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on it’s a small world

A friend took me to a local restaurant by her house to munch one day…

it was downright yummie – and – I captured these beautiful roses in their courtyard right along South Grand…

Rose on South Grand

Rose buds on South Grand

Beauty on South Grand

Later I went back with another friend. I was cravin’ their spring rolls… and another ice coffee.

Found out months later that a friend at church parent’s run it!


It truly is a good ‘ol Mom and Pop place!


4071 S. GRAND BLVD.,  ST. LOUIS,  MO. 314.353.0545


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On your favorite color

Recently I made a good choice and bought something comfy in my favorite color and fabric.

It has REALLY helped with the winter-blues.

Whatever season is not your fancy, may I suggest on focusing on things you do enjoy!


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On snowdays

Days off from work are wonderful!

Yet I always find that the days go by FAST!

I never quite get done with everything that I wanted to do with the new-found time.


This morning, on my 2nd day off in a row, I finally went out and took some photos…

Beautiful !

yesterday while shoveling the driveway, I noticed that the melting had caused LOTS of ice… beautiful…

…my childhood dollhouse (didn’t I have a GREAT dad!)


The corner

Even winter can be beautiful…

in it’s own way!


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