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On Armor Bearer

This is the second book in a triology,


“Chronicle of the Three.”


The first book,

“Bloodline” was originally released under a different publisher


Has been re-released


Blue Ink Press.

Here’s the link to my post about that book:


if you are more into youtube,

here’s a recent review by The Little Librarian:

I have been blessed

with an early read

of book #2

in the trilogy.

It’s good.

Very good.


This time

I did not read

only one chapter

a day

(in an attempt to pace myself),
I indulged,


I’m glad I did.


Two & half days later,

sitting by the fire,

I read what I discoverd was the last sentence…


Am I going to have to wait

a year

for book three?!


Armor Bearer starts fast,


doesn’t slow down.

The writing is full of wit
– even more than

the 1st book.


There are new characters,

who I like.

As well as more of Maggie,

whom I enjoy.


The plot will stick with you…

I woke up

the 2nd morning

into the read

with this line

from the book

repeatedly running through my head:

The Destroyer has a name


even the lowest shadows know it.”


There are more than one

love stories…

Need I say more.



evil has a plan,


Pride is their weakness.


Those who fight the darkness




You find out WHO the Armor-Bearer is.


And before it’s over,

you see even an angel asking for help.


Tabitha Caplinger has a
Very impressive imagination,
Colliding with knowledge,
years of youth ministry,
All surrounded with the unconditional love
of Our Maker, God.

I’m looking forward to buying this book:

“Chronicle of the Three: Armor Bearer”
(& Bloodline)
for birthday gifts in 2017!


I hear there’s going to be a lollipop shirt!

I’ll update when I know more,


For now

feel free to browse merchandise

from the 1st book in the trilogy

on the author’s site:


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on wrapping paper

We all have probably gotten a gift wrapped in the comic from newspapers,


I thought these “recycling” ideas were good:

-“old maps” (if I hadn’t just recycled at the beginning of the month, more than one Christmas gift would have been in THIS!)

-“retro book pages” (if you can find one that’s ready to be trashed… as in not a good read…


if it’s not already moldy smelling… no one wants any of that!)


A friend once gave a DVD,

INSIDE a phone book. They cut out the center part of the pages and put the DVD inside the newly made cavity = SUPER-cool = especially the face of their friend when they opened their gift to find a phone book!


When I was broke $,

I often wrapped gifts in magazine pages. They are VERY pretty pages out there,


usually endless people willing to share their old magazines.


Another fun find that my artists friends seemed to like receiving

was gifts wrapped in drawer-liner paper…

it’s really a giant sticker, so just peel off the backing when your wrapping, and no tape needed.


I pondered saving this post until about October,


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…

wrap something pretty for your loved ones


at the very least send a home-made card. Share love. It helps.


“” = material from free booklet I was given while checking out at the newest StL grocery store:

I’ve been enjoying exploring their bulk-food section as that’s Kurt’s fav part of groceries.

Thanks to Facebook, I learned of their amazing GRAND-opening prices and was able to stock-up on some good stuff!

Another website on the booklet … I’m guessing is for more coupons:

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on salvation

The Creation Museum has done it again…

helped me.

Yes, it helps me.

Helps those who go with me too.

It has that affect.


This trip I brought back, “The Salvation Poem” card and looked up all the verses listed on it:

Romans 5:8

John 3:16

1 John 1:19

Romans 10:9

2 Corinthians 5:17

Colossians 2:6

I looked ’em up in different translations until one REALLY spoke to my heart, then I shared it on Facebook.


Living in the country has led to social-media being my main outlet.


I encourage you too, to look up the verses…

in your own well-broke-in Bible


like I used.

I also checked out the website included on the card…

which leads to videos and write-ups on SEVERAL subjects – feel free to pursue:



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on plant therapy

I KNEW all those plants in college made a difference…

especially that time in the dorm with the “wall” of plants. It was nice living – facing east… except when it was sunrise…


“Plants can have a significant calming effect


can allow people to relax

during a stressful time” – Jennifer Smith, registered horticultural therapist


getting married and moving to my husband’s house,

spending time on the sunporch was JUST what I needed. Full of blooming plants: October-May when we took ’em back outside.


God is so good.

All the time.

Romans 8:28

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on free petting zoo THIS Sunday!

Petting Zoo at Faith Community Church
Sunday June 28 from 11AM – Noon

This Sunday, kids will have an opportunity to pet a llama, donkey, mini-cow, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, a pig, and maybe a baby camel & a giant tortoise. There will be bottles to feed some of the animals and brushes so the kids can brush the animals. Don’t worry mom, there will be hand sanitizer available too.

This event has not been advertised until now, so please share this.

address is at the bottom of the page.

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on recipe: Wheat germ brownies

Brownies r a favorite.

This one is almost healthy for me… right?!?


Recipe –

Layered Wheat Germ Brownies

Ingredients –

Bottom Layer:

1 C wheat germ

1/2 C flour

1/2 C brown sugar, firmly packed

6 T butter, melted

Chocolate layer:

1/3 C cocoa

1/3 C butter

3/4 C sugar

2 eggs

1 t vanilla extract

2/3 C wheat germ

1/2 C flour

1/4 t baking powder

1/4 t salt

Method –

Mix together bottom layer; lightly pat evenly in ungreased 9″ square pan. Set aside.

Chocolate layer = Melt cocoa & butter over low heat, stirring occas.

Beat in sugar, eggs & vanilla.

Stir in wheat germ mixed with flour, baking soda & salt. Spread over bottom layer in baking pan.

Oven 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Cool slightly.

I like mine straight from the freezer too.

From Hodgson Mill’s box of Untoasted Wheat Germ – all natural (so it is good for me!) I find ’em almost addictive.


I tried the muffin recipe too… not as yummy,


you can add it to almost anything.

Free recipes:



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on the Gospels.

So I’ve never really enjoyed reading the Gospels… the first #4 books of the New Testament.


I’ve read and re-read the book of James more times than I can count…

Proverbs too.

I like most Psalms, especially those by David and re-read them especially when I’m emotional (“I prefer to say, hormonal.”)

Titus, Jude, Ruth, Esther, Philemon, 1 & 2 Timothy, 1, 2 & 3 John, Song of Songs, Nehemiah, Ephesians, Ecclesiastes, Philippians, Daniel and Colossians are all GREAT reads,


the Gospels…

The same story written over and over.

I don’t even like to re-read the same book or watch the same movie.

I will if I think I ‘missed’ something…


if it’s such a new concept, I need to re-read/watch again in order to increase my understanding.


Awhile ago I read the Bible all the way thru…

the Gospels… I saved till last.

I like names, so the genealogy sections that ‘get’ most people didn’t bother me at all.


When I re-read the Bible, I usually read a different translation


even a chronological Bible.

I totally enjoy scriptural devotionals.

I spend a lot of my time listening to audio-version of the Bible.

And, of course, the Books and stories of the Bible that have been done in film.


I don’t even like to drive the same roads going and coming to work.  Variety.  I like having a choice, almost to a fault.


Tonight while reading my homework assignment for next Sunday’s sermon on “Encounters with Jesus,”

I cried:

““I know the Messiah is coming—the one who is called Christ. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.”

That’s verse 25 from John 4…

I cried because there in that verse is why I NEED to read the Gospels:

He will explain everything.


I had to get my BSN because they explained WHY.  If I had gotten the lesser degree from the University like my Mom wanted, I would have only know HOW to do what I was told to do.

I want,


the WHY.

Always have.

Thank You God for providing the answers I crave. I love You.

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