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on how I’m going to survive the winter.

Long underwear.




I wish it was more glorious than that, but it isn’t.

Wool makes my skin turn red and itch… I don’t care how expensive it is… or what country it is from.


I don’t enjoy the bulk of layering…


If I wear black everyday, do you think people would get it that I’m in mourning… All the trees look like skeletons, and I feel ridiculious in all these clothes.


Aaahh… I look forward to summer, dresses and swimming. Maybe I need to take a vacation to a hotel with a pool… anyone in?


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on Mac

I love my machine.

It makes things easy. So much easier than my machine at work.


Every once in awhile I have a ‘problem’… my initial urge is to call my tech-guy relative… Brett ROCKS, and Sonia speaks “Chick” so eventually I ‘get’ it.

If I use the “Help” feature on my Mac,

9:10 times I can learn how to fix my problem myself.


It’s sooooo liberating.


I love my Mac.





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