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on fasting

I have two more weeks to go on my current fast.


I’m fasting from watching movies… at home.   I started watching WAY TOO MANY this winter!  So… for the next few weeks, I’m going to a friend’s house to watch a chick-flick with the girls.

I have been reading the Word more…



Started two chronological bibles, as well as two comic bibles, as well as a few others.

Update: 2-8-10  Fasting from music too… well in the car and while at home.  Listening to the Bible more – and – prayin’ more.


Cool verse on fasting:

Acts 13:1
“…One day as they were worshiping God—they were also fasting as they waited for guidance—the Holy Spirit spoke…”


Acts 13:3
“… circle of intensity and obedience, of fasting and praying…”


Acts 14:23
“After praying— their prayers intensified by fasting…”


– compliments of – the Message Translation


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on orchid babies

Orchid family March 2010

Last year for my Mom, I bought her some orchids from Trader Joe’s for Mother’s Day.  They were amazing.  Bloomed for months.  Sometime during the summer, she brought the plants to my house.   My Mom is more of an outdoor person…


Both plants grew… quite a bit.  For the last few months, I’ve gotten to watch one of them send up bloom stems… several feet worth.  Then these cool bubbles formed = sweet little orchid flower babies.  They are still forming.  Weeks have passed… months perhaps.   I keep wondering when the blooming will begin. Quite a mystery.

2-7-10 Update: Quite a surprise! The biggest bubble has started to unfold!

2-9-10 Update: Off for a snow day today, the bloom has completely open… see picture = closeup of it’s happy face!

1st baby to arrive in 2010

2-11-10 Update:  Another baby is opening!

Another surprise, the poinsettia tree my brother gave me two years ago is blooming again too!

fresh blooms!

It’s been a GREAT day already and the sun just came out too!   Just in time for me to shovel the driveway… well, perhaps I’ll wait until it’s above 10 degrees.


#2 and it looks different that the 1st !

Soooo another bubble has opened, and this one has niches in it’s cheeks.  He’s a little smaller too.

So that was baby #2…

all bubbles have now open…

I’m not sure how many flowers total, I’ll have to count when I get home…


I need to take more photos of the bloom stalks.


Orchids may become one of my next favorite flowers… potted that is.  Started bloomin’ in February and continued until April !  Hello, that’s cool…


whoaknowsa how long these babies are going to stay beautiful.  The first bloom S-T-I-L-L looks like it opened yesterday!  February was so long ago, I don’t even remember much from then… but this guy looks FRESH!  Gotta love it.  Thank you God for unexpected blessings!


Baby #4

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on stretch pants

Yep, I said stretch pants. I wasn’t going to wear ’em this time around.  I figured I got ’em out of my system back in the late 80s – early 90s,


I finally ‘had’ too this fall… for a few outfits with skirts/dresses.

I must admit they are quite comfy…

And warm.

Range of motion is most excellent as well. I find myself exercising more in ’em…

or maybe that’s because they remind me of what we use to wear back-in-the-day to workout.


Regardless, I’m glad I changed my mind.  Of course, this time, you won’t be seeing much above my knees.

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Pastor John: Faith and Prayer, Week #6 11-18-09

Eph 6:18

Acts 1:4-5 NKJV – acts of the Holy Spirit – in the Greek it just says “acts”

-commanded not to leave Jerusalem. We no longer have to wait because it has been given = the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is the gift to the world.

The Holy Spirit is the gift to the believer.

Eternal life is in you right now.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We are not defined by our humanity. Focus on spiritual experience. Learn to walk in eternal life:



not a religious tyrant; but with cheerfulness, scrub toilet – do dirty jobs with good attitude and smile on your face.

Jn 4:10, 14; 7:37-38

Water in both stories, but separate experiences.

Told Mary not to touch Him because as a high priest He was goint to go before the Father… with His blood.

When you believe, something happens in your spirit. Grow. Have a fun life.

Gal 5:22-24

The WELL produces 9 fruits; the RIVER produces 9 gifts = which areAS the Spirit wills.

Fruits = for your benefit.

Gifts = for other people.

The Current River in Missouri is the best in the United States… from 11 different springs.

Jones Conservation area located at the bridge where the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers come together = quiet, like a marriage = two rivers coming toether… not a dam.


Acts 1:8 – river coming UPON you…

there is a river IN you too.

Mk 16:15-18

You have authority over demon spirits, the authority you had from the foundation of the earth.

YOU have authority in your life.

You need discerning…

The devil makes sure you encounter crazy people.

Some people over do it and are so excited about their belief… don’t witness to your family, believe for nice people/christians.

