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only in Forest Park

Man in a kilt talking to a cop on a horse.

I love my city!

I also didn’t realize one could see the boat house from the hill… live and learn.

Katie was in town for her birthday, and Sonia wanted to go to Hamlet in Forest Park for her birthday.

Great parking.

Great weather.

Great food.

We are blessed!

Doubly so for me as I had a bit of a scare that morning with a lost wallet, but it was FOUND!



Here’s a pic of the Art Museum under construction…the cranes were lit up pretty when we left too!


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on hot-air-balloons

Yesterday on the way to church



this morning before 7am, heard the hot-air, breathing outside my bedroom window… literally,

jumped up and grabbed a few photos…

here’s the best:


God loves me.

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On roses

Received from a friend last year for my birthday,


this year it has produced several beauties.

The best part, no thorns for the long-stemmed blooms. Quite nice.

Check out the morning dew!

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On hair sticks

My friend Bethany took these one day during the spring while we were out and about… photos taken in the Desert House at the Botanical Garden.

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on what the sun does to my camera…








I still like the pic!


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on rain clouds

Storms are so cool!

Got this after ‘hearing’ the storm from w/in a store:

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on fire & snakes

There’s just somethin’ to the roar of a fresh fire in the fireplace. What a perfect way to end yet another rainy day !

My last fire-starter too.

God is so cool.


Here’s somethin’ gross from earlier today:

What I saw as I pulled into the drive...

Thank God for zoom... I didn't want to get too close.

Too big for me!

When I looked it up in my Mom's book...not poisonous...whew!

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