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Anchors St7-26-08

Sorry this took so long Sarah!

Don Davis was the speaker…Perrys were on vacation, and I had just returned from my vacation to Ireland.

Num 14

Moses was in position of anger (frustration) … the people had wept all night long… complaining… wanted to pick a new leader.

Num 20

Devil uses people to frustrate you…family, co-workers, friends.

“If only” = looking back.

Moses prays before he gets really mad.

“Rebel” the word, back then was like a cuss word.

Num 20:11


Devil is trying to destroy you.

Eph 4:26

Anger is not the problem = be angry and do not sin.

Jas 4:17

Know the good and not doing it = sin.

So you know cussing = sin, cuz not good.

Drinking = if you know you are not to drink, and you do = sin.

Jas 4:27

Give the devil a foothold when you sin/cuss/drink = he’s got his foot in your back.

Frustration leads to anger which leads to the devil having a foothold.

Jas 1:19

Be quick to listen,

slow to speak,

slow to anger.

Jas 1:20

Man’s anger does not bring to light God’s righteousness.

Devil will use one to frustrate and another to push you over = ruins your testimony, cuz you are the only Bible some may ever see…

2 Tim 4:5

Closer they are the more they drive you crazy,


be watchful in all things.

Endure affliction,

endure prolonged strain,

for the work of the ministry.

1 Pet 5:8

Eph 4

Don’t sin in anger.

When you are angry, WATCH OUT!

Anger destroys… you speak out of character and can ruin lives/relationship/testimony with one word!

Hosea 4:6

The devil knows scripture… and will get you to believe a lie.

Jas 3:6-12

The tongue is a fire… destroy the entire body.

Jas 3:9

Bless and curse with the same tongue…

People are made in the image of God.

Life here on earth is FULL of trouble.

Our life is not roses.

2 Tim 3:12

All who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution cuz you are called to be different than the world.  People don’t like different.

People in your life are there just to frustrate you…

God brings stuff to develop you.

Your problem is NOT with people… friends, spouse, etc.

Eph 6;12

We don’t fight (wrestle) against flesh and blood.

2 Tim 1:5

Do the work of an evangelist = called to be a witness = your words show who you worship… who you are being a witness for.

Preach more with our lives than our lips.

Devil uses people and circumstances:  gas prices going up = gets you frustrated.  House market situation.

People are hurting and looking for hope… for answers.

2 Cor 5:20

We are ambassadors = representatives of the King in a foreign country.

Get too comfy and it feels like home, but it’s not home.

You don’t need to stock up for the end of the world.

Fulfill your ministry = do what God wants you to do = called you to do = an act of worship.

1 Cor 12:4-5

We all have different ministries, but ONE ministry we all have in common = 2 Cor 5:17-18 = all things become new.  God has reconciled – united us with Himself through Jesus and given us the ministry of RECONCILIATION = reunite people with God through Jesus.

Our life is to bring people to God.

Cussing will not bring anyone to God… will drive them further away.

Keep yourself out of trouble by keepin’ quiet.

1 Cor 6:15

Your bodies are members of Christ.

1Cor 6:16

One body with a harlot.

1 Cor 6:17

Joined to the Lord = one.

1 Jn 4:4

Jesus and the church are in you.

He lives in you, so don’t get “ugly” with your mate.

vs 18  = flee/run = sin against own body = vs 19 = your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit… don’t let guy touch Jesus in you.

Don Davis was a bit of a fireball that night.



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Anchors St6-28-08

Dave O. spoke before about hope:  Your hope in God is not misplaced.  He also said, don’t be bullied by people.

His wife encouraged couples not to get angry, and to work it out as a team.

Pastor Virgil Nelson was the speaker as Pastor Jeff was off the continent.

As I remember, he used the NKJV.

He encouraged us: vision, dreams, energy, intelligence, potential…potential to impact church, community, nation, and World…stop flapping and fly for God.

Deut. 32:1

Israel likened unto a bird.

