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on the last night

Hope this brings you hope too…

“Christ and His disciples had just partaken of the last supper and were way to the Mount of Olives via the Kidron Valley. ‘Kidron’ suggests “the gloom of the valley”, the valley was a deep ravine which had been a large cemetery since before 1500 B.C. The Kidron Valley was infamous for being the center of death and the grave.

What future event will take place on the Mount of Olives? (Acts 1:11-12; Zcch. 14:3-9).

He had to walk through the ‘valley of the shadow of death,’ placing death and the grave beneath His feet before He was able to return to the Mount of Olives as King of kings and Lord of lords, the reigning PRINCE OF PEACE!”

– Beth Moore


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on Forest Park Forever

Ever think of becoming a member?

This year I went to a picnic, and I went to the Family Fall Funfest…

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on giving

It’s that time of year, again, when everyone starts to ponder gifts and giving…


From Casey Treat’s “The 3 Essentials” – Matthew 10:8:

freely given, freely give

cost Jesus His life

Do you give of yourself, your time, your finances, and your emotions freely to others?

Luke 6:38: for with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.

Give that some thought…

broadens the WHOLE idea of ‘giving’ doesn’t it!?!


Enjoy the Holidays and be blessed!

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on “I AM”

in a Beth Moore book…  I learned:

John 18:1-11 …

“A ‘detachment’ of soldiers = 600 men”… I don’t know about you, but in every movie I’ve ever seen… there were less than #50! This is significant to me because it shows quantity… much more than we have been ‘led’ to believe.


Then B.Moore goes on…


“Isn’t it odd that six hundred men fell on the ground? – KJV – verses 5-8:

‘Whom do you seek? They answered Him, Jesus the Nazarene. Jesus said to them, I AM! Then when He said to them I AM, they departed into the rear and fell to the ground. then again He asked, Whom do you seek? And they said, Jesus the Nazarene. Jesus answered, I told you that I AM.’


It gets better…


‘Moses said to God, Behold. I shall come to the sons of Israel and say to them, The God of your fathers has sent me to you; and they will say to me, What is His name? What shall I say to them? And God said to Moses, I AM THAT I AM; and He said. You shall say this to the sons of lsrael, I AM has sent me to you (Ex. 3:13-14).”


In the Greek, I AM is the same in both verses… “The God of all crearion, El Elyon, the Sovereign and Supreme Most High God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, stood before them in living, breathing flesh and uttered His perfect, divine and holy Name: “I AM!”


God is so amazing!



If you see any typos, I’m blaming my IRIS6scanpen, great tool, but it’s not perfect…



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on holiday depression… Psalm 77 and 33

Psalm 77. It’s not a “fix-all,” but can be very helpful in redirecting some of the wrong thinking that sometimes makes the darkness of depression feel so impenetrable.


In Psalm 77, the writer cries out to God, describing his sorrow and the depth of his anguish. But he doesn’t stop there. He consciously decides to recall God’s specific blessings in His past, and is rewarded with perspective and peace. There are no “quick fixes” to depression, but even in the midst of dark times, we each have the opportunity to choose our focus, and to fix our minds on what is true and good.

  1. Examine your thinking.
    • Do you recognize that it is normal to feel depressed now and then? (If you are dealing with depression on a regular basis, you might need medical help. Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about the way you are feeling.)
    • Is your focus on the pressure/problems you are experiencing, or on your response to those pressures/problems? I’ve learned that when I focus on my problems, they grow. When I focus having faith in God, my problems shrink. Where’s your focus? How big is your God? If you’re having trouble conceptualizing a God who is bigger than your problems, read through Psalm 33.
  2. Examine your behavior.
    • Are you choosing positive (work out, help someone, stop introspection, take a walk, get busy, write a letter, pray, read the Word, listen to teaching tapes or godly music) or negative (eat, sleep, sink, watch TV, shop) responses to your depression?
    • Have you willfully stopped to recall God’s blessings/power/deliverance in your past? (Pictures, slides, albums, old videos, journal, God’s Word, a list of blessings jotted on a napkin?)
  3. Examine Your Future:
    • Can the God who did so much in your past handle what you are facing today? Yes? Then step out in faith, whether you feel like it or not!
    • Is there a specific, positive step you could take to thank God, or help someone else, in order to demonstrate your confidence in God’s love for you? What is it? When will you do it?

