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on icecream!

This week I bought my first ice-cream for home in a L-O-N-G time!

I thought about it for two weeks before I stopped.


It’s been soooo yummy!


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on trash pick-up

As I lay in bed this morning hearing the trash being picked up,

I thought how blessed we are in this nation to have curb-side pick up.


I’ve been reading lots of National Geographic lately,


well, we are blessed in America!


Tuesday, June 30th – My brother reminded me this morning that our trashed is buried…not great, but better than most places around the world!

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on the ‘invite’

I realized today that I really like going to a big church because there is always stuff going on that you can invite people to come to…

cool stuff even!




Check out my links to church and it’s service arm:

St. Louis Family Church

Service International

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on opposites attract…



makes sense really…different than yourself, interesting and all that,


everything I’ve read including the Bible


that over the long haul, we do better with someone who is more like us.

Eventually the differences become areas of irritation.

Funny, huh…but also makes sense.


Proverbs talks about having a congenial spouse:

19:14  “House and land are handed down from parents, but a congenial spouse comes straight from God.”

Dictionary definition of congenial:

“having the same nature, disposition, or tastes:  Kindred

Existing or associated together harmoniously

Pleasant:  agreeably suited to one’s nature, tastes, or outlook”

And for fun:

15:14 “Congenial conversation—what a pleasure! The right word at the right time—beautiful!”


I so enjoy!

These are from the Message Translation by the way.

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more on Anne Rice: Christ The Lord


I finally got to finish ‘Out of Egypt’ and ‘The Road to Cana’ !!!

Road trips/vacations are good for many things.

Great books by the way.  I encourage everyone to read them…


if you have read any of Anne Rice’s other works.  She is an amazing writer…unique.  I think I’ve cried reading everyone of ’em.

I like ‘The Road to Cana’ best.

I found ‘Out of Egypt’ a litte hard to get into at first,


it ends wonderfully.

Plus there is a lot of great data in the back of the book that is a must read…much of which I will include in this blog.  It is THAT good.


Great quote from ‘The Road to Cana’ –

“‘Why does the world swallow the Word of God?'”  I asked.  He couldn’t hear the heat in my voice.  ‘Why?’  I asked.  ‘Are we not a holy people, are we not to be a bright and shining light to the nations?  Are we not to bring salvation to the whole world?'”


To see my great quote book from the first book,

you will have to see my blog on that one from the fall when I first started reading the trilogy… I believe that quote was from either Joseph or Jesus’ uncle…whereas the above quote is from the man, Jesus Himself.


Anne Rice knew from the beginning that she wanted to write from the first person point-of-view.  Quite wonderful.


“The true challenge was to take the Jesus of the Gospels,

the Gospels which were becoming ever more coherent to me,

the Gospels which appealed to me as elegant first-person witness, dictated to scribes no doubt, but definitely early, the Gospels produced before Jerusalem fell – to take the Jesus of the Gospels, and try to get inside Him and imagine what He felt.”  This is from the Author’s Note in the back of the first book, but I jumped in near the end, let me start at the beginning and take you along the journey that Anne Rice begun and has not yet finished.

“Every novel I’ve ever written since 1974 involved historical research.  It’s been my delight that no matter how many supernatural elements involved in the story, and no matter how imaginative the plot and characters, the background would be thoroughly historically accurate.  And over the years, I’ve become known for that accuracy.

Without ever planning it, I’ve moved slowly backwards in history, from the nineteenth century…to the first century, where I sought the answers to enormous questions that became an obsession with me that simply couldn’t be ignored.  Ultimately, the figure of Jesus Christ was at the heart of this obsession.  More generally, it was the birth of Christianity and the fall of the ancient world.

Understand, I had experienced an old-fashioned, strict Roman Catholic childhood in the 1940s and 50s, in an Irish American parish…these things were imprinted on my soul forever…

I left this church at age eighteen, because I stopped believing it was ‘the one true church established by Christ to give grace.’  No personal event precipitated this loss of faith.  It happened on a secular college campus…

When I married two years later, it was to a passionate atheist, Stan Rice, who not only didn’t believe in God, he felt he had had something akin to a vision which had given him a certainty that god didn’t exist.  He was one of the most honorable and conscience-driven people I ever knew.  For him and for me, our writing was our lives.  In 1974, I became a published writer.  The novel reflected my guilt and my misery in being cut off from God and from salvation; my being lost in a world without light. (WILDLY ENOUGH THIS IS HOW I FELT WHEN I READ HER BOOKS…I EVEN READ THEM IN THE DARK WITH ONLY ONE LIGHT SHINING ON THE BOOK TO READ BY… THIS WAS ALSO DURING A TIME WHEN I LIVED ALONE…INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH, I DISCOVERED HER WRITINGS ON THE PRECIPICE OF MY OWN RETURN TO THE CHURCH…I HAD DONE MY OWN THING FOR ABOUT 10 YEARS AFTER BEING RAISED TO LOVE GOD…I STOPPED READING THEM AFTER I GOT BACK INTO GOING TO CHURCH BECAUSE I JUST COULDN’T TAKE ANY MORE OF IT…I REMEMBER PRAYING THAT SHE WOULD COME TO KNOW GOD, AND WRITE FOR HIM.  HOW COOL THAT SHE DID!!!)