We dedicate babies and baptize those who believe = if kids ask questions they are ready.

One of the 9 gifts = speaking with other tongues.

Acts 2:2 – Spirit of God came UPON them.

Acts 14:1 – Mom of Jesus – and – His brothers

Speaking in tongues is NOT linquistic ability. He would love to be able to communicate with people of all languages. Speaking in tongues is the language to speak to heaven with.

Acts. 2:12… they all doubted (different translation that NKJV)… people are either amazed, perplexded or doubt or mock or receive it (speaking in tongues).

Baptism of Holy Spirit is something more. He wanted more of God. Like 4-wheel-drive.

Acts 2:4 = The Spirit/ utterance

I Cor 12: 27 – 30

Verse used to say tongues have passed away or that tongues are not for everyone. This is MINISTRY GIFTS, NOT THE INDIVIDUAL. A publice evidence or ministry. Paul’s rules: If speak tongues, then someone stand and give interpretation.

Acts 9

I Cor 14 = Pual speaking in tongues

I Cor 13:8 – 10 = Love never fails … He, which is perfect

We still need the power of the Holy Spirit to HELP lost humanity.

I Cor 14:2 = speak to God in tongues

Rom 8

Your mind, body and spirit each have a voice.

For 45 minutes of prayer as a teenager… when he wanted to watch, “Little House on the Praire” BUT he hungered for God and fellowshiped with Him outside.

Rom 8:26

“Helps” = together – against – take holds = The Holy Spirit take hold with us… ex. Like moving a piano with someone helping you pick it up.

When his g’pa was dying, he didn’t know what to pray, so he prayed in tongues/ intercede in the Spirit. Tongues is a private thing = not in K-mart or walking the streets. In tongues, you can feel the river flowing through you… knew g’pa wouldn’t die until John’s son was on his lap… he had been married for a year and had David 5 years later… he knew he would have a son… he prayed to see his future: back of wife’s curly hair, son and daughter on each side… Janna had a perm in her hair at the time when kids were the age he saw them. He has a picture of David on g’pa’s lap Christmas 1980 (David born in August)… g’pa died in Jan. of 1981.

Pastor Jeff’s ongoing series: “Advantage” is all about the Holy Spirit.

Pray before the drunk guy is driving at you. Pray about the spirit to change timing… to change location… so the drunk is not near you… let God stop it earlier.

We are not perfect in life, we will need bandaids.

Spirit filled christians.

He is out of time and no time to go over… book of Acts:

Chapter 2 = sitting while received – 5 places

Ch. 8 = apostles laid hands on

Ch. 9 = prayed and laid hands on.

Ch. 10 = sit/believe and receive

Ch. 19 = Asked if received.

4 spoke in tongues, but Simon “saw” and wanted it.

Private thing. A continuous stream that doesn’t dry up.

Ex. He laid hands on a lady, and she busted out in tongues and praising god.

He doesn’t pray in tongues in public or around his extended family, but does here at Sunday night prayer.

CHOICE is yours… helps if you are hungry and ready to receive… helps if you don’t have questions in your head. Had all of us pray together… dismissed those who wanted to eat and others could come up front to have hands laid on them.

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on believing

Acts 16:31 NLT – Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.

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on New Orleans

I’ve gotten to go to the city twice… late 90s and ’05 after Katrina.

I would like to go again.

While reading a book from my Mom during a snow day I came across this beautiful paragraph:

“NEW ORLEANS! Crescent City. Gateway to the Mississippi. Lustrous pearl of the Delta. A city loved by saint and sinner alike… a rich and ever-expanding boomtown with a unique mixture of customs and cultures. A paradise… a place of revelries, a sweet bliss… nurtured beneath the warming sun, where time passed as effortlessly as the wide, muddy river that lapped at its banks. The sights and sounds gave flavor to the metropolis, while the aromas, both zesty and sweet, stirred the senses of all who strolled the streets. Sweet shrubs added a heady fragrance to the air, while azalea bushes provided a mass of riotous color across spacious lawns and behind closed gardens, wherever one was wont to look.” – C.L.A.S. By K.E.W

I remember…

There’s nothing like going through a dark alley seeing a lighted doorway ahead, going under a rock archway into a beautiful, private courtyard full of plants, pools of water, soft string lights… with iron staircases rising up to balconies that surround the space… pure beauty.


I’m soooo going back!

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A friend of a friend…

in Haiti working at an orphanage during the earthquake… he wrote,

“ Ps. 46” on the roof in duct tape. Because we want anyone flying over to know that:

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.” Psalm 46:1-3 ”

For more:

or the orphanage:

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