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on an example

We’ve all heard the saying,

“What would Jesus Do” = WWJD

Yet, I can’t say I always remember that when I’m making decisions…


Here’s another that may help:

Ephesians 5:1 = “Be imitators of God”


Just like a kid!

I might be able to remember that!



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On lesson learned again… speeding ticket.

Yep, 1st one in at least 6 years… on a backroad, again.

I stopped speeding on highways 11 years ago, not even 4 mph over… convicted that breaking a law was well wrong…

why didn’t I see it that way on backroads? Well, cuz they are fun to drive, to take corners fast… “like a roller-coaster” one of my friends shared back in high school. I love roller-coasters.


I hope this time I learned the lesson well enough that I don’t have to ‘go around this mountain’ anymore! I don’t want to be like the Israelites, stuck in the desert instead of walking into the promise land just because I can’t trust God more… that I feel like I have to live life rushing!

I thought I had already learned not to rush… nothing good comes of it! I saw that in my Mom’s life, my life… in friend’s lives…

why are some lessons re-learned… ? Am I that stubborn… or do I just fall back into old ruts?

To live a disciplined life… in every area. Wow. Never thought those words would come out of my mouth! I tend to be impulsive and free-loving = a true last-born,

but I ‘get’ it = the speeding was rebellion…

I don’t want to be rebellious.

It doesn’t honor God or bring Him glory.

If I wasn’t speeding, the cop could have been somewhere else, helping others, but instead he has to patrol roads to ‘convince’ us to slow down. What a waste of his time… what a waste of my money… instead of paying a ticket, that money could have gone to so many other things…

Live and learn… sometimes learn again.

Thank You God for not giving up on me!


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On drinking warm water.


15 years ago, I learned that a dear older friend of my drinks luke-warm water in the summer, flavored with fresh lemon, and warm water with lemon in the winter. Her only vice: an occasional cup of real hot chocolate made with milk.


Her Mother lived to be over a hundred years old, and never took Rx in her life, not even a vitamin.


Over the last few years, I’ve given up drinking coffee/caffeine… I loved it, the smell, the taste, the warmth…

In the last year, I’ve given up decaf too… still too much caffeine… I can tell it’s in my system… it affects me.


When I was 13 I could drink coffee and go to bed. No problem. Not anymore. It’s still in my body after 24 hours = not cool. I need my kidneys to function for a L-O-N-G time.


Yet every now and then, I still have a coffee or a decaf… I hate being ‘religious’ about anything… rules.

But then I experience, again, all the things that made me quit drinking them… bloating is never cool.


I even tried some soda… then caffeine-free soda, the sugar made me feel yucky. Same experience with hot chocolate…


so warm water it is.


Never thought I’d say that … never thought I’d try it.


I’m glad I’m in Atlanta… wearing flip flops, enjoying the warmth outside, and the warmth inside. I don’t need lemon in mine. Just plain ol’water. Who knew. Lesson learned. Thank You God for giving me yet another free gift… I’m going to save so much money! And so much time. Thank You!




1-24-12 – I’m still drinking water! Warm water, every morning and evening, just like how I use to like my coffee, in my favorite mugs even!!!




Winter will be over soon, I figure about 2 more months! Grateful I missed at least one winter storm while I was in the south. Looking forward to spring and all the flowers blooming!


3-9-12 – yep, still drinking water!  Lovin’ it!!!  Enjoying the early spring and all the flowers too!  God is soooo AWESOME!


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on Zoo lights

•   500,000+ twinkling lights
•   Fireside stories and live carolers
•   Butterfly dome open 


Fun night, THANKS Nicole for taking me!
Did the Colemans ever buy Christmas lights?



Thanks Nicole! It was a FUN night!!!

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on kids

From Casey Treat:

“Psalm 127:3: ‘children are a heritage from the Lord’

Children are a blessing from the Lord!

Not a burden.

Honored to be entrusted by God to guide, guard, and govern them.

Choose to thoroughly enjoy every season along the way.”


I so like this man’s positive outlook!

He’s like this in every area of life!


I like to ‘prepare’ for life…

so this month my next class @ FCC ( is “Parenting 101”

by Michael B. Storms…  pray for me, I’m sooo not into homework!


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