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Respecting & Appreciating Others

Accept and value each person

will teach children about understanding and appreciating both the similarities and differences of others.

The beginning skills we will build upon are valuing and accepting others,
showing kindness and respect,


learning to get along with others in our diverse society.

Here is a summary of tens skills of accepting and valuing others that should be discussed:
1. Treat everyone kindly.
2. Find ways you’re alike.
3. Include someone who is new.
4. Learn to give and receive help.
5. Appreciate others the way they are.
6. Overlook small differences.
7. Talk and listen when differences cause a problem.
8. Try to understand how others feel.
9. Forgive when you feel hurt.
10. Value each person as part of the group.


I DO enjoy working in an elementary school… you come across the BEST stuff!




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11-11-09 Pastor John: Faith and Prayer, Week #5


With the prayer of faith, SLOW DOWN. After “Jimmie-Gimmie prayers, eventually you get kicked in the gut.


Know: God wants to answer my prayers.


Eph 6:18


We have the Lord Jesus… Pray to the Father in the name of Jesus


Mary, the mother of Jesus was in the upper room and was filled with the Holy Spirit.




God, not my will but Your will be done = prayer of consecration… help me. Get stuff on the altar. Hear from God


I Jn 5:14 = know He hears us… it’s a relationship.




Prayer of faith = how to receive things



If you are what you eat, who do you want to be? Has the concept of fresh fruits and vegetables dawned on you.



Be watchful.


When he gets stuck, he moves to a different type of prayer.




When pray and get distracted by all that you have to do = cast your cares on the Lord. He cares for you that much!

Isaiah 54 = They shall shurely come against you.

No weapon formed against you will prosper.

You will see way through them – or – like example… your problem will evaporate.



Spirit of man, is candle of the Lord. Be confidenced in your heart.



He believes it is God’s will to go on vacation. Everyone should see the Mediterranean. It’s according to your faith that you are able to hook up with God. Believe for more. Step by step. Meditate. Holy spirit. Next. Believe that you receive.


Nice, France story… God wants you to go places. Slow down. Pray. Practice. Believe God. Get Word in your heart. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.


Jn 15:7


The world is a BIG place.



Story: Days away from starting training for his 2nd marathon, he had pain down his right leg, 5 days in bed, lost 15 pounds… no energy for his brain due to the pain. Not able to walk. Call 911 and police came. It’s God’s will for you to be well. There is NO sickness in heaven… there was NONE in the Garden. Jesus healed people. He didn’t make anyone sick. Practice the prayer of faith.


God asks your permission before doing anything.


Faith has to come out of your heart. Your gut. You have to believe.


In the above story, he believed if he got to the hospital, he would be OK and he was.



He believes christians don’t breathe deep enough, fresh… clean air… no car exhaust smells around.



Mt 18 = two or more agree… it’s OK to wait a day or two… OK to slow down until you can believe with them = prayer of agreement. Get a team.


Janna is not into checking out historical markers, so he went with a friend, but finally learned what poison ivy looked like… after getting it badly for years… when he had a case, Janna would pray and it went away = evaporated.



Restored authority to man that was lost. New testament will not tell you to ask God to do anything about the devil, but you will find scriptures telling you to deal with the devil.



He likes to go through life and not use a box of bandaids.


Mt 9:37



If lost, 2 Cor 5:17 = God doesn’t hold transgressions against them… so you pray for laborers to speak to them. God has already done his deal. Be humble, respectful, kind, smily christians. If preachers look angry on TV, he doesn’t listen to them. He wants right-people around his family. Live THE LIFE around your family. DON’T TALK TO THEM. He’s speaking from person experience… shared that he got mashed potatoes in the face one year…


2 Cor 4


Step into your authority… feed on scriptures about authority… God’s Word and power over your family. Don’t freak out and undo your prayer.




Acts 12:1-5 = corporate prayer


You don’t want everyone praying for you. There’s weirdos out there. You want the right people on your team. Sometimes it takes more = corporate prayer. 4-wheel drive prayer… complicated… push against it.


