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on the color of deer…

So this summer I thought the deer were a different color than normal and wondered if it had something to do with the drought… or the wasting disease,


after a visit to the nature reserve in December, I learned differently:


I’m writing for the naturalist, James Trager. 
You asked about the color of the deer you’ve seen this year.  James said that deer are like many animals and in the summer, they are reddish browns.  In the winter, their coats change to greys.  The color changes help camoflage them in the trees and underbrush.
I hope this answers your question. 
Enjoy Shaw Nature Reserve.
A joyous holiday season and a happy new year.
Susanna Bullock
Bascom House attendant
Shaw Nature Reserve
She’s a delightful individual and is there on the weekends.  She gave me a yummy mug of hot chocolate to enjoy while I browsed through looking at the Christmas decorations and the new displays.  There’s a board where you can leave any question for the naturalist.  Cool idea!

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On walls

“Walls of protection become a prison.

The focus of offended Christians is inward and introspective… Guarding our rights and relationships. Our energies are consumed.

If we don’t risk being hurt,
We cannot give unconditional love.

Unconditional love gives others the right to hurt us.

Love does not seek its own,
Hurt people become more and more self-seeking and self-contained.”

<Frightening isn’t it.

Live free. >

Quote from
J. Bevere’s book:
Bait if Satan

“<>” = is me!



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on waiting for us to come home.

On my visit to Ireland I was told that the light in the window of the President’s House was for all those who left Ireland and were returning…

this was in my mind today after lunch.  Not sure why, maybe because I’ve got some Irish in me,

but as I pondered it…

I thought of my heavenly home where God is the light.

Lookin’ forward to it!


God is so good to us.  In every way.  All the time!  Romans 8:28

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