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on the spring’s best 2010

In case you want to see more:

Check out my albums on Facebook… some from last spring too!



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on the Zoo

Found this picture from this last spring at the Zoo…









while I was there looking for friends in from out-of-town, I grabbed a map to find the site where they told me they would be…and for the first time I realized the Zoo is set up like a theme park!

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more roses

Cut this monster down…but it was beautiful while it was blooming:

Here’s another new one… several new ones are forming too!

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on fields of clover

They have spread a lot since my Dad died.

Mom wants to get bee hives.

I do like honey.


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on library closing

Check out Lauren’s blog on main library downtown, closes Mid-June:

She also wrote about it on Facebook.

Entry on April 14, 2010

Central Library to Close June 14th

I learn interesting factoids like:

The library takes up a full city block !

The renovation will last 2 years.

There will be lounge area and coffee bar when it reopens = YEAH!

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on getting old

I don’t plan over ever getting ‘old’
nor do I plan on giving up riding roller coasters…
I will try to apply the following quote I heard at work in order to live life smarter:
“What kids need:
Structure – Consistency – Routine”  –   T.S.   –   On November 28, 2007

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on beavers

We have two living in our pond/creek area… very secretive creatures… I watch them often.

This morning both of them crept across the valley… usually I only see one at a time do this…

So out I crept, again, been trying to get pictures of these two for months. I’ve sneaked up on a wild turkey before, so how hard could it be…

Well, I found both of them = in hiding places = and in order to get a good photo, I would have had to stand between them and the pond/creek… not a good idea to corner a wild animal. So here’s what I got:









One is hiding under Mom’s newest shed… I only got a vague profile of him, but the other is hiding, you can see fur/face where the boards are missing.


I am determined… one day, I will get a better photo!!!


ARGH! 6-15-10… he was in the backyard – crawling into my garden! Argh! The camera was in the car. Maybe I will upgrade my camera sooner than later, so I can have one in each location… ponder, ponder.


Update: July… one of the beavers was hit on a side road near home… I have only seen one of my pair since… so sad… he’s gettin’ REALLY big!

At the Nature Reserve I got to touch a beaver pelt.  It was amazingly soft.



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