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There is No Point Making a Point at this Point

Know when to shut up.

Of all the communication skills one can develop,

knowing when to zip the lip is really important.

Sometimes, despite all the evidence we have to back up our viewpoint, and in spite of the obvious idiocy of the other person’s way of thinking (please read that with a smile on your face),


it just makes no sense to press the issue. The other person may not be in a place to listen to, or even comprehend, the superior brilliance of your notion.


So save it.

Learn to hear the verbal clues (e.g., clipped tone, sarcasm) and zero in on the nonverbal cues (e.g., looking away or staring defiantly, crossed arms) that alert you to their demeanor.


Pay attention to what the other person is doing and saying so you can know when to button it and save both of you from certain frustration and possible anger.




Mary Kutheis (kooth-ice)

Productivity Advisor

Personal Mission:

To live purposefully and inspire others (this means you) to do something that matters to them.


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see my paws …

on my cousin’s site – go to my  link  Brett & Sonia Coleman

blog entry: Thankful for Thanksgiving


see my paws.

Sonia always has her camera on-hand,


she saw this cool ‘heart’ on one of our walks.


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Friday, 11-14-08 (the ‘short’)

This isn’t all my notes…

only what REALLY stuck out to me:


Friday was a beautiful day by the way. Rained off and on all day. Soft, gentle rain.

The Lotich(s) talked about being a cheerful giver – Phil. 4:19

Pastor Jeff spoke about waiting on God: what that means and what it doesn’t mean.

Isaiah 40:27-31

God wants us to draw near to Him

with expectancy

with boldness

to the throne of grace

to receive mercy.


vs 29 of Isaiah 40 = when weak, then strength comes.

Pray at the beginning of your rope – not at the end of the rope.

Be like Joseph and have a dynamic impact on the people around your = it’s what you are called to do = rivers of living water pour out of you, you are not a reservoir. Alleviate suffering around you. Save jobs. Save your company $. He shared a story of a church member who literally saved the company they worked for $100 million dollars!

vs 31

When you do push-ups, you gain physical strength. With God, spiritual strength = adds beyond what we could do in human power.

The foolish things confound the proud.

Isaiah 33:23c

You will gain new strength.

God is a present help in time of need.

Prayer = time with God.

The change that takes place when you wait on the Lord is like a chameleon lizard ability to take on color of their surroundings = as do we after prayer = fresh and Rosy after dragging in super tired and wanting to watch TV.

Draw near to God and wait on the Lord.

Rest with expectation.

Find yourself not talking.

Fellowship with God upon His invitation.

Calling you to renew your strength.

Press forward cheerfully.

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on church notes

I’ve typed in several,


in the future I will may not type all

as my cousin, Sonia

is sending her notes straight from church via the iPhone

– see her site on my links:

Or link to church:

St. Louis Family Church

for the Podcast.

I still plan on typing in anything that really sticks out to me,


if you would like a different perspective


the real deal…

check out the other links.


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I’ve been reading Revelations in my Message Bible lately.

Such a beautiful translation.

I’ve almost finished the NT, so now I’m going back to the beginning of the book: Genesis!


From Rev. 3 -to Philadelphia

“I’ll make each conqueror

a pillar

in the sanctuary of my God,

a permanent position of honor.”



Also from Rev. 3

“The people I love,

I call to account –

prod and correct and guide

so that they’ll live at their best.

Up on your feet then!

About face!

Run after God!”


Need I say more?

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Rhythms…and Grace

So I’ve been having this thought lately:


“Don’t force the natural rhythm of Grace.”


To me this is the will of God…

happening WHEN God wills it…

not when I want it.


If you like to look up words…

check out:



God is so beautiful.


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on meat

If you know me you know I enjoy a good steak.

At the ladies meeting last night,

Pastor Patsy Perry read from Mal. 3:10…

I was reading along in my KJV,


for the first time ‘meat’ stuck out to me.


“Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse,

that there may be meat in mine house

and prove me now herewith,

saith the Lord of hosts,

if I will not open you the windows of heaven,

and pour you out a blessing,

that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”



I’m so going to tithe on my income BEFORE taxes!


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