on your heart is from where you speak

I continued to be inspired by friends’ posts on Facebook. Sharing with them, helps me to share even more on my blog.

It’s nice.

It helps.


Probably 10 years ago

I went up to a lady evangelist once with a question,


she replied,

“What’s in your heart, comes out your mouth” – I spent years pondering that. I had already spent years dealing with the issue I approached her with.


Only to learn that trying to ‘improve’ never works – but ONLY my time with Jesus

changed me

from the inside out

as I continued

to renew my mind

with His Word.


As I’ve come to give more and more of my self to Him, I find that my desires and wants are coming more in line with His will.


It helps me to know that Jesus lives in my heart with God and the Holy Spirit…

I am never alone.

Throughout the course of my life, I’ve come to want and know each part of the Trinity. I joke that I’ve been in church since the womb – except for that decade I spent doing my ‘own-thing’ as a working-teen and during college.


I always ‘felt’ like I knew God, I WANTED the Holy Spirit,


I felt like I kept Him in a cage while I made my own decisions in high school and college.



Pastor Jeff Perry introduced me to a Jesus I found irresistible – for which I am forever grateful.


His passionate friendship with the Son of God finally got me into the Word,




a desire that continues as I learn more and more about the Almighty Awesome God we serve who wants to help us with EVERY part of our life.


I’m so glad we get to do this for eternity.


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