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on Fools

Psalm 92:6

“The idea of being foolish in the Bible means more than just making an unwise decision from time to time.

A fool is someone


ignores God


is morally





For more on ‘fools’ –

read Proverbs.


from “becoming – The Wisdom Books of the Old Testament” – 2005

The Holy Bible, NCV – New Century Version



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On Hugging

My friends and I have been chatting about this topic.


I totally giggled when I came across the following in one of my Bibles:


Psalm 91:14



“In this particular verse,


‘Love’ means to


Hold close




Hug tightly.


It communicates the idea of someone who clings to a genuine intimate relationship with God.”



from “becoming – The Wisdom Books of the Old Testament” – 2005

The Holy Bible, NCV – New Century Version

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on sticking it out at work


Recently some friends have been having difficulty at their jobs…

don’t we all at some point.


I found the following in my Biblezine:

Psalm 37

“…you love your work,

but it seems like nothing you do

is good enough for your boss…

Eccl. 10:4

Don’t leave your job

just because your boss is angry with you.

Remaining calms solves great problems.

Don’t let bad relationships taint your entire job

or interfere with your daily tasks.”


from “becoming – The Wisdom Books of the Old Testament” – 2005

The Holy Bible, NCV – New Century Version



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on refugee

I belong to a local group, and got the following info about St. Louis:

“…Missouri is one of the only two states designated as a ‘free case refugee settlement’ state and that in the last 10 years the number of LEP (limited English proficient) individuals has increased by 423%…

in St. Louis, we have gone from 13 different languages in 1996 to 73 in 2007.”


Several years back at a conference they told us that we (STL) are the 2nd highest city for receiving refugees because we are so open and kind to people of other cultures. At that time, Chicago was the #1 city.

Locally we have a very active Russian community.

And Bosnians.

And a growing Hispanic group.

Every year there are more Asians too.

I like STL!

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9-3-08 on answered prayers…

Psalm 32:8 NCV

“The LORD says,

‘I will make you wise and show you where to go.

I will guide you and watch over you.”



I had just prayed,

“Lord, I know your Word makes me wise.”

I want to be wise.





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On Excess


So the following is from a magazine I’ve been reading lately:


“Anything done in excess can become greed/gluttony,

Whether it’s eating, drinking, or shopping too much

(For me, it’s reading!)

Is it cutting into the time you spend with others?

Is it jeopardizing your financial stability?

(I have more books that I could read in a lifetime…

HELLO! There are public libraries!)

Are you relying on it as an emotional crutch instead of going to God?”

(Yep, nothing like escaping in a good book!)



Just something to ‘ponder’ in our over-indulgent culture.


from “becoming – The Wisdom Books of the Old Testament” – 2005

The Holy Bible, NCV – New Century Version


Friday, June 16, 2017 

I woke up thinking about shopping…


I drove an hour 

Just to get some groceries… 


 #4 different stores. 

6 hours later I made it back home. 


I pondered it yesterday on the hour drive home. 

The last few years,

I have dealt with eating…

I wanted to ‘feel’ pregnant still.

Miscarriages suck. 

A dietician told me earlier this month


Hunger pains, cramps, even headaches/dizziness



May no longer be a true signal of physical hunger. 


Looks like I’ll be reading this magazine Bible again…


I have been carrying it in my vehicle for a reason!

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on Storms

A friend who lives in Florida sent the following note in an email:


“I’ve enjoyed watching these hurricanes roll across the gulf.

They are immense. 

The spiral bands stretch over the entire sky and move quickly.”


I love the way the storms were described.


Growing up, I use to chase storms with friends.


Watching funnels come down is well…


like going upside down on a roller-coaster!


I LOVE storms…
so powerful.
So much bigger than us, and anything we may ‘create’…
reminds me so much of God, and how BIG He is.

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