James of the book of James = brother of Jesus, not the same James in book of Acts that was seized and killed by Herod.


James 5:14 = prayer availeth much.


Acts 12:6-10 = he really likes the door opening on its own… happened because the church was praying. If church was praying, James’ life would have been preserved too… like Peter’s life.


vs. 11-16 Practice prayer meetings… feel a difference in your spirit, a note of peace = a lifting in your heart. Like when little girl found by a police officer on the beach after the team was activated to pray by text. Sometimes you get a death-grip… loosen up and lift hands and thank God, really thank Him.


1 Tim 2


God is not in a box, let people make up their minds. Lift up (in prayer) authority like they are your own flesh and blood. Remember Pastor Jeff didn’t tell anyone how to vote in the last presidential election.




Scriptural prayers… these work for people, pray these Words:

Eph 1:17; 3:14

Phil 1:9

Col 1:9

3 Jn 2

Soul will prosper

Be in health



If you love someone and you are not speaking their love language, it is as if you are speaking Russian. A cat will bring you a dead mouse when it loves you. Love has to have knowledge or otherwise you slam into each other.


God wants to bless you, He adds no sorrow to it.





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on looking for the beautiful

Actually found this from Oct. 21…


If you are not a winter-person like me (I prefer the spring.),
it might help to look for beauty…

I got quite a visual show this morning driving to work in the pre-dawn light.

The clouds were that cool pink-orange color you only see at sunrise/sunset;
the sky was a light teal color;
the fall colors on the trees were softly lit…


Hope you are having a wonderful fall.

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on the sunrise

Psalm 19:1 NLT

The heavens proclaim the glory of God.

The skies display His craftsmanship.


Shortly after 6am this morning,

I did something I have not done in a long time,

I went outside.

I had several long seconds to take it all in before the next car drove by…

The orange-pink streaks of clouds across the sky.

The blues that become lavender.

The quietness.

The stillness.

The grandeur.


Makes me want to get up early everyday!

I was up and about by 4 today.

Ridiculious I know,


I went to bed early.


Lam 3:23

Great is His faithfulness;

His mercies begin afresh each morning.

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11-4-09 Pastor John: Faith and Prayer, Week #4


Spend time in the Word.


Find your Bible when you get out of bed and dance a jig: He took all your infirmities


Tuesday am healing school sample tonight = how to receive healing for yourself.


1981 = lady in 4th stage of cancer, but still alive and beautiful today in 2009!

I will live and not die.


Not easy.

Momentary affliction and long term peace… opposite in the world: Momentary peace and long term affliction. What do you want more of: peace. Affliction builds character.


As a teen he felt he was to read the Bible, but didn’t. Took 3 years before he had a relationship with Jesus… He followed Jesus and here he is today.


You are led by the Spirit of God – pray about it = if feel good/ think about it = green light. If pray and feel bad when you think about it = red light.


He had 3rd test for XYZ disease, he only told his family about it. He asked God for healing = didn’t pray quickly. He committed this thing to God. Don’t pray quickly because you will pray nervous. Don’t pray until you are ready to believe. He waited 2-3 months until he asked God for healing, cuz he KNEW God would give it to him. Mark 11:23 God speaks to us, He gives us all things.


Eph 6:18 = learning different kinds of prayer


You have the Son of God representing you to the Father

You have the Word


BELIEVE (present = where you are) YOU SHALL (future) have


Jn 15:7 = spend time in the Bible


Don’t pray until you are ready to receive… he waited 6 months instead of the 3 months the doctor told him before re-tested… and then he didn’t call for results until 3 months later to find out because he had confidence that he had received what he believed. Disease gone. Insurance restored.


Healing school = prayer of agreement = believe with them = what they are believing for


Don’t preach to your doctor, treat your doctor with respect. Doctors did surgery on his wife. He knew to cast care on the Lord. He would find himself at work, at the copy machine bursting out in tears uncontrollably thinking about his wife’s diagnosis.


