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on FREE summer movies

Pick your closest theater…


the cheap show in South County is doing as well, fliars available on site: Lemay Ferry Road…

not online yet: = they own other theaters as well.

I’m sure Wehrenberg and AMC will not be left out… check out their websites, and have fun this summer!


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on Free concerts and FREE entry to the Missouri Botanical Gardens (Shaw’s) including the Children’s Garden!

May 30: Marquise Knox – Blues guitar prodigy

June 6: Vince Martin – Vocalist, guitarist and entertainer

June 13: Miss Jubilee and the Humdingers – Hot jazz, swing and rhythm and blues

June 20: The Rockhouse Ramblers – Honky-tonk and classic swing

June 27: Hamiet Bluiett – Jazz legend and baritone saxophonist

July 4: Air National Guard Band of the Central States – Military tradition, jazz and big band

July 11: Ryan Spearman Band – Folk artist and multi-instrumentalist

July 18: Teresa Jenee – Soulful, introspective pianist and vocalist

July 25: Aaron Kamm and the One Drops – A blend of roots reggae and blues

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on TONIGHT = Twilight Tuesday concert at History Museum…

Another reason to love Facebook:

Got a post from the Museum… concerts have begun!


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on FREE Shakespeare = Othello

I know it’s a tragedy this year, but it still had some funnies!  Hope you make it before it ends on the 17th!  ENJOY!!!


05.25.12 – 06.17.12

Shakespeare Glen, Forest Park

Previews 05.23.12 & 5.24.12
Nightly (except Tuesdays) at 8PM
Admission is free


Venice is on the brink of war with Turkey over control of the island of Cyprus. Othello, an African Moor, is employed as a general in the Venetian army. He has secretly eloped with Desdemona, the daughter of Brabantio,…

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on habitual sin


Just had a ‘rev’ (revelation) about sin… especially habitual sin (ya know, you keep doing it, like a bad habit…),


it’s like my winter clothes… even though it’s been hot, I’ll keep wearing them until I put them away (out-of-sight)… sad but true, they are comfortable, I’m use to them… same with sin…

yet when put away = FORGET ABOUT THEM… same with sin, FREEDOM!!!


God is soooooo GOOD!

I could go on and on with how there’s lots of awesome summer clothes just waiting to be worn (aka, like the promises of God, the blessings of God), but I think ya get the point!

Isn’t He neat! Gotta love Him. He loves us so much!

Be blessed!

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on time


“Make the most of your time” … ‘heard’ this in my head as I stopped this am after scurrying around since before 6am.



Then later:


“Each day has enough trouble of it’s own” = so true!


Whatever you don’t finish today, will haunt you tomorrow… next week… next month… and then you get further and further behind!

Ecclesiastes as well as Proverbs remind us of this simple truth, several times … and probably other places in the Bible too!

The older I get, the more I realize:

-I have to wake up when I get up = there’s that much to do TODAY!

-Move fast, when you can… there’s more to do! A friend read a book on organization that suggested wearing tennis shoes around the house = it’s helpful!

-Also, the value of REGULAR exercise! Get out there and MOVE people! Your body will reward you with vigor!

Hope everyone has a beautiful summer!

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