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Elinor Dashwood

Which Austen Heroine are You?

Take the quiz below:


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on spring green

Who knew spring green and white looked sooooo good together?

I was blown away when I woke up early Sunday morning. We had a few inches of snow…stuck to all the trees. I had fun taking photos before leaving for church…then a few more through the sunroof on the way home.

Red-bud trees are so cool!

I’m so glad it snowed…and stayed warm enough…spring continues.

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12 pounds and counting!

in less than a month.

Thank you braces (and spacers).

Who knew this decision would lead to weight loss?

If I had known, I may have done it sooner!


The best part:  I don’t even miss most of the foods I can’t eat…

Beef jerky.

Dark chocolate-covered espresso beans.

Bread…my cousin suggested not even bothering with it…

… well, I do miss steak…

I’ve learned to cut it up in tiny pieces, taste, and swallow…no chewing.


I started thinking about how braces and marriage had a lot in common… before I even had the spacers… and I have yet to be married:

Some pain…especially in the beginning.

Lots of changes.

The end is better than the beginning.

You look better after.

Costs a lot.

You can prepare, but most of it will require: Live and Learn.


My friend Jimmy whose married with kiddos added:

    “a lot of little adjustments along the way”

Yeah betcha!


Another friend, Jami shared:  rubberbands-flexibility



May 19, 2009

Last week I got new bands ONLY instead of new wires…

like I thought was going to happen.

The doc changed his mind.

Yet now,

I’m VERY glad.


I’m able to tear, chew and eat almost anything!!!
I forgot how much I like that hard bread at STL Bread Co.


eating hamburgers (Thank you KP!)


chocolate-covered espresso beans…

I’ve only had #4,


they were WONDERFUL!


So far my max weight loss was 15#s, but now that the heat is here…

well, let’s just say…it’s gonna get BETTER!

Of course, I shouldn’t indulge too much…

a friend gave my family a bunch of meat…

T-bone steaks…etc.



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I wanna take a picture!

Currently there is a VERY TINY little girl on the computer next to me here at the public library…


She’s about the size of a 3-4 year old.

She even has her own library card.

Too cute!


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Shakespeare Festival St. Louis

Starts May 20th !!!

Hope to see ya there!


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on Pastor Kevin Pimblott

A crew of us visited Pastor Kevin and family this weekend


visited his church:
It was a wonderful way to spend my birthday


a great road trip!

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Thank you Katie!

gerbera daisies

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