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on Rich Mullins

“Awesome God”

one of the songs I find myself humming, often.

Written by this man.

Katie introduced me to his music,


which I am forever grateful.

His songs have ALWAYS helped me,


when going thru hard times.

I watched “Ragamuffin” – the life of Rich Mullins last night with Kurt.


“He lived honestly and did not conform.”

He never knew how much he made,

he didn’t want to know.

His accountant donated the majority of his money to churches and charities.


I also learned he died 5 months to the day after my Dad in 1997.

That summer the world lost Mother Theresa and Princess Di too.

What a year.

The year I graduated from college.

Then today

on my Faceook memories –

In 2011

at my aunt’s church,

the assistant pastor was preaching:

“Pharisees had it all right doctrinally,


they looked in the face of Jesus Christ and rejected Him.”

– Pastor Steve Moreno

There’s live-scenes of Mullins

at his concerts


during the credits.

Good stuff.

He reminds the audience that going to church is better than buying a ticket to a concert. “They love u and care for you.”

One of my in-laws got to see him live.
It affected him.
He really did go around bare-foot!
His story
reminded me of my desire to work on an Indian Reservation
I got my nursing degree… my Dad died weeks before I graduated,
changing my life forever.
I didn’t have another plan,
clearly God did. Romans 8:28
His life… I’m so curious…
My Dad was from Indiana too.

I can’t believe he died in Peoria, IL…

at age 41.

I was 41 and 1/2 years old, to the day, the night I watched the movie about his life…


I sense there is something You want me to do, to be… I will do my best to obey.

I love You.

He was born October 21,

I watched the movie about his life on the 22nd.


He would have been 60 his year.

Did they ever release his Jesus album?

He wrote and recorded

on cassette

in his boyhood church (the songs for it) before he died.

Not in a studio.

I still cry whenever I hear Michael W. Smith sing his songs… crying now. Cried last night watching the movie.

I found this while researching:

 Michael W. Smith said of Mullins, “His life and music has impacted me more than anyone I know.”

“…Rich refused to let his struggles… tear him away from a God he was determined to love.”
I’m so glad Katie & I went to all those Christian concerts. They helped me.
I’m so glad Mom had me in church in the womb.
I’m glad I’m still in church… where people want to know God more.
Off to watch the deleted scenes,
there’s a message from Dave Mullins (?brother?)…
commentary too.
Lots about his life, I want to research… what is God trying to tell me? I will seek until I find.

It’s raining…

God is good.

I’d like to bake today too.


I think God has called each of us

to live for Him

to fulfill the call He has on our lives

to spread the Word about Him.


In my research I found more I want to see and hear:

Homeless Man,

a video documenting Mullins’s life,

includes the testimonies of hundreds of people,

from Colombian and Navajo Children

to pastors and pop musicians,

who were deeply touched by time spent with him.

Recently Myrrh records released

The Jesus Record.

It features ten demos recorded by Rich in an abandoned church just nine days before his death.”

Katie says this record is one of her favorites.


She’s been listening to him since high school,


never saw him live.


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