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On dreams

… in the space of time between alarm #1 going off and alarm #2… 10 minutes maybe, I had a dream. It was weird, but not scary. I’ve had several lately where I am driving my PT Cruiser (clueless what that means… where’s Alison when ya need her?!?)…

– anywho –

knew I was driving sloppy, parked (I tend to do this quickly and perhaps carelessly… I drive a small car, I fit in the space – between the white lines … no need to be perfect.)


Went in to this cool business place = lots of glass, multiple stores, lots of people – knew some of them… that’s where the weirdness was… can’t really describe it, but I remember wondering what was the purpose of me being there …

when I left, well, that’s when I noticed how CRAZY I really did park = the whole passenger side of my car was up on the curve! Hello, it ain’t no 4-wheel drive. It’s a street car and sits low to the ground. So I was a bit in awe of this… mainly because I didn’t remember feeling a bump when I parked…

Then I started having trouble getting the car started… like the battery was trying to die. Not cool.

Got it started and moving,

backed up…

started going forward again when it seemed like it was going to die… this time like it was out of gas.

Thankfully I woke up. Car issues stress me out. My last vehicle was a lemon.

Yet, I pondered the dream. I believe it was because my blood sugar was low, and my brain knew to use my car to describe it to me. Yep, I’ve ignored my body for so long, it has to use a parable to teach me.


It had been a LONG time since I had eaten. I’ve been doing that a lot this past week. I think I’ve done made my bod mad.

Live and learn.


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On my tail

The wind was good that day…

it doesn’t look like it goes to my knees does it.

Hair is so interesting.

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on new solar lights

So, my Mom gave me several solar lights this year for my birthday. Very cool, since the one I had died last year.

The latest are glass globes, set of three. The best part: They GLOW at night – not a light.

It’s the cool green dots that glow. They are in swirl formations inside the globe.

I smile everytime I see ’em.


One of the other one’s she gave me is like a night-light, 20 watts or something…

it’s like having the full-moon effect, all the time.

Also cool.

I am blessed.


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on mini-dafs

While rollerblading one night in the driveway, I noticed some flowers had finally started bloomin’ in the main garden. YEAH!

Mini daffodils… I call ’em mini because they are only a few inches high.

There are so many of them, I’ll have to dig ’em up this year and plant ’em in more places. YEAH! God ROCKS!!! I am blessed.


Just taller than my toes.


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on braces…almost over!

Yesterday at the ortho, my doc said we are almost done… of course, that’s probably relative.


It’s just over a year now since they got put on… many people have been sayin’ my teeth look good. Yeah!

Then last night on a friend’s photos on Facebook, I found a picture of myself…

Summer before braces

Somethin’ was said about bands… they sound well, unpleasant.

Why did I get braces ?

Oh yeah, so it would be easier to floss.

God, help me.


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on sunsets

and sunrises for that matter… most excellent time to be outside!

Tryin' new stuff with the camera.

Update: Here’s another pic taken in the setting sun – Sunday, 3-28-10 on the drive to church for prayer.

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on one step at a time

No make-up !

God will tell you the next step… ‘cuz that’s all ya need to know.


Recently my brother did the same for me.

“Wanna walk we me and the dog to the edge of the woods?”

My brother is always good about askin’… he never assumes or makes you feel like you have to do anything… quite wonderful really.

I was going to head out for another destination, but I decided a walk outside sounded nice.

Out we went.

I grabbed my camera in the hopes of finding something blooming,


instead found that my brother had worked on Mom’s truck… it was at the edge of the woods and the motor was running.


it just started raining.

So in we all piled…and photos began… as well as the road trip:


various backroads that I lovingly call ol’wagon trails… all over this county and the next.

Not sure why I look so serious in this one... maybe I had a headache ?

I don’t know if my bro wants his pics online or not… so … you won’t be seein’ his smilin’ face!


Here’s a picture from the next day drivin’ home from church… so maybe it’s just my drivin’ face ?

with make-up

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