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on respect

yesterday I was reading a new book (It made me cry more than once.)
my brother was chatty…


he asked some questions about my past…
I think that’s what led to me sharing some of the below with an online Bible-study group today.
The question of the day after our reading in Ecclesiastes was about respect:
“I was hired once to a job & was told by one of my co-workers that she didn’t think I should have been hired…
3 years later, she became my boss.
She tried to fire me at least 4-5 times over the next 10+ years.
It was quite a time in my life,


I certainly grew closer to the Lord.
I memorized scripture when I could not sleep at night.
I listened to scriptures while I walked before work, during breaks and after the day ended.
I listened to the Word while ironing, cooking, gardening and mowing the lawn.
I don’t think I would have survived without it.
Almost EVERY evaluation was her pushing me to quit – or – threatening to fire me.
It was exhausting, but thru it all, I ‘liked’ her – strange, I know,

I think it was God helping me submit in the face of adversity.
I respected her.
I worked hard, often 12-14 hour days.
I found peace in the beauty God provided all around me… flowers & clouds, sunsets & sunrises… etc.
I stayed involved in church, participated in small groups and mission trips… volunteered – all of it helped.
I asked God to let me be at home more, and He showed me financially how to do it.
I saved. I humbled myself.
After several more years, I was ‘released’ from the job after God showed me what He wanted me to do next.
I felt underqualified for the next step,


I was willing.
That was almost 5 years ago, and now I get to stay home most days.
God is faithful.
Our desires, I believe are His desires.
Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a house-wife,
I got good grades, so college was a ‘go’ since I was on scholarship…
jobs came regularly, sometimes I worked up to #6 jobs at a time. Now I have #2.
God is faithful.”


I also shared about how submitting & respecting my hubby has led to MANY answered prayers.


God is faithful.

Lamentations 3:22-23

22 The faithful love of the Lord never ends!
    His mercies never cease.
23 Great is his faithfulness;
    his mercies begin afresh each morning.

New Living Translation (NLT)


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on your heart is from where you speak

I continued to be inspired by friends’ posts on Facebook. Sharing with them, helps me to share even more on my blog.

It’s nice.

It helps.


Probably 10 years ago

I went up to a lady evangelist once with a question,


she replied,

“What’s in your heart, comes out your mouth” – I spent years pondering that. I had already spent years dealing with the issue I approached her with.


Only to learn that trying to ‘improve’ never works – but ONLY my time with Jesus

changed me

from the inside out

as I continued

to renew my mind

with His Word.


As I’ve come to give more and more of my self to Him, I find that my desires and wants are coming more in line with His will.


It helps me to know that Jesus lives in my heart with God and the Holy Spirit…

I am never alone.

Throughout the course of my life, I’ve come to want and know each part of the Trinity. I joke that I’ve been in church since the womb – except for that decade I spent doing my ‘own-thing’ as a working-teen and during college.


I always ‘felt’ like I knew God, I WANTED the Holy Spirit,


I felt like I kept Him in a cage while I made my own decisions in high school and college.



Pastor Jeff Perry introduced me to a Jesus I found irresistible – for which I am forever grateful.


His passionate friendship with the Son of God finally got me into the Word,




a desire that continues as I learn more and more about the Almighty Awesome God we serve who wants to help us with EVERY part of our life.


I’m so glad we get to do this for eternity.

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on practical steps to deal with depression

From Pastor Jeff Perry at St. Louis Family Church


my sweet friend, Christina… these r her notes.


God is so cool. I have been doing most of these – AND – I needed ‘help’ after the loss of baby #1:

Emili Sky


after baby #2:

Daniel Kent.

God is so good to us = Romans 8:28


I get to go to Bible-counseling conference this week too!!!


“Conquering depression

It is a mental state that can hit us a various levels
A joyful heart is good medicine
What is a joyful heart
Joy vs happiness

Happiness is very circumstantial
It has highs and lows
It is impacted via our 5 primary senses
Joy is internal

1 lay down
Be still and know that he is God
2: sleep <RESTORATIVE>
3: arise
4: eat <REFUEL>

6: lay down <Resting often helps – especially when u need it!>
7: arise
8: eat… <stress takes it out of ya… your body and brain need fuel.>

Get your body back to physical strength so that your spirit and soul may be strengthened
13 habits to help
2: put all your stuff away <Less stuff ‘out’ does seem to ‘help’ my brain… I’m more creative in simple places.>
Smile at yourself in the mirror = Causes an endorphin to be released in the brain

<even making yourself laugh has the same benefits as ‘real’ laughter>
3: make your bed
Sense of accomplishment
4: write down the days most important task
5: meditate <on the Word>

6: express gratitude to God = In everything give thanks
Name 3 things you can give thanks for <can be simple things like a beautiful sunrise/sunset>
7: listen to a podcast/listen to the Word 15 minutes…
8: dress slightly better than the occasion calls for <when u know u look ‘good,’ u ‘feel’ better>
9: become uncomfortable at least once a day.
Face something you are avoiding <This has helped me a lot. I try to do these several times a week.>
10: try something new <Humans thrive in challenge.>
11:deal with clutter
Get rid of it <totally helps. Keep life simple.>

12: write things
Record the vision
Write down what you meditate on
Write what you are joyful about
13: arise, walk…




Science is now showing being outside helps with ‘happy.’