After that, I wrote many novels without my being aware that they reflected my quest for meaning in a world without God.  As I said before, I was working my way backwards in history, answering questions for myself…

In 1993, I dug into this early period, and of course went earlier, into the history of Sumer and Babylon and the whole Middle East, and back to Eqypt, which I’d studied in college, and I struggled with it all.  I read specialized archaeological texts like detective novels searching for patterns, enthralled…

But something happened to me that may not be recorded in any book.  I stumbled upon a mystery without a solution, a mystery so immense that I gave up trying to find an explanation because the whole mystery defied belief.  The mystery was the survival of the Jews.  …  It was this mystery that drew me back to God.  It set into motion the idea that there may in fact be God.  And when that happened there grew in me for whatever reason an immense desire to return to the banquet table.  In 1998 I went back to the Catholic Church.  But even then I had not closed in on the question of Jesus Christ and Christianity.  I did read the Bible in a state of utter amazement at its variety, its poetry, its startling portraits of women, its inclusion of bizarre and often bloody violent details.  When I was depressed, which was often, someone read the Bible to me…

In 2002 I put aside everything else and decided to focus entirely on answering the questions that had dogged me all my life.  The decision came in July of that year.  (I WAS IN KOSOVA ON A MISSION TRIP AT THAT TIME!) … I decided that I would give myself utterly to the task of trying to understand Jesus Himself and how Christianity emerged.  I wanted to write the life of Jesus Christ.  I had know that years ago.  But now I was ready.  I was ready to do violence to my career.  I wanted to write the book in the first person.  Nothing else mattered.  I consecrated the book to Christ.  I consecrated myself and my work to Christ.  I didn’t know exactly how I was even going to do it.


I had no idea I was entering a field of research where no one agreed on anything… As to the size of the field, it was virtually without end.  New testament scholarship included books of every conceivable kind from skeptical books that sought to disprove Jesus had any real value to theology or an enduring church, to books that conscientiously met every objection of the skeptics with footnotes halfway up the page.  Bibliographies were endless.  Disputes sometimes produced rancor.

But to return to the year 2002.  As I begun my serious work, a call came from my husband.  He was experiencing the first symptoms of a brain tumor from which he died in less than four months.  We had been married for forty-one years.  After my return to the Church, he had consented to marry me in the great old church of my childhood with a priest who was my cousin saying the words.  This marvelous concession coming from a committed atheist.  But out of love for me, my husband did it.

Was I given the gift of purpose before this tragedy so that it would sustain me through it?  I don’t know.  I do know that during his last weeks, my husband when he was conscious became a saint.  He expressed love for those around him, understanding of people he hadn’t understood before.  He wanted to gifts given to those who helped him in his illness.

I went on with my quest right through his illness and death.  My books sustained me.  I told him about what I was writing.  He thought it was wonderful.  He gave me glowing praise.

I have studied the New Testament period, and I continue to study.  I read constantly, night and day.


But I must do my research before I wrote one word.


But I went on, ready to risk everything.  I had to know who Jesus was – that is, if anyone knew, I had to know what that person knew.  Now, I couldn’t read the ancient languages, but as a scholar I can certainly follow the logic of an argument; I can check the footnotes, and the bibliographical references; I can go to the biblical text in English.  I can check the translations I have and I have every one of which I know… I acquired every single translation for the light it might shed on an obscure line.

I was able to enter the Fourth Gospel, and see Jesus alive and moving.  And what eventually emerged for me from the Gospels was their unique coherence, their personalities – the inevitable stamp of individual authorship. … what is obvious, that they were written to be circulated and read by all.

My special thanks to

I learned something new from every single book I examined.

…he answers solidly the question that has haunted me all my life.  Christianity achieved what it did, according to N. T. Wright, because Jesus rose from the dead.  It was the fact of the resurrection that sent the apostles out into the world with the force necessary to create Christianity.  Nothing else would have done it but that.

…Jesus was God and Man at all times.

I am certainly trying to be true to Paul when he said that Our Lord emptied Himself for us, in that my character has emptied Himself of His Divine awareness in order to suffer as a human being.  This is a book I offer to all Christians – to the fundamentalists, to the Roman Catholics, to the most liberal Christians in the hope that my embrace of more conservative doctrines will have some coherence for them in the here and now of the book.  I offer it to scholars in the hope that they will perhaps enjoy seeing the evidence of the research that’s gone into it, and of course I offer it to those whom I so greatly admire who have been my teachers though I’ve never met  them and probably never will.  I offer this book to those who know nothing of Jesus Christ in the hope that you will see Him in these pages in some form.  I offer this novel with love to my readers who’ve followed me through one strange turn after another in the hope that Jesus will be as real to you as any other character I’ve ever launched into he world we share.  After all, is Christ our Lord not the ultimate supernatural hero, the ultimate outsider, the ultimate immortal of them all?”


She goes on the thank M-A-N-Y people, including the Redemptorists who educated her father at the Redemptorist Seminary at Kirkwood, Missouri!!! SO VERY CLOSE TO HOME!

She also dedicated these novels to her son, Christopher.


I REALLY like the character of Joseph in her book.  She portrayed him quite well.  “But Joseph’s way is to wait, wait on the Lord Himself. Joseph doesn’t have to understand, because Joseph trusts in the Lord completely.” – From ‘Christ the Lord – Out of Egypt’




Just saw the movie based on her first book in the trilogy: “The Young Messiah,” and now, I MUST re-read her books about Jesus.


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on leaving

As I prepare to leave for a road trip,

it is hard to go…

like every trip.

I like my house.

I like my plants.

Who will take care of them?

Water them?

It’s going to be sooooo very hot!

How will I ever leave my children?

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on authority

influence = a power affecting a person, thing, or course of events,

especially one that operates without any direct or apparent effort


control = authority or ability to manage or direct




speak aloud (talk to yourself)





Worry = mediation on negative things


Some brief thoughts from 

Bayles Conley


with some definitions from

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