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on skeletons and the fall season.



Trees without leaves look like skeletons to me.


That may be why I never really enjoyed the fall,


where I work now,

there are LOTS of trees…

HILLSIDES of trees.




When the leaves are gone, I can see REALLY far, to other hillsides…




I’m soooo ready for skeletons!

Another rain,


I may have my wish!


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on the war within.

Playing the piano this morning made me realize I have a war going on within me…

been an emotional few days.

I want to be happy. It’s who I am.

Currently though fighting low-energy, irritation & frustration… I’m not mad. Almost sad.

Yet my hope is in God.

I thank Him for putting a tool (the piano) in my life that helps me. Gives me energy…



It’s beautiful. It’s sounds bring me more beauty. It helps me to understand myself… I play how I feel… sometimes happy notes, sometimes sad notes, sometimes angry sounding notes… today was both sides of the spectrum.


I use to do the same thing when I drew… happy faces, sad faces, angry faces… more of the latter when I was a teen… aahh hormones!


Can we really help/know others unless we know ourselves? The Bible says we love others as we love ourselves. How many people really like themselves? Accept themselves as they are? People are my passion, but they are also, well, frustrating…

I frustrate myself too.


I accumulate piles. Projects. Ecclesiastes speaks that it is better to finish than to begin. I ‘learned’ that years ago reading the Bible, but alas, I still find myself wanting to do MORE than I possibly can in a day, a week, a season.

Peace really is the guide.

I realized that too this morning when writing about clothes. I try NOT to keep anything unless I feel beautiful in it. I like variety, but not at the cost of peace. I don’t have to hold on to things that don’t fit either ‘cuz that’s not trusting God to provide… and trust me, He provides! I’ve been MANY different sizes this last year, and God provided just what I needed along the way. Most of it I didn’t even have to buy… it was given to me!

Ya think He’s trying to TEACH me something!


Hopefully I won’t have to keep going around ‘this’ particular mountain (like the Israelites in the wilderness)… hopefully I’ve learned my lesson = God provides.

Helps with greed,

with work,

with people/relationships.

We don’t have to STRIVE, we can trust… He’s got our backs.

Aaaahhh the war within settles down and peace pervades… my emotions, my thoughts and my body relax.

God is good.

All the time.

I can trust Him… with everything.


John 8:31-32 = know truth, truth sets you free.


Did I mention he does all this because He loves us!


Zephaniah 3:14-18

He will quiet you by his love”

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on being delivered

From worry…

this is the best reason I’ve ever read/heard about choosing not to worry, so you don’t lose the power of God in your life when you pray…

the two can’t be in your heart at the same time: worry and faith.

God made it a command not to worry cuz when you worry, you are giving the devil more place in your life than you are giving God. Remember God works all things out for good = Romans 8:28.


From book, “Secrets to Powerful Prayer” by Lynne Hammond & Patsy Cameneti

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on grace and mercy… didn’t get a ticket!

God is so kind!


Driving 10mph over the speed-limit … !

Cop car sitting in a drive as I came over the hill…

immediately I asked God for grace and mercy.

I don’t ever remember doing this before,




I had just left a ladies’ meeting at church, and the last song was about pleading the blood of Jesus…

I grew up on this song,


until recently didn’t think much about the blood.

Life is in the blood.

Good reminder. I want to have life… a good life, here on the planet… especially since eternity is now.

Words have power.

Today they bought me a reprieve.

I am grateful.

Perhaps the cop was waiting for a bigger fish to catch,


I’m grateful that now I know there’s one more reason besides deer to be traveling at 30mph on Strecker Road in Wildwood.


God is good!

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on being creative vs. sinning.



So these last few days I have been exceedingly creative…


-perhaps because my house finally got cleaned up?



-or chosing not to sin.


Makes ya think doesn’t it.



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on being at home.

I like being at home.

Growing up the only thing I really wanted to do = be at home. Darn grades though got me a scholarship.


No, really, I’m grateful for my education, but I still like to be at home.

Funny enough, God seems to know best:

-I don’t really need to be at my home.

-I enjoy house-sitting, pet-sitting, care-taking…

-I even get to work in someone else’s home, and surprisingly… because I didn’t think this was possible, it’s got a better view of nature (trees/flowers/critters) than my home!

I am blessed!!!

I am at home.

God is good.

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October 17, 2012 · 4:24 pm

on rainbows

Drove through one on the way to work… fall leaves are so beautiful, as is the sunrise!




I was in the yellow-band of the rainbow if you are curious!



Feel so blessed

so grateful to God

so appreciative!!!

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