The end of Moses’ life, 40 years a shepherd.

God wants to take us to blessed land…promise land.

To reach your full potential, you have to stay out of sin.

God will keep us soaring in what He wants us to do.

He gave the example of an eagle’s nest:  the parents take the soft stuff out of the nest…the fur and feathers, and the parents flap their wings until baby falls out… parent will catch and restart if flying fails, but eventually it works = FLYING!

God teaches and trains.

The wilderness gets you ready to fly.

Five zones of life:  The END zone is the only one you need to be in.

What is your dream for life = what are you burdened about…what makes you cry at night.

Deut. 8:17-18

Give me this wealth.

God gives you power to get wealth to establish His convenant.

We have to use our hands to GET wealth.

Make a difference in people’s lives = your dream/passion.

Neh 2:11-18

Told no one what God had put in his heart.

Set their hands to do this good work.

Anytime you move for God you cause friction.

Example:  Every time he wants to lose weight…gets invited to parties and ice-cream is available.

We are made of Jesus Christ, and we can move upstream.

FIRST ZONE:  Comfort Zone.


Only concern is your comfort in the world.

God is concerned with your conformity to Christ.

Selfish if there too long.

Get out by being willing to pay the price.

Will keep you from achieving what God wants you to accomplish.

Meet new people.

Mission trips get you out of the comfort zone.

He shared about first trip to Kosova, automatic gunfire at night.


When he had a 9 month old baby, he quit his good paying union job and lost 8 years of retirement to be a pastor in Washington of a church split 3 ways…he only preached twice…25 years old…wife was 19…15 years later the church had grown…built new church on 11 acres.

SECOND ZONE:  Safety Zone.


Take a risk.

Example:  Cortez w/600 men…landed in Mexico and burnt the ships so had to go forward and not back.  They conquered land of 5 million by fighting for their lives.  He made friends with those he conquered to conqueror more.

THIRD ZONE:  Is between day and night.  Achieve your dreams.  Don’t get stuck looking in past and future = confused = comes when you are double-minded = unstable in all ways. 

Luke 9:51

Jesus knew he was going to die on the cross.

Steadfastly face to where your destiny lies = the END ZONE.

Lk 9:46

Don’t put hand to the plow and look back.

Keep your eyes focused.

FOURTH ZONE:  Danger Zone.

Complacity = no desire to go in, to pay the price it’s going to take.

Num 13:30-33 = rather stay than fight.

You fight for your eduction, your ministry…etc.

You overcome by believing God will see you through.

What’s your burden…who do you want to help?

Rom 8:31

FIFTH ZONE:  End zone.

Reach your goal.




Pleasing God.

1.  Be willing to pay the price.

2.  Take risks.

3.  Totally committed.

4.  Believe God.

Out of the danger zone.

Gave example from May’s woman magazine:  Hollie Cunningham…very determined woman, driven, over-achiever, met husband in church, prepares before jumps into a thing, determination keeps you going, hard work, no turning back, does whatever it takes, business of perfection = excellence, and she’s not done yet.  She had a dream…started with giving cookies to her neighbors…lemonade stand on the corner…wanted to bless people with good food.

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Ladies meeting T8-5-08

A friend asked for these notes, so I figured I’d might as well share with all.

Patsy Perry spoke.

Proverbs 31

Virtue = ability given to fulfill tasks.

Smile at the future (anticipation) = verse 25b of 31.


Virtuous = FULL of God’s power = His Word.  Word goes out before and follows behind…protects from behind.

(cool because my cuz and I always say we got each other’s backs in prayer)

God’s mighty twins: His Word and His Spirit.  Unbeatable.

You have to be in the Word for FAITH to come.

Pray His Word = powerhouse.

If just Word and NO spirit, then NO grace or mercy.  Mean.  Because under the law.





And see God move on your behalf.

Hear the Word clearly.

