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on grace, like a 4×4

I know NOTHING about vehicles,


God often helps me to understand something based on what I’m currently doing. Today I was driving home in my V6, 4×4…


enjoying it’s passing power.

God reminded me of His Power. His Grace – which came up in my ladies meeting…

Ya see, I use to drive a Neon… with a wee 4-cylinder engine… front-wheel drive.

Now, I’m in a Jeep.

Trust me, there’s no comparison.

My Dad use to let me drive his V8, 4×4 truck when I was 16… mercy. It was AWESOME,


I got out of EVERYTHING.

My Jeep is like that too… I haven’t had to shovel snow since I got it,


when I had my Neon,


later my PT Cruiser, well, both were so close to the ground… that shoveling snow was the ONLY way I was going to go anywhere during the cold months!

The Jeep has heated seats…

if it just had remote-start, well, aaahhh


That sort of reminds me of the Holy Spirit, but that’s another post. :)


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on handkerchiefs

a small piece of linen, silk, or other fabric, usually square, and used especially for wiping one’s nose, eyes, face, etc.” –


A friend reminded me of these while we 2nd-hand shopped over a decade ago.

I still use ’em.

Cotton is always my fav fabric.


Sooooo much better than napkins – especially when experiencing a moment with God on a commute!


when I got my new smartphone, well… let’s just say, I’m not ready for one of those military-tested impact cases yet,


I use a handkerchief in my purse to ‘cushion’ it…


until I NEED it…


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on being broody

Broody as in like a hen, sitting on her nest…

I don’t seem to want to leave home much.


I’m not isolating myself.


Nothing dramatic happen.

No issues.

I just want to be at home.

I wish I could say it was because I was enjoying a bunch of free-time, but that hasn’t happened yet…


I did see one of my fav hens sitting on the nest today… late in the afternoon,


clearly she’s broody…

no rooster,


no babies for her.


Last year, I got baby birds for an older hen of our’s that was broody for MONTHs,


they were not what she wanted…

I think she was sitting on the nest to recover from trauma… all the friends in her click got eaten by a predator… I’m guessing she saw it. Mercy.


I also saw on for broody:

“a woman wishing to have a baby of her own


I sure that’s part of it,


I may be happy with a dog… except they make me sneeze… and the cat & hens are already causing that on a daily basis…


the wood-stove does too,


that hasn’t been started up yet…


why am I sneezing every day? Oh yeah, hello fall… death, dying, dust-filled fall.


I’m going to ENJOY this season of my life. I like it here. God is good.

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