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on every transition

Straight from the mouth of Pastor Jeff Perry:

“Every transition requires strength and courage”

Thank you Pastor!


Always need a reminder… life is full of change and transition… I don’t think it ever really stops!



Give yourself some grace!


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on birthdays


God is so good to us:


Woke up today to the lilacs blooming…


Yesterday my 1st tree I ever planted was just starting to bloom…

-And during the day:

*Work gave me several goodies to take home!

*Brunch with my cousin at one of my favorite munchies = “The Original Pancake House” in Chesterfield, special not even on the menu, not even the special anymore, but they made it for us.

*Then gardening, and great chat time!

* Came home to flowers from my Mom,


*mail from my boyfriend (currently living out-of-state).


Last week, had the week off from work, and Mom and I celebrated with gardening, the Jewel Box to see their spring display, Bowood & their Osage Cafe (on Olive in the CWE near Forest Park/Chase Park Plaza). We also caught up on movies at the Cheap Show in SoCo (Keller8 by the mall).


My Mom likes to celebrate birthdays all month long – My Mom ROCKS!




Did I mention I have the day off for my birthday!


Trees are blooming … spring my favorite!

My favorite yummy place on the planet: “LaBonne Bouchee” (off Olive, at 270).

Lunch at Josephine’s Tea Room in Godfrey Illinois.

Pierre Marquette to see how it looks in the spring with all the blooms! Picnic from the overlook.


I think to God, everyday, is our birthday… that’s how much He loves us.



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on the secret to a long, good life


“And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”
– Micah 6:8 NIV

Thanks Victoria for sharing!


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On raising my kids in Christ…

I want them to have freedom from religion.

I want them to KNOW Jesus,

Father God

and the

Holy Spirit.

I want their experience to be fresh



I want them to read the Bible.

I want to read the Bible to them,

more than fairy tale books…

more than the world’s education.

I want them to know what really matters.

I want them to have the tools to live a successful life for the LORD.






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on donating… MS Mud Run

A friend of mine is running for a cause… wanna give?




   I need your help reaching my $100 pledge for the MS Run in May. If you click on and follow the link below, scroll down and find the team ‘Bog Barracudas’. To donate to me click on my name and that will take you to a screen and further instructions to donate. I really appreciate your help. Oh and, feel free to pass the link along to anyone you know that may want to part with a couple bucks to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis research ;) Thanks!

Take Care and God Bless!!
        Gary Miller Jr.

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on a red-tailed hawk


What a beautiful creation by God… so elegant, and HUGE.

One escorted me from work today, down a tree-lined lane with daffodils blooming in the forest.

If you know me, then you know:

life doesn’t get much better than this!


Then I get home to watch the local beaver doing his thing at his log fortress, so cute!


Did I mention another bird of prey did some wonderful flying for me earlier in the day!?!


And all this after wonderful girlfriend time at SLFC! Early service has gotten VERY popular since the last time I got to go.



Yesterday I got to pick the first daffodils of the season at my house… a mini and a regular, blooming right next to each other after my afternoon run. God is so sweet!



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on getting your tax preparation done for FREE

Ya gotta love free.


Missouri and Illinois – Gateway EITC Community Coalition.

If you (and your’s) make less than $50K per year, you qualify!




To learn more, or to find the nearest tax preparation site, call United Way 2-1-1 or 1-800-427-4626

***Some sites require appointments.

They also offer other free services… like a free credit report, a credit counselor, as well as more…


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