They ( the above: forgive and love) are not the same…when you forgive, you give something away.  You cannot tell someone what to do w/something when you give it.  They have to obey God and do the right thing…responsibility…everyone.  Don’t be an indian-giver = controlling what you do …what you were given.  Controlling = fear.

If you don’t give when told, it may rot on the vine.

Our life is His life.

Lord = boss.

If He says, “no” = you don’t have a right to do it.

If He says “do” = you don’t have the right to say no and be afraid – or – think you don’t have the ability = He knows more than we do.

Effort is needed with the unlovable because they don’t love themselves.

Understand your position in the Lord = You’re a Jewish Princess.  We are adopted into the Family and grafted into the vine.  God wants us to be prospered and blessed.  See who you are in the Lord.

God will give you instruction after being in the Word = obey Him.  When you STAND praying, FORGIVE (husband, boss, parent:  whomever hurt you).

Don’t just get married because you are attracted… and don’t get divorced just because you don’t like them anymore.  The Lord forgives you if you have been divorced.  There is no condemnation.

Faith works by love!

Once understand the Lord, things change in our lives.

Gifts = a kiss from God.

Freedom from Fear = This is the title to her message…all the above was the perk of arriving at the end of worship as she was talking before receiving the offering!  The tithe goes to the house, not the poor.  Give to the poor, lend to the Lord.

Patsy said she could preach MANY messages on fear.  I hope she does.

Devil uses fear…failure/future dread/feeling ripped off/etc…

Don’t let fear rule your life!  God always comes through for us!  The Word is TRUE.  Stand on the Word and see the benefit of the Word.  Everything is possible because of Him.  We can do all things because of Him.

Disaster in the natural, means nothing to us!  She gave an example of holding a box in front of your face…all you see is the box, even though there is a whole room in front of you.  PUT THE BIBLE IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!  Even if you have memorized scripture you still need to put the Bible in front of you.  Whatever you put in front of your face, you will BELIEVE.  Choose God’s promises = for your heart.  God’s will is for everyone to be saved… God’s will doesn’t always happen … only where you CONNECT AND BELIEVE.. God gives us choices. 


Same with other acts of faith!

She encouraged us to get the Word in:  listen in the car, daily devotionals, ipod, whatever.

We are all in this together.

Paul was the greatest enemy of the church, and the church prayed day and night for him = he got knocked by Jesus and served God with all that was in him once he found out who He was in the Lord: BOLD AS A LION.

Prosper us = His will.  God will cause a double portion, like Job, when he prayed for his friends.

God has compassion for us, but tears won’t change us, the Word changes us.

It’s God’s will for something awesome to happen in your marriage if there’s a dry season, but God will guide you, and you will have to change.

Patsy said that she never wanted to do anything God had her do:  like pastor.  God brings you to a point of desiring what God wants you to do.  Most of the time God’s will is not what you want.

If someone is mean to you = pray for them.

Don’t be co-dependent.  Don’t flatter someone out of God’s will. 

Humble yourself before God.  Don’t do anything until PRIDE out of your life.

Don’t look in the natural.  Obey the Word and be led by the Holy Spirit.  Your gifts are not for you , they are part of your assignment in the Lord… a requirement and responsibility before God.  Develop it.  Humble yourself before the Lord, and let Him use it for others.

…being exalted is not always God.

God’s way of exaltation is down, not up.

People reject you when you stand up to them.  People don’t always want to hear the truth…speak in love… even if irritation… pull back and function in the spirit in someone’s life and turn the tide.

There’s fear that God is not coming through for you.

Psalm 27:1

Know where your help comes from.

REPENT = to walk free from fear.

Acts 3:19

Turn and repent and get times of refreshing.

Know WHERE the fear (“hit”)is coming from:  natural or spiritual.    Like feeling ugly.

RECEIVE God’s MERCY = care for OTHERS.

People don’t go forward due to fear… lack of boldness.  Fear of failure… only stopping is stopped.  If fail, get up again.  Failure = learning what not to do.

