on almost a year

In less than 2 weeks,

I will have been married a year.

To say TIME has moved quickly would be an understatement.

We were engaged for over 10 months…


that ‘felt’ WAY l-o-n-g-e-r.

Time is relative.

We were a couple for a little over 6 months before becoming engaged,


dated a little over 2 months before that!


I appreciate all that time together BEFORE life got REALLY interesting…

In this last year, we have had LOTS happen:

-My Mom was diagnosed with skin cancer a little over a month after we were married…

which made me completely lose focus

as I did NOT want to lose my Mom.


God heard my prayers. Her surgery was a success. In and out in less than an hour… the surgeon said not to tell anyone it was so fast. How can I NOT. PRAISE THE LORD.


-Then the joy of being pregnant…





Now, giving it all away …


the bleeding

started at Christmas


Baby #1 left us on New Year’s Day. Not the way to bring in the New,


I have NEVER felt as close to the Lord as I did in the wee-hours of that morning. I KNEW without a shadow of the doubt that He was with me,


I would see Emili Sky in Heaven when my time comes.

-Then the interesting and l-o-n-g recovery from that… only to become prego again, and miscarry again. This time NOT nearly as dramatic. I did not pass-out or bleed for over a month. THANK YOU JESUS.

I actually went to work that day at the end of June.

-Followed by an infection…


at least that’s what I’m going to call it.


-I ‘just’ started feeling ‘normal’ for the FIRST time since BEFORE I was engaged… only to wonder if I might be prego again.



God’s timing is perfect,


I trust Him.

So I started writing this …

pondering life,

as I do laundry,


if my other married lady-friends feel that they do WAY more laundry NOW that they are married.

My husband has quietly shared that marriage has brought MORE responsibility to Him,


in his defense, he only brings up the credit card bills and utility bills occasionally. Thank You Jesus. I don’t enjoy conflict.

He will always be amazing to me


one of the 1st things he did after we were married was to give me a credit card!

As a girl …um, I guess I’m actually a lady now. 41…

who has been ‘on her own’ since she left for college at a young 18, this was FANTASTIC! I recommend it for ALL marriages… if you want a happy wife.


Like God,

it was for what I NEEDED…

not necessarily WANTS.





I enjoy our chickens,

mainly because they don’t NEED me or WANT me,


they do NEED me to fill their water and food. I like to ‘feel’ needed. Kurt doesn’t really ‘need’ me for anything, but those things he would NEVER share with another. He’s a gardener, a chef, a designer, a builder –

He’s self-motiviated,

even with exercise.

He’s amazing in EVERY way.

He was an engineer in the military,


I watched him show a 4 year old we were watching at church how gears functioned.

We were playing with legos and watching, “Veggie Tales – Josh and the BIG wall.”

Multi-tasking is FUN in EVERY arena of life.


I ‘feel’ totally LOVED by God.

He answers my prayers – and that helps me to pray MORE. For more people. More issues.

I don’t have to work,


I get to work.

I want to honor God in all that I do.

He is an AWESOME God.


Every day is a NEW day,


I look forward in knowing Him more.

I KNOW He will help me be better in ALL the roles of life. It’s what Knowing Him does.



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