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on country-life.

I moved 20+ miles further into the woods. God KNEW I needed trees… even more than the forest that already surrounded me. Now there’s cattle and a donkey who lives next door. He does not enjoy all the gun-fire with deer season.


I enjoyed the fact that we didn’t have to hunt at all, a deer ran onto our land and died from an injury.  Thank you Mr. Hunter for letting us have your kill.

It’ll feed us for many months to come.

I LOVE free.

God blesses us with the desires of our heart (Psalm 37:4). I love steak too.  Teehee.


Yesterday while loading the Wood-stove with wet fire-wood, I watched the moisture kill the flame…


pondered… “wow, if that the effect ‘dampness’ has on fire, no wonder God relates Himself to WATER in the Bible.”

I LOVE to see God in everyday life… sometimes it’s in the garden,


I also look for Him in movies.

He’s everywhere.


God also tells us to stir the fire within us. It’s our responsibility, not His.


That’s one of the ways I read the Bible:

-God’s responsibilities,


-My responsibilities.

It’s enlightening.


The wood-stove seems to have become my responsibility, not my husband’s…

new to me, since my Dad and brother use to take care of the mega-stove we had at the original house.

‘Live and learn’ is one of my mottos. Keeps life interesting and fun.


God also sends helpers.

Today my brother-in-law stopped by,


saw me taking wood from the wheel barrel, putting it into a cardboard box to carry it into the house all the way back to the stove. He too KNOWS there has to be an easier way…


is going to ponder it today for me.


I LOVE it when I don’t have to re-create a wheel or figure something out all by myself… especially when I don’t have all the facts.

These guys build houses.


My husband built his place 20+years ago. His brother built his own too.

I am blessed.


I have enough wood to last the day… hopefully the rain will stop again so I can get more.


PLUS, I need – and – want exercise.


Now for my 1st outing to the local Dollar General… yes, that’s all there is… and it’s not even in my town,


God provides… there’s a place with home-made pies nearby! My husband took me there when we were dating… #15 different home-made pies.

I live a blessed life.


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