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on a Sunday afternoon MIRACLE

My husband was a bit grumpy…

on and off, all weekend.

We still had a meeting with a client to go after being on the go since 7am …


he’d rather be at home.

We were both hungry.



It was cold and rainy.

Recipe for disaster,


God had other plans:

My hubby was only willing to wait 15 minutes when he dropped me off at the door to find out how long the wait was at the restaurant we had a gift card to…

I told the girl who took our name, that God gave us a miracle because I thought I’d be eatin’ fast food/drive-thru with those type of restrictions! (Yet, I’m totally fine with a McRib!)


She got us a seat in 5 minutes instead of the 15 that she had told me.


Happy Husband.


The waitress was mellow and beautiful with a cute twang and even more gentle eyes.

Happy Peggy.


She gave us free dessert and ice-cream when they messed up our order,


then another free meal when they messed that up too.

My husband was speechless.  He’s irish… he always has something to say.



God heard my heart’s desire,

I wanted unrushed time with my hubby to chat & enjoy each other’s company.

Kurt wanted a warm environment and to get to his appointment on-time.

We both got what we wanted



God provides.  Over and over, and over… I think my hubby was in shock.  :)  I kept laughing… it was WAY over the top!

God is SO awesome!


We had already gotten free food at church that morning… just because I volunteered with communion.


God is so good.

Always remember:

He’s your Provider.

Look to Him,

not people.



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on the Gospels.

So I’ve never really enjoyed reading the Gospels… the first #4 books of the New Testament.


I’ve read and re-read the book of James more times than I can count…

Proverbs too.

I like most Psalms, especially those by David and re-read them especially when I’m emotional (“I prefer to say, hormonal.”)

Titus, Jude, Ruth, Esther, Philemon, 1 & 2 Timothy, 1, 2 & 3 John, Song of Songs, Nehemiah, Ephesians, Ecclesiastes, Philippians, Daniel and Colossians are all GREAT reads,


the Gospels…

The same story written over and over.

I don’t even like to re-read the same book or watch the same movie.

I will if I think I ‘missed’ something…


if it’s such a new concept, I need to re-read/watch again in order to increase my understanding.


Awhile ago I read the Bible all the way thru…

the Gospels… I saved till last.

I like names, so the genealogy sections that ‘get’ most people didn’t bother me at all.


When I re-read the Bible, I usually read a different translation


even a chronological Bible.

I totally enjoy scriptural devotionals.

I spend a lot of my time listening to audio-version of the Bible.

And, of course, the Books and stories of the Bible that have been done in film.


I don’t even like to drive the same roads going and coming to work.  Variety.  I like having a choice, almost to a fault.


Tonight while reading my homework assignment for next Sunday’s sermon on “Encounters with Jesus,”

I cried:

““I know the Messiah is coming—the one who is called Christ. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.”

That’s verse 25 from John 4…

I cried because there in that verse is why I NEED to read the Gospels:

He will explain everything.


I had to get my BSN because they explained WHY.  If I had gotten the lesser degree from the University like my Mom wanted, I would have only know HOW to do what I was told to do.

I want,


the WHY.

Always have.

Thank You God for providing the answers I crave. I love You.

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on 3 characters…

Listen to Bishop T.D. Jakes about 3 basic types of people…

I listened twice the first day I heard it…

just listened to it two more times.

Best 8 minutes of my day.

I saw it first on Facebook.

Here’s my notes:

God uses lots of people in your life. A blessing.

Watch character.

1. Confidant. Like Jonathan was for David… taught him the protocol of the palace.

They weep with you when you weep.

They rejoice with you when you rejoice.

You will have few of them in your life.

They are for you.

They love you unconditionally.

They are into you – whether you are up or down, right or wrong.

You can share everything with them.

God sends people to help you.

They mentor you for what you do next.

They confront you.

They get in your face.

They tell you when you are wrong.

Pray for the people He sends.

We don’t get ‘here’ by yourself. They teach us how to stand. They encourage us.



Most of us spend our time feeding people who can’t feed us… they drain us/

We need to feed others…

We need to be fed.

<Read the Bible. Spend time with God. Worship Him… let Him feed you.> = These r my thoughts.



2. Constituents.

They are not into you, but they are for what you are for. The 2 of you agree. Walk & work with you until leave you for someone else.

No not mistake them for confidants.

You will fall in love with them, but they will break your heart. They are not for you. They are for what you are for.

<Live and learn.>


3. Comrades.

They are not for you. They are against what you are against.

Team up to fight a greater enemy. Only with you till victory.  With you until purpose complete, like scaffolding on a building, but the building remains.


#2 & #3 will leave you. They don’t react to your dream because they are not for you. Be careful who you share your dreams with… watch their reaction when you are happy. If they are not happy with your good news… if not happy for you, do not share your dreams.  You want lovers, not haters praying for you.

God will always send you someone.



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on direction…

God’s direction.

I can only share my experience…

I believe God speaks to each of us in the way we will hear…

our job is to obey.

Sometimes I am quicker at obeying than others.

I use to go on mission trips… as often as possible…

each destination would ‘pop’ up off the list.  I would KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that was where God wanted me to go.

I also KNEW in the course of time,

to stop going…

until I was married.

Looking forward to trips with my husband… who is such an awesome man of God that he turned down an all-expense paid trip to Australia for us because he KNEW God would want the $ used in a better way. Wow.  That’s submission. I was ready to go!  I’m soooo GRATEFUL God has put him in my life.

I always want to do MORE…

He is able to say, “no”

I needed that.




God gives us what we need.

Today, at a MANDATORY work training…

I KNEW as soon as I ‘heard’ to enter a drawing for a prize…

this is NOT the FIRST time God has used AUDITORY for me…

in the PAST, He used visual…

I feel like He has answered my prayer… I wanted to HEAR better.  I have a visual mind.  A visual memory. Visual dreams with almost no sounds.

I’ve been trying to ‘train’ myself for YEARS to ‘hear’ …

for our faith is increased by HEARING the Word of God. I want to do my part.  My responsibility.

At my ladies book study, I have been studying love.  God is LOVE.  :)  That’s my favorite part.  :)

Galatians 5:6 = “…faith… worketh by love.”

K.E. Hagin encourages us to walk in love.

Pastor Patsy Perry has ALWAYS encouraged us to walk in love.

“Your faith will not work if you do not walk in love.”

explains a lot of what we ‘see’… doesn’t it.

Anywho, I digress…

God directs.

I ‘heard’



I was to enter the drawing… without knowing what the prize would be…



it was just what I wanted… a new bag for work from the company I work for!  That’s God. I wanted it. I didn’t NEED it. I already HAVE LOTS of bags.

It even has  a zipper!!!

God KNOWS I have wayyyy too much in my car, and I HATE it when things spill out. A zipper… from God!


the bag was FULL of goodies…

half of which my husband liked and wanted…


the BEST part…

I had NO urge to open the bag until we were together… several hours later.  I’m not one who enjoys waiting…

ALLOW yourself to be DIFFERENT than you usually are…

it usually turns into a blessing.


The bag included ANOTHER item I needed for work… something I didn’t even KNOW to want.

God does that a lot for me… fills needs I don’t even realize I have.


a sweet treat too… a favorite of my husband’s and myself…



Last year I kept winning or was given things I needed/wanted…

living IN God


so amazing!

ENJOY YOUR adventure!

Remember to THANK Him… even for the little things.  He likes it, and it will make your heart sing too!


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