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on love

“I pray
That God
Will give me
A deeper understanding of His love.” – 2 Thess. 3:5
I was going to make this my signature on my email today, but then I realized:
God has already done this for me!
His name is Kurt,
while we were dating,
while we were engaged,
now that we have gotten married,
regularly loves me like God loves me.
Even when I am at my worst…
That’s love.
We love God because He first loved us.
God is love.
God lives in each of His believers…
Get out there and love people!!!

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on wildlife

Doing laundry at my new home,


hello! = sweet young deer in the yard!  We did a stare-a-thon for several minutes, then his friend joined us. Each was unique… different shades with their own markings.  Lookin’ forward to watchin’ ’em grow up!



Tuesday, 10-21-14

As I was leaving to meet my husband today,

#3 turkeys crossed the highway.


On our honeymoon, I got to see a HUGE groundhog takin’ in some sun on the rocks outside of the restaurant at our main destination!  It’s so nice when God confirms you choose the RIGHT place.  It was at our first meal there.  We had just arrived.  The next day, we literally walked out the door and hiked back to our cabin.  That’s MY Jesus!  Excellent MEGA rocks just like home. Our last day, my husband found an concert venue built along a creek completely out of HUGE rocks! Scenic Highways there and back too.  Just what I needed. Fall colors. LOTS of nature.

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