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on Mater

Ya know from the movie “Cars.”

Yes, I like Cartoons.

He was my favorite character.



I was behind his real-life version on the highway today… best part:  the gun rack had an umbrella and a cane, the driver was a bit over the hill.




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on ART at the Nature Reserve

Had fun today… solo!  On way to work and after an oil change… after #2 flat tires.


Art fair at The Nature Reserve in Gray Summit!

Good stuff, tomorrow is the last day:

Sunday, 11-4-12, 10-4p.
636-451-3512 for more information


Last year I got cards by the painter, Krone.

Today, I wanted some silver jewelry by Josephine, but I restrained myself…for some reason I haven’t been wearing as much jewelry this past year… ?


Always enjoy Bryan Haynes work… has calendars this year too if you can’t afford a canvas…

I got a free post card with the incredible tree on it = see it on their website/blogspot above.

I decided to start doing art again myself instead of spending too much $ on art.


Anyone know of cheap photo developing…?  Time to do more postcards!

I also decided to start painting again today… ummm… where to start!?!


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