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on “Special Women…

The Role of the Professional Labor Assistant”


Paulina Perez and Cheryl Snedeker

Another loan from the lending-library at the midwife center.

More comments tagged in this one…

“The labor assistant… may be the only person who takes the time to really listen to the mother.”

Maybe this is why I’m thinking of having one…

I wonder if insurance helps to pay…?

“Moderate exercise will help the mother learn how strong her body really is and how she can test what she thinks are its limits.”


Just take kickboxing for 4+ years


exercise through joint pain…

Live and learn.

“Exercising may also help her become psychologically comfortable …”

Doesn’t it, though…

“In many ways, no matter who is there assisting,

birth is a solitary affair.

pain is tolerable


it is not continuous.

quickly the pain stops


how joy and relief take over as soon as the baby is born.

focused on how beautiful the birth will be.

Encouraging the mother to keep a journal of her thoughts and feelings is another way the labor assistant can help the mother to begin to get in touch with herself.

A journal is  nonjudgemental and is available at all times.

learned much from the experience.”

I thought this next bit was interesting,


have attempted it to work out issues… yet, I still give it to God… if He wants to give me a dream to figure it out, that’s His decision:

“active dreaming…

suggest thinking about a problem or concern immediately before going to sleep as a way of actively encouraging subconscious activity.”

They did warn: “thinking too much about a problem may cause more sleep disturbances.”


The rest is from the last few pages of the book:

“… often see themselves as the guardians of normal birth. They want women’s choices about their birth to be respected. They want to help women grow and experience a joy they have never known before. They fully realize the impact the birth experience can have on women’s lives and want the impact to be positive.”

“… help a couple feel comfortable medically and emotionally

She must demonstrate loyalty to her clients while trying to interface with hospital personnel.

-to interpret what others have said.

… helping families to let birth teach them lessons about themselves and about life.”


Recommended Reading at the back of the book – These are the ones that stuck out to me at the time I scanned the book:

-“The New Healing Yourself During Pregnancy,” Joy Gardner. The Crossing Press: Freedom, CA, 1987.

-“Pregnant Feelings: A Workbook for Pregnant Women and Their Partners,” Rahima Baldwin and Terra Palmarini. Celestial Arts: Berkley, CA, 1986.

-“Spiritual Midwifery,” Revised Edition. Ina May Gaskin. Book Publishing Co.: Summertown, TN, 1980.

-“Birthing Companions: The Key to a Positive Hospital Birth Experience” Lily Fountain Werbos, “Midwifery Today,” 1:5, pp. 24-25, Winter, 1988.

-“Massage for Childbirth” Mirka Knaster, East-West Journal, July 1985, pp. 57-62.

-“The Midwife as Doula: A Guide to Mothering the Mother,” Dana Raphael, “The Journal of Nurse Midwifery,” 26 (6), pp. 13-15, 1981.

-“Mothering the New Mother” Johnetta Frick Rodriques, “MS Magazine,” May 1986.

-“My Way: The Support of a Third Person During Labor Helps an Expectant Couple Enormously” Beth Shearer, “Childbirth Educator.”

-“Natural Childbirth: Nurses in Private Practice as Monitrices” Hommel F, “Amer J of Nursing,” 69:1446-50. 1969




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on a guide for midwives

Back in college, I pondered becoming a midwife…

training though was out of state, and another 5 years of my life.

When I was pregnant with my first, I went to a midwife center,

the best:

a lending-library!

Here’s just a few notes that stuck out to me in a review of the book:

“Evidence-Based Care for Normal Labour and Birth – A Guide for Midwives”

by Denis Walsh

“Les than 60% of women experienced contractions as the starting point of their labours.

-28% = fluid loss

-24% = constant pain

-16% = blood-stained loss

-6% = emotional upheaval

-4% = sleep alterations

as heralding the start of labour, none of which fit the classic textbook definition.”

Learned last night,

one lady experienced stomach upset-ness…


delivered a baby. She never even knew she was pregnant.


This weekend, my husband and I discussed delivery this way:
“early anthropological studies of indigenous peoples, who it is documented, favoured upright posture for giving birth (1934 Jarcho).

Coppens 2005 gives more details if you need a reference.

Not just northern native American Indians,


ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilisations.

One of the earliest written records of women being required to lie down for birth is from Mauriceau’s textbook of 1678 (Dunn 1991).”


I still need to check out this website:





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on Lent

In college for the first time I gave up something for Lent:



One of the BEST things about dorm-life was bacon…

BIG, enormous pieces of the most-amazing bacon.

There is no mystery to the “Freshman-15” (pounds gained by most in the first year away at college) as colleges everywhere MUST feed the kids bacon and ice-cream at almost every meal… like my college.


My dorm-neighbor,

and then later

my roommate

were both Catholic


talked about Lent after the New Year,


what they were going to give up that year.

I had never heard of such a thing as my church fasted, but not at a particular time of the year.

Over the years since

I have learned of people

from all different religions and backgrounds

giving up something at Lent:



-social media


While reading a book I got at church,

I found good ideas to do for Lent:

-Visit someone who’s lonely or a sick person.

-Trust God with your problems and frustrations.

-Speak about your faith to others.

-Study your Bible.

-Learn to give thanks in everything.

-Pray for 15 minutes every day.

-Give to people in need.


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