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on the new year

Here’s a “Prayer for the New Year” from a book I got at church. No author was given,


I thought these were GREAT ideas:

“Slow Me Down, Lord,

Lord, this year teach me the art of taking minute-vacations – of slowing down to look at a flower,

to chat with a friend,

to pat a dog,

to read the Bible.

Let me look upward

into the branches of the oak


know that it grew slowly and well.

Slow me down, Lord, and inspire me to send my roots deep into the soil of eternal values, that I may grow toward my eternal home.


Jesus Christ our Lord.


I didn’t include all of the prayer,


I hope you enjoyed what I did!


The book also had a page about the “Promises for the New Year” instead of goals:

“Promise to forget the mistakes of the past


press on to the greater achievements of the future.”



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on wrapping paper

We all have probably gotten a gift wrapped in the comic from newspapers,


I thought these “recycling” ideas were good:

-“old maps” (if I hadn’t just recycled at the beginning of the month, more than one Christmas gift would have been in THIS!)

-“retro book pages” (if you can find one that’s ready to be trashed… as in not a good read…


if it’s not already moldy smelling… no one wants any of that!)


A friend once gave a DVD,

INSIDE a phone book. They cut out the center part of the pages and put the DVD inside the newly made cavity = SUPER-cool = especially the face of their friend when they opened their gift to find a phone book!


When I was broke $,

I often wrapped gifts in magazine pages. They are VERY pretty pages out there,


usually endless people willing to share their old magazines.


Another fun find that my artists friends seemed to like receiving

was gifts wrapped in drawer-liner paper…

it’s really a giant sticker, so just peel off the backing when your wrapping, and no tape needed.


I pondered saving this post until about October,


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…

wrap something pretty for your loved ones


at the very least send a home-made card. Share love. It helps.


“” = material from free booklet I was given while checking out at the newest StL grocery store:

I’ve been enjoying exploring their bulk-food section as that’s Kurt’s fav part of groceries.

Thanks to Facebook, I learned of their amazing GRAND-opening prices and was able to stock-up on some good stuff!

Another website on the booklet … I’m guessing is for more coupons:

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on salvation

The Creation Museum has done it again…

helped me.

Yes, it helps me.

Helps those who go with me too.

It has that affect.


This trip I brought back, “The Salvation Poem” card and looked up all the verses listed on it:

Romans 5:8

John 3:16

1 John 1:19

Romans 10:9

2 Corinthians 5:17

Colossians 2:6

I looked ’em up in different translations until one REALLY spoke to my heart, then I shared it on Facebook.


Living in the country has led to social-media being my main outlet.


I encourage you too, to look up the verses…

in your own well-broke-in Bible


like I used.

I also checked out the website included on the card…

which leads to videos and write-ups on SEVERAL subjects – feel free to pursue:



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on a prayer for Christmas

From a book I got at church:


“Our Christmas Prayer
God grant you peace at Christmas

fill your heart with cheer;
God grant you health and happiness
throughout the coming year.

God guide you with His wisdom

keep you in His care;

This is our special wish for you –
This is our Christmas prayer.”

-Author Unknown



Now back to wrapping Christmas gifts.



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on Christmas cards

My husband and I got this sweetie today:

“Christmas is more than a day

at the end of the year

More than a day

of joy and good cheer

Christmas is really God’s pattern for living

To be followed each day

by unselfish giving

Then peace on earth

will come to stay

when we live

Christmas every day.”


A perfect reminder.


Our first family-gathering for the holidays was yesterday,


it was sweet.


Thank you Jesus for helping me enjoy this year’s season when I could be sad about last year’s bleeding…



Today a friend wrote about Ecclesiastes which led me to my Bible,


in my Message Translation intro was several VERY nice reminders:

“Ecclesiastes sweeps our souls clean of all ‘lifestyle’ spiritualities

so that we can be ready for God’s visitation revealed in Jesus Christ.

Ecclesiastes is a John-the-Baptist kind of book.

It functions not as a meal


as a bath.

It is not nourishment;

it is cleansing.

It is repentance.

It is purging. … The author’s cool skepticism, a refreshing negation to the lush and seductive suggestions swirling around us,

promising everything but delivering nothing,

clears the air.

And once the air is cleared, we are ready for reality – for God.”



Thank You God for reminding me of what You told me last year…

“in Your timing” (see Eccl. Chapter 3).


I trust You.



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on the flap of a bird’s wings

This morning I was greeted to the sound of hundreds of migrating birds flapping at the SAME time as they took flight:

a giant sound.

All those wings, beating as one in take-off-flight.


God is so good to me.


I’ve enjoyed watching them these last few weeks. This area seems to be a spot where they start their day. I think it’s helped my hens. The baby’s (almost 5 months since I brought ’em home from the store) have started laying eggs since they have been singing.

God is so good.

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on The Message of Money

Another goody from the book I’m ready from church:

“The Message of Money

Dug from the mountainside,

washed in the glen,

servant I am


master of men.


Steal me,

I curse you;

earn me,

I bless you.

Grasp me and hoard me,

a fiend shall possess you.


Lie for me,

die for me,



take me – angel or devil, I am what you make me.”

-Author unknown

Don’t let $ rule you.

Use it as a tool.

It’s ALL God’s… the whole earth. Keep it in perspective.



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