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on seedlings

so cute!


I planted these late (June), but I’m still enjoying the flowers… it’s been a good fall for my potted plants.









This one was taken about a month after planting... aaahhh green!











Here’s the results:


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on chipmunks

Saw one this morning… day off from work… saw something move FAST across the back patio… thought it was the Mother Lizard that lives there, haven’t seen her in almost a year…just her babies,

but then saw him,

fat chipmunk too.


Very cool.

Now to try to get a photo…

My childhood cat killed off ALL the chipmunks in a wide zone around my house. He was quite the hunter… I still haven’t seen any rabbits.


Update:  The car dealer found him, dead, under my hood… displaced my power-steering belt… found his dinner too… lots of nuts/shells as well.  Maybe I will be getting a cat &/ dog again… cost less than car repairs!


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on video study

Instead of a lecture or a book… it’s a movie.

I really like it.

Fall Book Study

For the Whole Church

Reinhard Bonnke Evangelism Study

Wednesdays, September 29 – November 3

7:00 – 8:30 PM • Worship Center

We will be studying Full Flame, a video series by Reinhard Bonnke. There will be teaching followed by small group discussion. Afterward, connect with people and enjoy refreshments. You will receive a free discussion guide the first night of the study. Sign up for this free study by using the tear-off in the weekend bulletin, or call Vicki at 636.733.8321. There is no book to purchase. Bring your Bible and notebook.


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on Dinoquest

Did anyone get to do this at Shaw’s before the exhibit ended … just recently ?

Curious about your experience.  I thought I’d make it, but it didn’t happen.

DinoQuest: A Tropical Trek Through Time Exhibit Missouri Botanical Garden, Climatron Date: 5/1/2010 – 10/3/2010

The Missouri Botanical Garden is marking the golden anniversary of the Climatron by transporting visitors back in time to the golden age of dinosaurs















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on hope

“When we consider how some trees look totally dead during winter


come back to life each spring,

we are reminded

that God will bring our lives

back into full bloom,

even if we feel lifeless or hopeless

because of our circumstances.”

-from JMM

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on determined!

With… laundry, cleaning the house, reading books, computer stuff…

so I don’t get behind…

like albums, paperwork, etc.

Whatever you don’t deal with today, will not be any easier tomorrow, next week or next season… ya get my point?!?


Can ya tell, life is a bit overwhelming right now!  Argh.

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