Isaiah 41:10

No fear because I am with you. Don’t look anxiously about you.  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.  God is for you, not against you.  I will see you through. 

Patsy used a multiplication table to demonstrated when we know, we KNOW.  Ex. 2×2=4, etc.  You know it your WHOLE life.  If you have a weak area, you DOUBT.  Once you KNOW IT, YOU KNOW IT.  No one will be able to convince you otherwise.  You were not born knowing it.  You LEARNED it.  You learn GOD IS YOUR HELP in the Bible.  GOD IS YOUR HELP IN TIME OF TROUBLE.  God will see  you through.  You don’t know how long it will take.  It gives you CONFIDENCE in your life.

So, STUDY in that weak area in your life: $, people, job, etc. = areas of fear.

KNOW when you pray, God HEARS you, and you HAVE what you pray for.  FAITH comes in area you are MEDITATING in.  In an emergency you will have a healing scripture if you read them everyday… same with $ scriptures…  have #10 of them that you can rattle off when needed.  Just like the multiplication table.

God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.

He supplies for us.

Cast your bread on the water, after many days it will return to you on EVERY wave.  (HELLO!)

… FIGHT FEAR by KNOWING.  God will come through for you.  If  you get off track (because you no longer KNOW), you have doubt. REPENT.

God’s mercy is so great!

Don’t stop God’s blessing by thinking you are not good enough.  Walk in it and receive it.  Keep your heart free from little sin, that gnaws on you! = Bitter root that affects your love walk and faith doesn’t work.

The cleansing power of God is awesome!  His blood cleans you of all = right standing with God = fights the condemning voices of the devil… we mess up.

Some people have a tender heart, everything feels like they are doing wrong, but understand mercy and open up to receive from the Lord.

Be FULL of FAITH and FREE from FEAR.

God loves you, even if He is not for your behavior = sexual sin = repent of behavior.  Repent of harshness = you may have to repent to the person.  Walk in the openness to be corrected by the Holy Spirit.

Proverbs 31 = DIGNIFIED and STRENGTH.  These things belong to us.  STRONG and SECURE POSITION.  REJOICE OVER FUTURE = cuz ready for anything. 

God will use you to create what is not there now.  Faith. 

Patsy shared an example from her own history about 2 weeks without a job, and no prospects.  There was no reason in the natural to stop working the job she quit.  She was extremely happy and content in that job.  She also shared that when she went to church, she didn’t go to be with people, but to go to God and be with God and get something from God. 

Whatever you do, do for God.  Don’t base decisions on feelings or people.  Joy and happiness come from obeying Jesus.

She met Jeff 2 months after starting that new job, but Jeff had seen her at church a year before that.

Know WHERE the fear (“hit”)is coming from:  NATURAL or SPIRITUAL.    Like feeling ugly.  Maybe you need a new wardrobe or haircut or makeup… Maybe you need to exercise every day… to change the way you look.  Maybe your house needs sprucing up to sell.  If SPIRITUAL = devil will hit you in your calling = failure – fear if you are bold/step out… God calls you to step out on water.  You will have hardships.  The enemy may be hot on your tail the whole way!  Like leaving Egypt, army chased to water’s edge = cry out to God and get instruction = hold out staff = it’s not in your own strength = God parted the water.  Your call = looks disasterous, but you just need to hear the next step from God!

Step and see the miracle!


2 Tim 1:7

If you are shaking in fear = it’s not God.  Don’t receive it!  I have a sound mind!  In fear you act weird and don’t have a sound mind, you are irrational… like a horror movie’s dialogue.

Holy Spirit stands up in the face of fear!

Quiet yourself to hear God.

Don’t lead life with fear.

Only good fear is reverence of God.

Smart fear is like stove = heat, cliff = fall… intelligence … not going out to lunch with a married guy = leads to possible adultery… if single, don’t watch a movie in your apartment alone with the opposite sex… opens a door… have a chaperon sit in the middle.  BE SMART.  Don’t do things that lead you to sin.  Like indepth conversations with married people of the opposite sex.  Don’t drive together in a car.  It’s OK to use two cars.  Be smart.  It’s not fear, it’s wisdom – so you don’t yield to natural temptation.