We don’t know everything about prayer, we are like the Wright brothers who discovered flight. Flight was always there. They kept busting butts in failed attempts, but kept trying.


He doesn’t have answers for some things, keep moving forward, God is good. God is consistent and true.


Garden of Eden is God’s idea. Jesus came to restore what man has lost. He share that he believes that if Adam and Eve had not sinned, the Garden would have expanded and covered the earth.


He loves planes. He would polish them at the airport if they would let him. He wants a plane, but doesn’t want it to be a fleshy drive, wants it to be God… not prudent and smart right now, perhaps the future. “I know where I belong.” Don’t treat prayer like a gumball machine = and what get out.


Shared a story about a 28 year old son in hospital and his mom put scriptures all over the wall, speaking them out, but the son didn’t have the confidence in the Word like the mom. When your kids are young, you can carry them. Parenting is a diminishing scale of influence. Back off… mold/ train/ influence. They are accountable for their own life.


Proverbs 4:20


Life to those who find them and health to all their flesh.


Heaven is God’s idea,

He meant for us to be well.


The Blood = the Cup of Communion is spiritual things.

The Bread = His body of Communion is healing, so you will keep going for the call on your life. I will live and not die. He bore our sickness.


Phil 4 = glorious body = an immortal body. His body = Jesus after raised.


Righteous and able to not sin = Adam and Eve before the fall. Jesus makes people righteous by His blood and able to not sin


I Jn 2:1

Mt 8:1


Jesus healed those who came to Him and who He went to.


On the nights Pastor John knows he is going to speak, he takes the whole afternoon off to prepare, but in ’95/’96 he got a pain in his leg, not able to walk for 5 days… had MRI done and doctor said he had never seen one like it… not something you want to hear. Prayed: God teach me what to do/ teach me how to pray = connection with Holy Spirit. Do you believe it is God’s will to heal you = yes… settle that in your heart and mind.


Mark 5:25


Faith comes by hearing the Word of God


Believe and receive and it SHALL come = be manifested.


He was 47 when diagnosis… he was to already be dead 2 years ago… he’s 56 now. He wants to run marathons until he’s 92.


Mt 8:1-14 … #12 people came to Jesus for healing; He went to #7

Get use to doing something for yourself


do something too = like eat better; pray more about your circumstances


Jesus is a healer


vs16 = come to Jesus

bring everything to Him: confusion, problems, pour out your heart to Him

after you have cried, then pray the prayer of faith after you have studied and prayed


Tense of verbs: Isa 53 vs 17 – as body broke and blood poured out = healing now and live forever later


Instanteous healings


Long life


Be quiet in a hospital. Be gentle. Knock on the door before you enter. Ask before you touch. Be a servant in a hospital.


Curse cancer in the name of Jesus.

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10-28-09 Pastor John: Faith and Prayer, Week #3


I ate out before church with some friends, and one shared:

Phil 2:14-15 = without grumbling & disputing or without complaining or arguing…

I needed it … dealing with people… frustrating…



Eph 6:18 = pray in the spirit

praying always in all prayer


This is a relationship – you are God’s own child

God invites you in the planning of your life

Cooperation of His plan for your life = prayer.


36 years of christianity

34 years of full time ministry

He’s learned how to avoid pitfalls of prayer


The stronger you are, the lighter the world

Phil 4:6

I Pet 5:7


Get bad news out of your heart.

God does not cause all the junk… the devil comes to steal/ kill and destroy.


If you can tell the difference between a cucumber and a zucchini,

then you can be led by the Holy Spirit = discern and discriminate


James 1:5 = prayer of faith = don’t pray it first.

Pray first = cast your cares upon God.

Mechanics of how work: get clear about what you want, then ask God for it. If you pray too quickly or Jimmie-Gimmie-Prayer… then your prayer life gets all confused and junked up.


Prayer of faith = best = the best in life – cuz its cooperation.


