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on blessings


This has been an amazing stretch…

God keeps working things out for good = Romans 8:28




iPhone3 (times 2) stolen,

iPhone4 given to me.


Meet Christina.

Yes, she’s a christian.

She’s a blessings.


This could be your life too.

Jesus died for you.


May he work your life into blessings.






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on dilemma


Yes, this is my life.


One dilemma after another.




A choice


situation involving a choice between equally unsatisfactory alternatives.

A difficult


persistent problem.




Ever have that?


Seems to happen often… repetitively in my life… or maybe I’m just realizing that my choices in life are causing this…?


Ponder. Ponder.


God will help me.





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on Wildflower Farms

Tour beginsThank you Whitney for setting up this day in the country! What a wonderful time among friends!


8854 Highway Y, Dittmer, MO 63023

Enjoy lunch on the porch,

feed the animals,

explore wind and solar,

learn about the McCallie’s Highland Coos,

learn about the process of shearing, washing, spinning, and knitting wool,

see and purchase items made from the same friendly animals you visit.

Friendly animals include:

Miniature Donkey
Exotic Chickens
Shetland Sheep
Highland Coos (Scottish Cattle)


Cost: $15/adult, $5/child for lunch and tour.

Schedule with

Don or Peggy McCallie:

636-452-3407 (home), 314-805-1862 (cell)


Also at

farmer’s market in Ellisville.

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on ziplining


This summer I got an opportunity to do something I wanted to do:


and I thought I was going to be able to take photos… NOT!




They have some FUN videos on their site. Check ’em out.


It’s the LARGEST zipline course in the mid-west.


God is so kind to me!


I was blessed with 2 hours of FREE fun! That’s my God!


Thankfully my boyfriend wants to zip too.


ponder, ponder…

where to next!?!




A friend did send photos from the day… I will try to find on my machine and add to the post!  :)


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