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on salvation

The Creation Museum has done it again…

helped me.

Yes, it helps me.

Helps those who go with me too.

It has that affect.


This trip I brought back, “The Salvation Poem” card and looked up all the verses listed on it:

Romans 5:8

John 3:16

1 John 1:19

Romans 10:9

2 Corinthians 5:17

Colossians 2:6

I looked ’em up in different translations until one REALLY spoke to my heart, then I shared it on Facebook.


Living in the country has led to social-media being my main outlet.


I encourage you too, to look up the verses…

in your own well-broke-in Bible


like I used.

I also checked out the website included on the card…

which leads to videos and write-ups on SEVERAL subjects – feel free to pursue:




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on ziplining


This summer I got an opportunity to do something I wanted to do:


and I thought I was going to be able to take photos… NOT!




They have some FUN videos on their site. Check ’em out.


It’s the LARGEST zipline course in the mid-west.


God is so kind to me!


I was blessed with 2 hours of FREE fun! That’s my God!


Thankfully my boyfriend wants to zip too.


ponder, ponder…

where to next!?!




A friend did send photos from the day… I will try to find on my machine and add to the post!  :)


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