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on my drive to work

This month has been exceptional…

so much GREAT wildlife!
The critters are not worried about us… or cars …

they literally run along the road side …


then they second-guess about getting out of the way = they take their time about movin’ along if ya get my meanin’ …

This even happen on my way to a friend’s house who lives out this way… maybe there’s somethin’ in the water?  Where she lives reminded me of Rockwood Reservations = so incredibly beautiful!


It’s been wonderful!

-A fox went right across the road in front of me, they move so smoothly!  Like liquid-water.

-A squirrel (or should I say several) have been extremely entertaining and cute!

-A chipmunch (or two), too cute for words… but I was addicted to “Alvin” when I was a kid watchin’ cartoons.

-A hawk buzzed my car driving up the approach to work… it’s in the woods, how lucky am I?!? = God has blessed me!!!

At my house:
-more of the above critters, + a flock of ravens that have been keepin’ me company since 2010, + geese = who listen when I say move along = made my Mom laugh outloud!


But the deer on the road last week didn’t make either of us laugh… first time I saw a tick all month!


You can call MODOT, and they will come pick up the body… who knew?!  They do road kill too.



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on drought


My cousin last night said they are moving us from a drought to a severe drought…

I know my grass has been yellow for weeks.

The trees are starting to change color already.

Dogwoods look wilted.

Much looks tired.

The sound of brittle-breaking grass when I when I walk.  The only thing green is weeds.


Not much rain. None in the forcast this week.

Then I thought about the winter, not much snow/ice then either… the spring though had plenty, perhaps the fall will too!

God’s got a plan!






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on heaven



People go to heaven…

how much time do you spend with people…

praying for people…

talking to people…

helping people…


Don’t you want what you do to last… to mean something?


It’s all about people.


Just a thought.



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on disgrace

“Sin brings disgrace” = Proverbs 14:34b

Disgrace = humiliate, lose favor, lose standing, fallen from grace or honor, ostracism.

Ostracism = temporary banishment from common privileges or social acceptance.

Grace = favor, charm, thanks, pleasing, grateful.

Honor = good name, reputation, public esteem.


God is so kind.

Mercy = compassion, divine favor… forbears punishing even when justice demands it.


Live in the grace and mercy that God died to give us – and – enjoy life!


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On more FREE stuff around STL !!!

This guy rocks!







I love FREE!!!



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on distraction

… still pondering the parable of the sown seed…

receive the Word, but the devil comes to steal…

well today I experienced how easily the mind is distracted COMPLETELY.


Help Lord!

May Your Word take root and grow in my life!

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on turtles


God is so cool.  He answers prayers even before you pray them…

This spring was the first time I have ever killed something mowing… a turtle… it was awful, sounded like gunfire when it’s shell was hit…

Then a week or so later,  my brother showed me a turtle, he found him last week on a trail behind my house.  He knew it was the same turtle because he’s missing a back foot, but still able to use his leg, moved good… no impairment. God’s creations are so neat.


God is so kind, to ‘show’ me that there are others. My brother said he picked up another further down the trail… aaahh peace.

Thank You Jesus!

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