Daniel prayed and day 21, the angel got through because another angel helped him. God sent the angel WHEN Daniel prayed.


James 5:13 = if suffering = pray. You don’t need to get others to pray for you, take responsibility for your situation – don’t let the burden of your life be on others. Vs15 = healed and the Lord will raise him up. Much power available.


Mark 11:24 = believe and receive and you shall have


Pastor John prays every night he’s in St. Louis.

He reads 6-8 books at a time.

Every Sunday he’s in STL, he reads: “How to be Led by the Spirit of God”


Fear vs warning = devil vs God


With faith and patience, you inherit the Kingdom of God

He shared story of when he had a BMW motorcycle with red helmet, red jacket …

He asked God for a key chain. He didn’t pray quickly… he prays when he is ready to believe. He took martial arts, and he wanted to test for the next level…when he asked his teacher; he teacher said he wasn’t ready yet… later he learned that physically he was ready, but because he had to ‘ask’… well, he wasn’t ready… your ready when you don’t have to ask, cuz you KNOW it. Pray when your ready to believe. God can see your heart. The devil can’t when you walk in the spirit, but he can when you walk in the flesh. With the keychain: he was in France watching the Tour de France when a keychain was thrown and landed at his feet, it was RED! Just what he wanted.




He and his wife go to Goodwill for their winter coats because they don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars. He likes wool = “Why not have the best” = Romans 8:37 (?) = freely gives us all things


Mull over it… what you want – get in cooperation with Holy Spirit = to pray the prayer of faith – also pray the prayer: Thy will be done, but he doesn’t need to for a warm coat in winter. God wants you well too = it IS His will. He loves things that He has believed God for


Prayer of agreement = with another believer… can pray prayer of faith together


With prayer of faith = determine it’s God’s will for you BEFORE praying prayer of faith


You CAN’T pray prayer of faith for OTHERS


He’s not trying to be technical, but doesn’t want you to be crushed when things don’t work


blame God.


Answered prayer is a constant, it works. Every once in awhile, you crash… you are learning.


God sends warning cuz He knows the bridge is out up ahead… why he tells people to quit bad habits, like smoking.


Pastor John doesn’t want his will, he wants God’s will. He never left the Catholic church, he just found Jesus.


Yes, it is His will that you enjoy life, grow and prosper, get married… don’t put a name in when you pray for a mate.


Healing = how to get healed. How to pray for others who are sick – some people will not ask for prayer.


Different set of rules and guidelines = different prayers.


Build Word of God in your heart.


Jn 15:7 = will be done.


Straight line between you and God


Believe when you pray therefore don’t pray quickly


1999 Janna cancer diagnosis… that type of diagnosis is mind-numbing, eats away at you = don’t let it stay in you. When someone dies and goes to heaven, they win and we win. It’s God’s will for healing… there are no boxes of Kleenex in Heaven. Cast your care – and – wait on Holy Spirit to know what to do. Doctor’s are part of God’s plan, they are in the inner circle of life with us.


He also share a story about himself: XYZ disease (not going to tell us the name), but lost insurance and given a death sentence of 7 years to live. He didn’t lie down to a diagnosis of death, there is more fight in you than you think… at least get up everyday even if you lay back down after walking to the front door. Purposedly feed on the Bible.


Mt 7:18

Rom. 8:11

I Jn 5:14


‘Shall have’ = patience


amplified version = ask and believe it has been GRANTED to you


Essence of faith = believing you receive


DO IT because you believe, don’t just mimic other’s faith


Don’t be moved regardless of the report





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10-21-09 Pastor John: Faith and Prayer, Week #2

Pray always with all prayer

Eph 6:18

Different ways/ kinds/ manners/ understandings/ expectations for different circumstances

Holy Spirit teaches you the best way to pray

Prayer of faith = Pray it on purpose – and – Don’t pray it quickly.

Mark 11:24 = things you desire when you pray

Electricity conducts through some material and not other materials.

I cannot pray the prayer of faith for you unless you want me to.

