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on James

“the Proverbs of the New Testament” per my ESV intro…


maybe that’s why I felt like I had to read it so often when I came back to church…


“… practically and faithfully reminds Christians how to live… from perseverance to true faith to controlling one’s tongue, submitting to God’s will and having patience… living authentically and wisely for Christ…”




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on hikes


… more to come…

Johnson Shut-ins, new view from the flood.

Hawn Park

Park with my bro near Powder Valley.

Castlewood summer 2011

Klondike Park spring 2011

Lone Elk Park spring 2011

Simpson Park early spring, still winter 2011


Bluffs at Rockwood, December 2010

Cave park out west before my friend returned to Florida.

Elephant Rocks Fall 2010

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on biking


So last summer I bought a bike…

it’s been about 10 years since my last purchase, a mountain bike… my brother inherited it. I didn’t like the thing at all, and he loved it.


I wanted what I lovingly call: an old lady bike. It’s what I wanted 10 years ago… now I have one… basket, pedal brakes, and a big, comfy seat.


Last summer it took a few turns around my Mom’s subdivision, but lately I’ve been out a few times, and it’s as wonderful as I remember biking in my younger years… then wind, the peace, the sounds of nature. Makes me want to camping again too!


Next items to purchase: rearview mirror, trip odometer, and a bell (just because).


Ps. Thanks Uncle Ed for the trails you have mentioned… they have been GREAT!

Pss.  Found berries too!  Pie!!!

Yum! Yum!



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on peace


While reading a friend’s blog, I came across this line…


“Peace is smiling, relaxing and enjoying life.”

How true!

I hope each and everyone of you is at peace!


In the absence of scripture, this is it!



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on posting pics

Anyone know why my pictures didn’t all show up on my recent posts? The weirdest part:  The different captions I wrote all showed up under one picture, so I went in and deleted those comments… why would it do that?  Anyone??

I went through my settings… I don’t get it… always worked before.  HELP!?!



Sonia ROCKS!  Whoaknewa there was a gallery option!

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