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on traffic

What a morning,


it turned out good.


Trying to get to an early meeting at the hospital…

rain had happened…

need I say more.


I never made it to the meeting.

Thankfully my presence wasn’t required… I’m allowed to join doctors for their seminars. God loves me. Did I mention they serve food and drink at these meetings. God really loves me.


Opportunities really…

life is full of opportunities. Most just do not take advantage of what is provided to them.


I love opportunities. Sometimes… often really, I get overwhelmed at the opportunities I am provided.


Today, I got out…


I left the traffic…

not at first.

First I turned around


went another way when the 1st highway was backed-up,


when the next highway was even worse,

I started cleaning out my car… this is what I do whenever I hit traffic or a long-light. Clean. It works for me.




Then I tried out a new shop I’ve been wanting to stop at for several years,


never took the time.


Met a sweet lady.


Got some stuff done.

Documents read.



Now off to the next meeting,


I won’t be late to this one!


Life is full of opportunities…

what will you do with your’s?




Love you!


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on visiting the Creation Museum = DISCOUNTED!

One of the reasons I like Facebook… learn stuff:

Hope you can go!  It’s STILL my favorite place to visit, 3-years running!


“tickets to the museum for you and your family that are good for two consecutive days any time within a year of issue,

a planetarium show of your choice,

a souvenir green-screen photo to remember your visit,


a one-year subscription to Answers magazine!

Need help with traveling or overnight expenses? We can build that into your program for you as well.

Want to know more? Simply send us an email and put “Family Assistance” clearly in the message. Someone will get back with you soon with details on this exciting new program!”

– See more at:

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on leaves falling

This morning was the first time I saw LOTS of leaves falling.

So peaceful and graceful.

Such a gift from God.


So was the drive to work …

even if it was EXTRA long!

Exploring back roads is so FUN!


A flexible boss is a GREAT thing too!


Feeling really blessed today!


May your day be amazing!

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