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on Fair STL and Live on the Levee concerts



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on Proverbs 14:30a

So last Tuesday morning reading my daily Proverb, I came across this beauty and thought about it all the way to my cousin’s…

Who doesn’t want a robust body?!?


Proverbs 14:30a =”A sound mind makes for a robust body”




  1. Full of health and strength; vigorous.
  2. Powerfully built; sturdy.

Usage: Robust, Strong. Robust means, literally, made of oak, and hence implies great compactness and toughness of muscle, connected with a thick-set frame and great powers of endurance. Strong denotes the power of exerting great physical force. The robust man can bear heat or cold, excess or privation, and toil on through every kind of hardship; the strong man can lift a great weight, can give a heavy blow, and a hard gripe. “Robust, tough sinews bred to toil.” –Cowper.

1. Having active physical power, or great physical power to act; having a power of exerting great bodily force; vigorous.


That our oxen may be strong to labor. –Ps. cxliv. 14.



2. Having passive physical power; having ability to bear or endure; firm; hale; sound; robust; as, a strong constitution; strong health.


3. Solid; tough; not easily broken or injured; able to withstand violence; able to sustain attacks; not easily subdued or taken; as, a strong beam; a strong rock; a strong fortress or town.


4. Having great military or naval force; powerful; as, a strong army or fleet; a nation strong at sea.


5. Having great wealth, means, or resources; as, a strong house, or company of merchants.


6. Reaching a certain degree or limit in respect to strength or numbers; as, an army ten thousand strong.


7. Moving with rapidity or force; violent; forcible; impetuous; as, a strong current of water or wind; the wind was strong from the northeast; a strong tide.


8. Adapted to make a deep or effectual impression on the mind or imagination; striking or superior of the kind; powerful; forcible; cogent; as, a strong argument; strong reasons; strong evidence; a strong example; strong language.


9. Ardent; eager; zealous; earnestly engaged; as, a strong partisan; a strong Whig or Tory.

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on reading

Needless to say I’ve been reading more the last few days…

I actually hadn’t been reading more than a Proverb a day for awhile when Bethany gave me a book on bird song, with a CD of 98 tracks! It was wonderful. The book is very scientific, but has great info.

Then I got back into C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. I read the first two books to kids, and after watching the move, “Prince Caspian”, I wanted to read more! So I’ve finished the “Dawn Treader” and will work on the rest




I finish my research of Ireland before my trip,


I found a bunch of cool books at the used book store on France!
As well as some other goodies.

I mention a few of the authors I’ve read in the last few days in a few blogs below. Enjoy!

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on anxiety

Proverbs 12:25
Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs it down,But a good word makes it glad.

Matthew 6:25
[ The Cure for Anxiety ] ” For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?

1 Peter 5:7
casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.


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on Maeve Binchy

another author I found on my search of Ireland…

“The Lilac Bus” had great characters, but I never felt like the plot went where it could…several felt like they were just left hanging…I don’t like that in books or movies,


“Quentins” I read awhile back, and again…is quite yummy.


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on Donna Jo Napoli

a new author I found while doing a search at the Library.

I was looking for goodies on Ireland,


read “Hush” in just a few hours. Well done.

I looked up more of her stuff today. She writes mostly for kids and teens, but it’s still a fun read.


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on ipod

So, my cousin got me this really cool ipod this year for my birthday (and X-mas, and next birthday…)


It’s been wonderful.

I listened while I took breaks at work.

In the library while I’m online.

My favorite is the Bible. I especially like to listen to it while working outside: gardening/mowing/etc.

Well … yesterday, I learned something new:

How to reset my ipod when it froze up=

Turn the lock, on then off; then press menu and the center button at the same time for 6 seconds until you see the apple symbol show up on the screen.

I got my first scratch too…I fell out of my ‘pocket’ when I bent over to pull the cord to start the lawnmower. I thought all was well as the Bible continued to play. It wasn’t until later when I was taking a break looking at the photos…the sound stopped, and the photo froze…and none of the buttons would work. I tried several things before I looked at the instruction booklet that came with it. Live and learn.


So I don’t know if it was the fall


all the sweating I’ve been doing while outside that finally pissed it off.

Brett you’ll have to let me know whatcha think when you read this.



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