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on gray hair

This week, I noticed the gray hairs that started after my 1st miscarriage have made their way into my bun/pony-tail…

I’m sooo excited.

They look more white too.

Makes me giddy.

I’ve wanted white hair since I was in grade-school.

“The best is yet to come.”


This week would have been the final week of my last pregnancy… 42 weeks is a LONG time. I feel like such a different person than I did when it began.


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on hope

“What would this world be without hope?

It is the light in the darkness,

joy in sorrow,


strength in weakness;

without it, the world would be desolate indeed.

It beams are like a great searchlight shining in our hearts, and brightening up every corner, until we mount, as with wings, over difficulties and circumstances, and triumph glorious over the enemy, despair.” – Ida Scott Taylor


The Bible is the best book on hope there ever was and ever will be.

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on prayer

More to come …

as I’ve been studying prayer at a book study each week,


God kindly helped me to find some of my books on prayer… I really do need to finish unpacking!

“I know not by what methods rare,

But this I know: God answers prayer.

I know not if the blessings sought

Will come in just the guise I thought.

I leave my prayer to Him alone

Whose will is wiser than my own.” – Eliza M. Hickok

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on The Legend of the Dogwood

From a book I got at church:

“According to legend,

the dogwood tree once grew

straight and tall.


then it was used to make the cross

on which

Jesus was crucified.

As a memorial of this event,

the tree

never again grew large

enough to be used for this purpose.

In the spring,

when the dogwood blooms,

the four-petal arrangement of its flowers


us of the cross.

Each white petal

has an indention

on it’s outer edge – a symbol of the nail marks

in our Savior’s hands.


in the fall,

the leaves of the dogwood

turn a fiery red

to commemorate the blood of Jesus

with which our salvation was secured.”

No author was listed,


I’ve heard this story before.


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on Lent

In college for the first time I gave up something for Lent:



One of the BEST things about dorm-life was bacon…

BIG, enormous pieces of the most-amazing bacon.

There is no mystery to the “Freshman-15” (pounds gained by most in the first year away at college) as colleges everywhere MUST feed the kids bacon and ice-cream at almost every meal… like my college.


My dorm-neighbor,

and then later

my roommate

were both Catholic


talked about Lent after the New Year,


what they were going to give up that year.

I had never heard of such a thing as my church fasted, but not at a particular time of the year.

Over the years since

I have learned of people

from all different religions and backgrounds

giving up something at Lent:



-social media


While reading a book I got at church,

I found good ideas to do for Lent:

-Visit someone who’s lonely or a sick person.

-Trust God with your problems and frustrations.

-Speak about your faith to others.

-Study your Bible.

-Learn to give thanks in everything.

-Pray for 15 minutes every day.

-Give to people in need.


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on the new year

Here’s a “Prayer for the New Year” from a book I got at church. No author was given,


I thought these were GREAT ideas:

“Slow Me Down, Lord,

Lord, this year teach me the art of taking minute-vacations – of slowing down to look at a flower,

to chat with a friend,

to pat a dog,

to read the Bible.

Let me look upward

into the branches of the oak


know that it grew slowly and well.

Slow me down, Lord, and inspire me to send my roots deep into the soil of eternal values, that I may grow toward my eternal home.


Jesus Christ our Lord.


I didn’t include all of the prayer,


I hope you enjoyed what I did!


The book also had a page about the “Promises for the New Year” instead of goals:

“Promise to forget the mistakes of the past


press on to the greater achievements of the future.”


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on a prayer for Christmas

From a book I got at church:


“Our Christmas Prayer
God grant you peace at Christmas

fill your heart with cheer;
God grant you health and happiness
throughout the coming year.

God guide you with His wisdom

keep you in His care;

This is our special wish for you –
This is our Christmas prayer.”

-Author Unknown



Now back to wrapping Christmas gifts.



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