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on crazy hair

Crazy hair and sock day!

Crazy hair and sock day!

Yet another perk to working at an elementary school!


Crazy hair and socks day!


We took this photo for our nursing boss…the kids thought my braids were fake!


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on healing

This testimony is actually my Mom’s,


it came up recently when reading someone else…

which reminded me of the Memorial Stones that Pastor Jeff gave to us last year…

which reminded me of many of the good things God has done.

So enjoy my Mom’s story of healing:

Mom and I went to Jamaicain February of 2005 on a mission trip with the IFCB

International Fellowship of Christian Businessmen.

The week before we were to leave, Mom went to a neurosurgeon due to some alarming symptoms…

after being in pain for months.


As you know my Mom is a hard worker, spending her days outside carrying buckets/pushing wheelbarrels/etc.


Well, the neurosurgeon wanted to do surgery,


called me while my Mom was in the office,

wanting me to talk her out of going on the mission trip.


I laughed at him and asked if he had spoken to my Mom.

She makes her own decisions.

Nor will she be talked out of anything that she’s made up her mind to do.


He was very nervous about my Mom’s condition

and did not want her traveling to the third world where medical care is not as advanced.


I suggested he tell me what he wanted her to do/not do while on the trip as that was about all I could promise.


Not carry her own luggage,


not to remain sitting for more than two hours at a time.


Then I called Walter Thorn, the leader of our trip.

He and another gentleman who was already in town from Tulsa prayed with me over the phone.


Mom went on the trip.

We didn’t talk about her medical condition until right before we were getting ready to return to the USA.


She said, she knew if she made it to Jamaica that God would take care of her,


He did.


She didn’t have any pain or any problems.

She has never gone back to the neurosurgeon.

She continues to do heavy manual labor.

Did I mention my Mom is in her 60s. 







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Eccl 11:1


Cast your bread upon the waters, 

       for after many days you will find it again.



Send your grain across the seas,

      and in time, profits will flow back to you.


Boldly Face the Future

Invest what you have, 

       because after a while you will get a return.


The Message:

Be generous

Invest in acts of charity.

Charity yields high returns.


It Pays To Work Hard

Be generous, and someday

   you will be rewarded.

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on white-tailed deer

I ran up on one last week in the woods


forgot how big the tail really is!


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in charge…









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on Anne Rice

Currently reading “Christ the LORD – Out of Egypt” 2005

A friend recommended it a few weeks ago,


I’ve been wanting to read her new stuff.

She got saved a few years ago,


it’s an interesting read…

she uses her usual amazing ability and creativity to add to the story of Jesus.

However, like the vampire chronicles and other stories,

she’s a bit heavy on the emotions…especially sadness.

Today while checking email, I’ve been reading and came across a great line:


Never lift your hand to defend yourself

or to strike.

Be patient.

If you must speak,

be simple.”

Nice huh.


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Give a damn?

“… almost half of the world lives on less than two dollars a day…”


Check out the proposal…


Good stuff.


Young men making a difference in the world.


I met David a month ago doing flood cleanup.

I didn’t know about his BIGGER project until last night.



“David Peterka is the unseen strength behind Give A Damn?

He will serve as a Production Assistant on the trip,

basically being the right hand man behind the camera.

Being an experienced activist

whose knowledge of social justice


African life will serve as a great asset for the team.

Currently pursuing a career in Chiropractics in St. Louis, MO,

he is also President of The Global Justice Project.”



Ya just never know


you are cleaning up trash with

on a Service International Project.



“Give A Damn? will tell an entertaining story

that will connect a younger generation

to a purpose

greater than itself.

With the goal of connecting those who need

a little something to live for

with those who just need

a little something to live,

the documentary


subsequent non-profit organization

could radically impact poverty

for generations to come.”



“Give A Damn? hopes to be screened at Sundance in 2010

and also selected for distribution.”



Now you know what to pray for!



David mentioned that they would be leaving in March…

and be gone for several months…

transportation by: 

planes, trains and automobiles…as well as ferrys and hitch-hiking…backpack living…


Pray hard.



“Speak Up Productions,

the production company for Give A Damn?,

is dedicated to making both documentaries

and narratives

that “speak up” for those

who cannot speak for themselves


for truth found in all aspects of life.

The company currently has three films at various stages of production.”






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