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Lessons from the Book of Esther:


-There are devine appointments… God will help you prepare.

-Serve humbly… walk in love.

-Time to be silent & time to speak… God will guide you.


Thanks Pastor Jeff!




Hopefully, I’ll have time (soon) to come back and add more notes from the service!




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on used tires


My car is going to be 10 years old next spring…

I’m not investing in new tires…

Been interesting lately trying to get used tires… I only had one more tire to go.


Some places charge a different price on a different day… not cool.

Some places try to convince you that there’s no more used tires out there… not cool.

Then I was directed towards Zeman’s in Cedar Hill.

God is so kind.


2nd cheapest used tire I had put on (cheapest and nicest was from Tomcat Alignment in House Springs:  636-671-3380).

Zeman’s has LOTS of used tires, so if you are in the market and not finding what you need elsewhere, check ’em out!


They even had the best hours! M-F till 7pm, and Saturday hours too!

Way cool.

And a 30-day warranty!

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