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on it’s NOT about me…

This article (link below) is a good reminder …


more than visiting a new Mom.  We can all be selfish at times.

It’s NOT about me…

my mantra… for the rest of today.


She’s blunt and direct.  To the point.  Enjoy!



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on #8 total

That’s all the invites I sent out for our wedding…


My fiance called me early in February wanting a small wedding with just our immediate families.
An answer to prayer.
He had wanted dancing and LOTS if mixing and mingling.
I wanted to elope
go to the pastor’s office following a church-service…
My Dad has already passed on,
Kurt’s Dad is still a lot of fun.

I’m thankful our mothers get-along, and they both like to help!

I’m so glad God put me into a family.  Each unique individual brings their special gifts from God to every family gathering.
Update: October 2014
Our barn wedding at my new home was perfect.  I was surrounded by blue with plants in view. My brother walked me there with Kurt. God sent cooler weather, just what I requested. I even got to go up on the roof!

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