My prayer for you is that you will experience more of God’s grace and peace…”

-Copyright 2000 by Chip Ingram. About the author: Chip Ingram is President of Walk Thru the Bible in Atlanta, GA, and Teaching Pastor of Living on the Edge, a national radio ministry.

-Reprinted from


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on humility & pride… a challenge!

“Water ever seeks and fills the lowest place,

so the moment God finds the creature abased and empty will His glory and power flow in to exalt and to bless.


Matthew11:29 = Learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and ye shall find rest unto your souls.


For it is the indwelling Christ who will live in us this life, meek and lowly.




THE Challenge:

For a month think nothing of self, write or read nothing of self…

humble with God


humble with man


Helper of all… serving even those who try to vex us.


< … for the challenge, in it’s entirety, see the very bottom! >


Pride = all lack of love;

all indifference to the needs, the feelings, the weakness of others;

all sharp and hasty judgments and utterances, so often excused under the plea of being outright and honest;

all manifestations of temper and touchiness and irritation;

all feelings of bitterness and estrangement = the root of all of these is pride… pride seeks itself.

–  OUCH!

Study the humility of Jesus!

-He lost nothing by giving all to God.

-God honored His trust, and did all for Him, and then exalted Him to His own right hand in Glory.

-God was ever before Him because He humbled Himself.

-Humble self before men… to be servant of all.

-Surrender of Himself to God, to do in Him what He pleased, no matter what men around might say of Him or do to Him.


Where – even in the heart – sin abounded, grace did abound more exceedingly… reveals how the very essence of grace is to deal with and take away sin.


Humility before God is nothing if not proved in humility before men.

–  OH MY!

There is none holy but God; hence we have as much holiness as we have of God…

humility is nothing but the dissappearance of self in the vision that God is all.


…become nothing before God, it cannot be anything by humble towards the fellow creature.


The presence of God becomes not a thing of times and seasons, but the covering under which the soul dwells, and its deep abasement before God becomes the holy place of His presence from which all its words and works proceed.



… joy it is to confess that they are sinners saved by grace.


… power of sin ever ready to come in, and only kept out by the presence and power of the indwelling Christ.


The law may break the heart with fear; it is only grace that works that sweet humility which becomes a joy to the soul as its second naure.



Not to be occupied with your sin, but to be occupied with God, brings deliverance from self.



Pride renders faith impossible.



Jesus, in whom we trust, can make us humble.


All good is enclosed in humility…

it is water of heaven, that turns the fire of the fallen soul into the meekness of the divine life,

and creates that oil out of which the love to God and man gets its flame.

Let it cover you like a garment…

see nothing but with its eyes,

hear nothing but with its ears…

whether you are in the church or out, hearing praises or receiving wrongs,

all will be edification, and everything will help forward your growth in the life of God.



PRAYER FOR HUMILITY < This is the challenge from the book in it’s entirety! >


Retire from the world and all conversation, only for one month; neither write, nor read, nor debate anything with yourself; stop all the former workings of your heart and mind; and, with all the strength of your heart, stand all this month, as continually as you can, in the following form of prayer to God. Offer it frequently on your knees… be always inwardly longing, and earnestly praying this one prayer to God:

That of His great goodness He would make known to you, and take from your heart, every kind and form and degree of Pride, whether it be from evil spirits or your own corrupt nature; and that He would awaken in you the deepest depth and truth of that Humility which can make you capable of His light and Holy Spirit.

Reject every thought but that of waiting and praying in this matter…”






From ‘Humility-the Beauty of Holiness’ – by Andrew Murray


Thank you Pastor Newfield for loaning the book to me!




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on the power of Psalm 119

My Mom got me a few chronological Bibles, and I’ve been reading one for about a year now…

very cool.

Been in Psalm 119 for weeks ( I’m a bit of a book-junky, so unfortunately, or fortunately… however you want to view it, I can be in several books at once… I try to keep it to a handfull as at one point I got up to reading #30 books at a time… that’s a bookshelf = not cool. Plus I need to spend time with people too, not just books)


Psalm 119…

-Are you feeling troubled… about anything, read Psalm 119.

-Are you having difficulty sensing God in your life, read Psalm 119.

-Are you not wanting to read the Bible everyday, read Psalm 119.

Read it… or let your computer read it to you


listen to it… ipod, CD, in your car, on your laptop… really, in this century, what excuse do we possibly have!


Here’s one of my favorites:

Psalm 119: Nun

Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”

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