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on ‘coon

Another miracle from God… my husband home early from work one night this week and wanted to sit and watch a movie,

it wasn’t dark, so I didn’t lock up the birds,


a storm came in… my husband always says the rain keeps predators away…

um not when it stops.

I got ‘anxious’ after I saw that it was dark outside, and wanted to go lock up…

he reminded me of the rain…

I only last a about 10 minutes… I was so concered, I didn’t do my ‘normal’ flashlight check of the outer coop (screened in section), and just started doing a headcount of our hens, when I heard a noise, then another louder noise…

def. not the cardinals who have a nest in there,


I was busy counting…. God is so kind.

When I turned, what do I see crawling up the wires = HUGE racoon!

I told him to get out & went to find my husband – after ‘locking’ the inner door of the coop to protect the lady-birds.
A few months ago, we moved our trash cans with feed into the pen after we ‘heard’ & trapped another ‘coon who was knocking them over.

I moved them out of the coop when we raised meat-birds 2 years ago.

My husband set the trap today, and will relocate our current, furry-visitor, but WOW, I do not like being that CLOSE to a thing that attacks!

All our girls were quiet, unlike 2 years ago when it was a possum inside the nesting/roostig section of their coop… that was another night God provided a miracle. No birds lost either time.

God loves me.

Lesson learned: lock up birds BEFORE dark, and who cares if it’s raining or not!


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on the 1st of the last books I bought

I may have to change my cover photo for this site…


I don’t wanna.

I LOVE books. Always have, probably always will. My husband… he’s not as fond. Says he’s going to send them all away in a dump-truck when I die.

Who says I’m going to die first?


I got this book on my 1st birthday after I got married… I wanted to honor my husband AND not buy any more books…

The pastor at church was doing a series on this book… and it was GOOD!

I had read the back cover more than once…

I had scanned the book…

I didn’t ask my husband.


There’s a lot about nagging in the Bible,


well, I don’t want to be labeled as such…


I trusted God…

if I was to have the book, I would. Period.



My Mom gave me CASH for my birthday… a 1st! So I asked her,


my husband

if it would be OK to buy this book for my birthday.

God provides, in mysterious… and sometimes not so mysterious ways.


4 months ago, I KNEW I was to give the book away! WHAT?!? I had only had it a year!?!

God is kind.

EVERY time I picked up the book, I knew I wanted to read it more…

it just kept getting buried under more books.

Maybe this is why my husband prefers the internet???


So this book… it may be one of the BEST books I’ve ever read.


Judah Smith’s, “Jesus Is ___. Find a New Way To Be Human”

He’s a public Figure on Facebook… check him out, you will not be disappointed.

You will be happier though if you read this book …

I’ll share my notes from it in another blog.



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