.

God is so cool.

I pulled off the highway onto a country-road that night to find a HUGE cow, grazing happily in the ditch…


she could get hit… or wander away…

I used the before mentioned smart phone, but wasn’t as successful that night. I ended up having to call information as I was directed to the wrong county for the call. Lots of transfers later, the right people were on their way to help notify the cow’s owners. I’d like to say I know my neighbors, but these, I don’t… and one doesn’t stop late at night and knock on the door of anyone who lives in the country…

I leave that to the awesome people who serve all of us, the police. God bless ’em.


I just need to let God help me with my anger… I noticed it keeps popping up it’s ugly-head.

I don’t want to lose out on the goodness of God, like Moses because of my anger. I can be humble… I can submit… I KNOW my fight is NEVER with people…

help me Jesus!


God will.


I will focus on what is lovely, true and right (Philippines 4:8)


NOT let myself ponder anything else. Period (taking EVERY thought captive to the obedience of Christ = 2 Corinthians 10:5).

God is so smart…

if I hadn’t shared this,

I would not have gotten my scriptures to help me with anger:

2 Corinthians 10:5 = “and we tear down every proud idea that raises itself against the knowledge of God.

We also capture every thought and make it give up and obey Christ.”

in the Easy-to-Read Version (ERV).


Philippines 4:8 = “continue to think about what is

good and worthy of praise.

Think about what is true and honorable and right and pure and beautiful and respected. ”


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on salvation

The Creation Museum has done it again…

helped me.

Yes, it helps me.

Helps those who go with me too.

It has that affect.


This trip I brought back, “The Salvation Poem” card and looked up all the verses listed on it:

Romans 5:8

John 3:16

1 John 1:19

Romans 10:9

2 Corinthians 5:17

Colossians 2:6

I looked ’em up in different translations until one REALLY spoke to my heart, then I shared it on Facebook.


Living in the country has led to social-media being my main outlet.


I encourage you too, to look up the verses…

in your own well-broke-in Bible


like I used.

I also checked out the website included on the card…

which leads to videos and write-ups on SEVERAL subjects – feel free to pursue:



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on wildlife

Doing laundry at my new home,


hello! = sweet young deer in the yard!  We did a stare-a-thon for several minutes, then his friend joined us. Each was unique… different shades with their own markings.  Lookin’ forward to watchin’ ’em grow up!



Tuesday, 10-21-14

As I was leaving to meet my husband today,

#3 turkeys crossed the highway.


On our honeymoon, I got to see a HUGE groundhog takin’ in some sun on the rocks outside of the restaurant at our main destination!  It’s so nice when God confirms you choose the RIGHT place.  It was at our first meal there.  We had just arrived.  The next day, we literally walked out the door and hiked back to our cabin.  That’s MY Jesus!  Excellent MEGA rocks just like home. Our last day, my husband found an concert venue built along a creek completely out of HUGE rocks! Scenic Highways there and back too.  Just what I needed. Fall colors. LOTS of nature.

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on visiting the Creation Museum = DISCOUNTED!

One of the reasons I like Facebook… learn stuff:

Hope you can go!  It’s STILL my favorite place to visit, 3-years running!


“tickets to the museum for you and your family that are good for two consecutive days any time within a year of issue,

a planetarium show of your choice,

a souvenir green-screen photo to remember your visit,


a one-year subscription to Answers magazine!

Need help with traveling or overnight expenses? We can build that into your program for you as well.

Want to know more? Simply send us an email and put “Family Assistance” clearly in the message. Someone will get back with you soon with details on this exciting new program!”

– See more at:

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on ziplining


This summer I got an opportunity to do something I wanted to do:


and I thought I was going to be able to take photos… NOT!




They have some FUN videos on their site. Check ’em out.


It’s the LARGEST zipline course in the mid-west.


God is so kind to me!


I was blessed with 2 hours of FREE fun! That’s my God!


Thankfully my boyfriend wants to zip too.


ponder, ponder…

where to next!?!




A friend did send photos from the day… I will try to find on my machine and add to the post!  :)


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