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on Wildflower Farms

Tour beginsThank you Whitney for setting up this day in the country! What a wonderful time among friends!


8854 Highway Y, Dittmer, MO 63023

Enjoy lunch on the porch,

feed the animals,

explore wind and solar,

learn about the McCallie’s Highland Coos,

learn about the process of shearing, washing, spinning, and knitting wool,

see and purchase items made from the same friendly animals you visit.

Friendly animals include:

Miniature Donkey
Exotic Chickens
Shetland Sheep
Highland Coos (Scottish Cattle)


Cost: $15/adult, $5/child for lunch and tour.

Schedule with

Don or Peggy McCallie:

636-452-3407 (home), 314-805-1862 (cell)


Also at

farmer’s market in Ellisville.


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Canopy Climb I

It’s not something I could do for a living,

My cousin doing better than I did!

My cousin doing better than I did!


it was AWESOME!

I got to climb two different ropes, one had a gadget that made it easier on my arms = praise God!  Jon swung me on both = aaahhh to be a kid again!


The swings on the playground were always a favorite… so was hanging upside down on the bars… maybe I’m just returning to my roots!?!

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 1.10.22 PM

Jon Richard our guide/trainer is on Facebook,


so is Vertical Voyages if you too want to see the world from a different perspective.



I do like a challenge!

Even if I do have to build up some upper body strength!


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on dogs

… on BIG dogs

I still want one.

Have to be healed of allergies first!

#2 more dogs available…


God’s timing is perfect, plus I asked Him to send one to me if I needed one, half of our pets showed up at our house. He’s done it before, He can do it again… plus I’m not ‘sold’ that I ‘need’ one … yet… God knows.

I trust Him.


English Mastiff named Kingston from Hot Springs, AK

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on Zoo lights

•   500,000+ twinkling lights
•   Fireside stories and live carolers
•   Butterfly dome open 


Fun night, THANKS Nicole for taking me!
Did the Colemans ever buy Christmas lights?



Thanks Nicole! It was a FUN night!!!

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on Forest Park Forever

Ever think of becoming a member?

This year I went to a picnic, and I went to the Family Fall Funfest…

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on Shaw’s membership

It’s been a good time… lasts until the end of November2011, call me if you want to have fun too!

Chinese garden












In the water!

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on hikes


… more to come…

Johnson Shut-ins, new view from the flood.

Hawn Park

Park with my bro near Powder Valley.

Castlewood summer 2011

Klondike Park spring 2011

Lone Elk Park spring 2011

Simpson Park early spring, still winter 2011


Bluffs at Rockwood, December 2010

Cave park out west before my friend returned to Florida.

Elephant Rocks Fall 2010

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