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on mornings

Wow… read this devotional


realized this is ALREADY my favorite way to start the day!


It’s so cool to be DOING something, and then learn that God likes it that way!:

In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation. —Psalm 5:3 (NIV)

I chat with God whenever I wake up.

I started a few years ago when I was dealing with some issues, and waking up (for the first-time-in-my-life in the middle of the night)… I decided NOT to let the devil win… if I was going to lose some sleep, well, I was going to speak scripture, out-loud until I fell back asleep. Psalms rock. I memorized one that spoke to my heart, eased my mind, before ya knew it (usually less than a few minutes saying the scripture to myself… over and over… maybe about 3 times), I was blissfully back asleep again.


God is good!


All the time.


Now, well, now I wake up and just want to hang out with God… sometimes I even set my alarm early, so I’ll have time with Him. Usually though, I trust I will wake up whenever He wants me to … I spend the time with Him. It’s nice. Relaxing. Refreshing even. Sometimes I go back to sleep, and sometimes I get a jump on my day. It’s really quite wonderful.

I do expect my prayers… requests to be answered… because He has already answered so many of them… even the little things:

-An area of my house was painted yesterday that I wanted to paint over the summer, but wasn’t allowed by the home-owner. I was going to pay for the paint and do it myself. God’s way = done by a professional. Ummm, methinks, His way is better. I appreciate it!

-Been wanting to take my Mom to Pasta House for months… MANY months. She called me, wanting to go … I had the day off from work. She wasn’t that hungry or that chatty… huh. Unusual. Often we go here for family discussions… we are able to talk better here than at home. Do whatever works people… communication is important. Today though, just hanging out. God is so cool. Answered prayer.

-I could keep going on, cuz these weren’t the only answered prayers today, but I don’t want you to think I’m bragging…

God does care about the little stuff, because we care about the little stuff.


God cares people.


He loves you so much.


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on the law… it’s a mirror.

So I was raised in a VERY religious denomination of Christianity. All about the law…

it’s been a bit of a hang up for me in my walk of freedom with Christ. Worsened by the fact I was a honor-student in school… made good grades, don’t like to mess up in any part of life … had a perfectionist for a father …




So when I mess up with God,

my Abba Father…

man, is it hard…


that’s the whole point of Jesus.

God KNEW we couldn’t live up to the law,

so HE sent Grace…

Grace is a person.

He is Truth.

He is the Word (Bible)… He is Jesus!


The Old Testament was an old covenant,

we live under a new covenant now,

it’s called the Good News,


well, it is good news.




The ‘gospel’ of the New Testament, the new covenant of grace is actually called ‘good news’ -it’s what ‘gospel’ actually means.


It’s good news because ALL YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN = PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE… and your job in this covenant, is to believe it,

to believe Jesus died for your sins… for you, so you can have an intimate relationship with God.






That’s it.




The cross shows how much He loves us.


God loved us so much, He sent part of Himself, His Son to set us free from the law, from sin, from pain…


to love us.




So… on the mirror = the law of the old covenant:


-Romans7:12 = the law is holy, and the commandment holy, just and good.

-“The law has no power to make you holy, just and good.

-The law is a mirror = tells you the truth and points out your deficiencies…

it’s not the mirror’s fault = the law show’s you God’s perfect holiness, justice and goodness,

we are unable to meet those standards…

you can’t use a mirror to fix you…

you can’t use the law to fix you.

Even when you fail, His blood makes you righteous, just and good.

You are perfected by His grace (unmerited favor) in your life. ”


Only Jesus can help us…

when God looks at you, He sees Jesus, therefore you are righteous in His sight.

All that’s asked of you, to believe in Him, to let Him love you.

Man, He made it so easy for us… we like to make everything hard because then it’s about us and how awesome we are…

we are not awesome, God is awesome.



Covenants, by the way, are huge to God,

sealed with blood…

that’s why marriage is a bigger deal to God than a contract…

remember, a virgin bleeds the first time…


big deal to God.



Everything will stem from the revelation of your righteous identity in Christ. = This is truth.

-Wrong believing leads to wrong behavior.

-It’s not about addressing wrong behavior,


going after the root cause, the wrong beliefs that have led to it.

-When you believe right, you live right.”


-This is so true, I don’t want to hurt God,

I don’t want to sin…

knowing that He loves me helps …

knowing that He doesn’t count my sins against me, even sins I ‘just’ do, well, gives me the strength and the courage to not want to sin again.




Live free people.




By believing you need to do something to earn forgiveness, you cheapen the grace of God. This robs you of security in the goodness of God towards you… you need to expect God to be gracious to you… instead of expecting judgment, expect His unmerited favor operating in your life.

-Paul wrote extensively to many churches in the New Testament, and yet there was not one mention of the confession of sins in all His Spirit-inspired letters… instead he reminded them, ‘ your body is the temple of Holy Spirit’ … it still is, even when you fail… he reminded them of their identity in Christ = this is key to victory over sin = conscious of who you are and what you have in Christ.”


Quotes and paraphrase of some content is from J. Prince’s “Unmerited Favor”… some is my thoughts.


John 3:16 NIV – “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – from



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on under the snow.

Regularly I ‘find’ stuff after the snow melts…

one year, a snow board… God is so interesting… I had been wanting to try one.


Today though, I found a car-part… yep, another accident in the front yard! I thought I saw tire tracks…


Praying for all, if you don’t have to go out, maybe you shouldn’t… time at home isn’t all that bad. I bake and watch movies! Way cheaper than getting your car repaired.




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on emotions… and prayer.

So it’s been one of those weeks…

hormones I presume.




Yet I experienced emotional well-being after writing a short note.


God is so interesting!


I don’t enjoy confrontation. I find it draining. Emotions in general are draining to me. I grew up trying to avoid them at all cost and usually erupted in tears … thankfully only about once a year. Then I learned from a doctor that well, once a year is not enough. She said do whatever works for me… so I watch movies that help me to cry. Especially around a particular time of the month.




During this stretch (Thankfully it usually lasts less than a week.), life is well, more irritating… maybe it’s because I don’t have the same level of energy, so not much is getting done…


TIRED… tired all the time. Sleep does not rejuvenate. It’s really quite awful.


But I digress…

When I wrote the short note I was cleansed of emotion…

I was no longer drained.

I felt liberated and more full of energy than I had all day!


I didn’t vent… it was maybe two sentences long… to the point.


I didn’t have to ‘share’ the note, I was able to communicate my concerns with the individual I was irritated at… and well, the conversation went really well. I was heard. I didn’t raise my voice or fall into tears.



Thank God!


He’s so smart. Talking in person is so much better than over-the-phone, or writing a note.


The best part about it… my Mom had suggested a movie to me, and I watched it after writing this note… it’s all about a kid, dealing with cancer, who writes notes to God, “Letters to God”


God has a sense of humor.




He just wants us to pray. Prayer is cleansing.


I don’t think He cares if you write it, shout it, draw it… whatever works.


He cares for us. He wants to spend time with us. He’s a person ya know… we are created in His image (blows my mind really).


Talk to Him.

Find freedom.


He is good.

All the time.



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