They already KNEW exercise helps with ‘happy.’

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on direction…

God’s direction.

I can only share my experience…

I believe God speaks to each of us in the way we will hear…

our job is to obey.

Sometimes I am quicker at obeying than others.

I use to go on mission trips… as often as possible…

each destination would ‘pop’ up off the list.  I would KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that was where God wanted me to go.

I also KNEW in the course of time,

to stop going…

until I was married.

Looking forward to trips with my husband… who is such an awesome man of God that he turned down an all-expense paid trip to Australia for us because he KNEW God would want the $ used in a better way. Wow.  That’s submission. I was ready to go!  I’m soooo GRATEFUL God has put him in my life.

I always want to do MORE…

He is able to say, “no”

I needed that.




God gives us what we need.

Today, at a MANDATORY work training…

I KNEW as soon as I ‘heard’ to enter a drawing for a prize…

this is NOT the FIRST time God has used AUDITORY for me…

in the PAST, He used visual…

I feel like He has answered my prayer… I wanted to HEAR better.  I have a visual mind.  A visual memory. Visual dreams with almost no sounds.

I’ve been trying to ‘train’ myself for YEARS to ‘hear’ …

for our faith is increased by HEARING the Word of God. I want to do my part.  My responsibility.

At my ladies book study, I have been studying love.  God is LOVE.  :)  That’s my favorite part.  :)

Galatians 5:6 = “…faith… worketh by love.”

K.E. Hagin encourages us to walk in love.

Pastor Patsy Perry has ALWAYS encouraged us to walk in love.

“Your faith will not work if you do not walk in love.”

explains a lot of what we ‘see’… doesn’t it.

Anywho, I digress…

God directs.

I ‘heard’



I was to enter the drawing… without knowing what the prize would be…



it was just what I wanted… a new bag for work from the company I work for!  That’s God. I wanted it. I didn’t NEED it. I already HAVE LOTS of bags.

It even has  a zipper!!!

God KNOWS I have wayyyy too much in my car, and I HATE it when things spill out. A zipper… from God!


the bag was FULL of goodies…

half of which my husband liked and wanted…


the BEST part…

I had NO urge to open the bag until we were together… several hours later.  I’m not one who enjoys waiting…

ALLOW yourself to be DIFFERENT than you usually are…

it usually turns into a blessing.


The bag included ANOTHER item I needed for work… something I didn’t even KNOW to want.

God does that a lot for me… fills needs I don’t even realize I have.


a sweet treat too… a favorite of my husband’s and myself…



Last year I kept winning or was given things I needed/wanted…

living IN God


so amazing!

ENJOY YOUR adventure!

Remember to THANK Him… even for the little things.  He likes it, and it will make your heart sing too!


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on blessings


This has been an amazing stretch…

God keeps working things out for good = Romans 8:28




iPhone3 (times 2) stolen,

iPhone4 given to me.


Meet Christina.

Yes, she’s a christian.

She’s a blessings.


This could be your life too.

Jesus died for you.


May he work your life into blessings.





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on isolation

Wanted to get alone…

Wanted a lot of alone time.


I had let myself get overly tired and run-down = not good.


Depression starts to set in when I let myself get wiped out… physically and emotionally.


Thankfully in a book study at SLFC,


the author reminded me that God created us for relationships… for love.


Thank You Jesus.

Thank You Dr. Gary Smalley, “Change Your Heart, Change Your Life”


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on grace and mercy… didn’t get a ticket!

God is so kind!


Driving 10mph over the speed-limit … !

Cop car sitting in a drive as I came over the hill…

immediately I asked God for grace and mercy.

I don’t ever remember doing this before,




I had just left a ladies’ meeting at church, and the last song was about pleading the blood of Jesus…

I grew up on this song,


until recently didn’t think much about the blood.

Life is in the blood.

Good reminder. I want to have life… a good life, here on the planet… especially since eternity is now.

Words have power.

Today they bought me a reprieve.

I am grateful.

Perhaps the cop was waiting for a bigger fish to catch,


I’m grateful that now I know there’s one more reason besides deer to be traveling at 30mph on Strecker Road in Wildwood.


God is good!

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