He’s been a pastor since 1977 – and – merged churches with Pastor Jeff in 1992

In a coma, the last sense to go is hearing, so talk about God and how good He is/ able to raise you up.

Read them scriptures/ keep visiting and keep reading.

Prayer of faith for healing.

You can pray for God to help you, but you need to get out of the car and change our flat tire.

Janna is the iron-maiden from Southern Greece.

Never pray quickly.

You are not larger than life/ be gentle at the hospital.

Prayer of agreement/ Book of James = elders asked to come.

Scriptural prayers

Prayer of intercession = on behalf of someone else.

Prayer of consecration = your will.

Prayer of Commitment = cast your cares.

Prayer for the lost – 2 Cor. = God doesn’t hold men’s sin against them; Jesus removed the barrier.

Don’t talk to your relatives about Christ.

Praying in the Spirit – Mt 6:5 – don’t pray to be seen but to the Father in secret = the right attitude, so you can’t get credit from people, but God – Not vain repetition… many words.


Gen. 1:26 = free will/ men have dominion

Prayer is NOT complicated.

Don’t be concerned with the number of people praying for you but the ‘team’ = few who know you.

Build your team, building relationships take time = care about you. Include your pastors on your team.

Then when you pray, it’s done. He shared about how when he asks his wife, Janna to pray, he knows it’s a done deal.

Pray in this way/ this manner/ this pattern

God IS – and He is a rewarder of those who seek Him

Give Him thanks and praise/ prayer of praise:

sing songs and prisoners heard them (huh, is this why I find myself humming songs at work?)

There is no sickness in heaven.

Everything we need to exist as humans = the bread,

so eat that bread with faith.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciliation…


Reconciliation = –noun

1. an act of reconciling or the state of being reconciled.
2. the process of making consistent or compatible.


Live peaceably with all men as it is within you.

Jn 15:4 = abide/ bear fruit – prepare your prayers…

When you are asking God for something = prepare…

Slow down and prepare or you will be frustrated.

Abide in Jesus on PURPOSE.

Candle analogy:

The wax = the power and energy from heaven;

The wick = is to pull (without effort).

We are the wick.

Without wax we will burn up.

Activate with Holy Spirit = quickening to our humanity = every day the power of the resurrection affecting our human bodies.

Smoke = There is to much wick = too much humanity in our lives = bothersome to ourselves and others.

There is MORE THAN ENOUGH wax.

You will encounter circumstances way greater than you, but not greater than God.

Book of I John = all of this in the world is not of the Father.

Book of Isaiah = no weapon formed against you will prosper.

Electricity was strange to people at the turn of the century, but not now.

James 1:4 = prayer of faith = no doubting/ receive from God – stand your ground because God sends it and when you waver and you are not there because you moved.

Prayer in spirit = you are having fellowship with God.

God wants you to move out of lack into the land of plenty. Confidence in heart = pray a million dollar prayer. James 4:2 = lust and do not have – don’t have because you don’t ask = so pray thy will be done. James, the brother of Jesus became the pastor of Jerusalem. Eph 3:20 – God wants to give you more than you can ask/ think.

Pastor John loves planes/ wants a Beech Craft King Air… the power… but the timing is not right… maintnc alone cost $16 per year… One day he may NEED a plane… and he has a God who could give Him one. He drives by airports/ sit in the seat of airplanes

Pray prayers where God is smiling, not grimacing.

Can go by what God doesn’t say as much as by what He does say.

James 5:13 = by age 12, you should walk, others should not be carrying you. You NEED to be praying for your life. You pick up the slack, don’t get others to do it.

  1. Put Jesus first.
  2. Have no ill will towards any human being – don’t take advantage or manipulate.
  3. Bear your wounds faithfully. Process properly. Suffering is unescapable. Your deal that happen when you were young.

Take responsibility for yourself.

Pray for each other…. that you may be healed.

Elijah scriptures/ magnitude of prayer

Next week: Prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

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