On “Last Year’s Resolution”


Robert Lampros

I actually met the author several years back @SLFC. 

I had no clue he was a writer,


I’m glad he does… it helped me. 

Here’s my review of the book (originally posted on Goodreads):

Robert is a beautiful person. He has a humble and gentle soul, and it comes through in his writing. 
The tempo was different than what I usually read,


I came to really enjoy it, even look forward to it… which was surprising to me as the topic of the book has haunted me from childhood. Yet, before I finished, I realized God had worked all things out for good (Romans 8:28),


I was ready and willing to have a baby, 

even if the end comes. 

Thank you Robert for helping to set me free from an old fear. 
Here’s some quotes from the book that stuck out to me:
“You woke me up,

when I didn’t even know I was sleeping, 


the waking was sweeter than my sleep.”
“… it’s really just a stage, 


what each of us does here, 

our work, 

our families, 

our dreams, 

the best part of our lives, 

that’s what our true homes are going to be like… 

“Reminds me of the end, 


God’s going 


come back.”
I read this book last year, 


for the tardiness of the review. 
I am going to re-read it, 


I’ve been thinking about it a lot the last few days. 
I look forward to reading more of Robert’s works.


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