1 John 1:9


When you know you are in right standing with God, you receive better.

Receive God’s mercy. 

Isaiah 55:7

Hebrews 8:12 (??? may not have heard that one right)

Care about others

Psalm 112:5-7 NASB

Care about other people.

We open the door to the devil when into self too much = no room for other people.  You have to fight yourself out of feeling sorry for yourself.  Think about others.  Be a servant and a giver.  Put your eyes on others.

Is your fear lack of knowledge… like knowing God wants you to prosper.  If attacked by devil, talk the Word to yourself.  (I’ve had to do this over the years during periods of INTENSE attack…sometimes lasting MONTHS…one has lasted years…yet I have memorized more scripture, and desire to learn more.)

Get your understanding out of the Word = God will provide for you and see you through.


1.  KNOW where help comes from 


where fear comes from.

2.  WHAT enemy are you fighting?


Romans 8:1


5.  CARE about OTHERS = HELPS you win.

Psalm 1

Don’t be critical.

Don’t walk in the way of sinners.

You will prosper everything you put your hand to… health!

Fill FAITH in areas of DOUBT.

Doesn’t Patsy Perry ROCK!


Quite a teacher.

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on Rescued Racers…



A few years back, I saw my first RR at a festival.  Then again later that year at a Borders.

The kicker:  I saw one I wanted.  He had markings like a Saint Bernard… didn’t know they could look like that!  He was sweet, gentle… and already in the process of being adopted.  They of course tried to get me interested in another one, but do some people not get it.  When there’s a connection…well, that’s that.

Reminded me of when my brother picked up a whole litter of beagle pups that were walking along the roadside.  I was in high school.  Our parents wouldn’t let us keep ’em…not even one!  We already had a dog.  He was getting old, and I thought he needed a friend.  Mom and Dad would not budge.  The pups barked all night, but I still got up and went down for a visit before work.  There was one, a girl puppy…she was fuzzy and the others were all slick.  Sweet.  Gentle.  Sat beside me.  I was so hooked.  I cried all the way to work as my Mom was taking them to ‘Open Door’ that day.  A non-kill shelter.

So…now, years later… a co-worker who has had several RR learned about the above,


today handed me the Greyhound Gazette… full of pictures of cuties waiting for a home.

Of course I saw one out of the 12 featured that struck a cord, and asked her if I could copy the photo.  She gave me the whole newsletter.

The problem:  I have a dog.  He’s old.  Our other dog died last fall.  Just this morning I was feeling guilty looking at his sad eyes as I pulled out to go to work.  I actually thought, maybe I should get him a friend… a cat… my brother is always mentioning a cat (This could be just to make my Mom cranky.) … then I chucked the idea.  I still want to do more traveling, and being gone 8+ hours a day is not cool to a pet.


So until the day I get another dog…and when I do, I plan on getting a RR.  Almost all our pets have been strays that have come to us anywho.  Until then, I have the picture, and the website:

His name is Jonesy…sweet, gentle …

God help me.

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On disaster movies…

Tonight’s was “Asteroid” with the dude from “Terminator” and “Aliens”… Michael Biehn.

At the end of the movie they said in May 1996 an asteroid did a bullet-graze by earth…


I think I remember seeing it during college… it was so weird seeing all those telescopes outside during the day!

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on possible trip to PARIS!!!

Sooooooo my cuz found a deal to Paris…$799

6 nights

Hotel and Air…British Airlines (YEAH! I’ve traveled them before)

Daily breakfast


God loves me.


Talk about looking positively at the future (Proverbs 31:25b…

“She looks forward to the future with joy.” NCV)



I’ve been wanting to go to France for years!

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First week back to work…

Busy but good.

Looking forward to some down time this weekend!


Summer was AWESOME!

I miss it already!

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